10 motives review

10 Motives Review

Published On October 17, 2014 | By Nicole | Brands

Introduction – 10 Motives Review

10 Motives is a UK-based E-cig company that sells a variety of different E-cig products. They carry refill cartridges, rechargeable electronic cigarettes, starter kits, Ego-style E-cigs, accessories, E-hookahs, disposables, E-cigars, and E-liquid.

My first look at their website was a very positive experience. Their site has an almost blog-like feel to it and looks more like an information site than an ecommerce site—which is a huge plus in my opinion. They don’t actually host a blog, though—which I found unusual, though this is definitely not a negative as most E-cig retailers don’t.

I was able to find quite a few reviews about 10 Motive and their products online, which is another positive thing. This is a company that not only has some exposure online, but that also has a presence in brick-and-mortar stores. The reviews were mostly good, though it does seem that there have been a few small downsides reported as well.

But are there enough negatives to keep 10 Motives from being worth the money? Here is what we found out during the course of our research.

Positives and Negatives

Here are the initial pros and cons that we discovered while researching 10 Motives and their products.


  • They carry quite a few different types of products
  • They carry E-Hookahs and E-cigars, both of which are items that not every E-cig company carries
  • They carry a decent selection of E-liquids
  • Products are high in quality
  • Vapour production is very good


  • Throat hit isn’t the best
  • Prices for some products (especially the smaller starter kits) might be a bit higher than some customers will want to pay
  • It would have been nice to see more flavours available for their cig-a-like disposable E-cigs (though we should also add that it was nice to see that they even carried disposables, as most companies anymore don’t seem to even bother with them)


What products/accessories can be purchased?

You can buy quite a few different products from 10 Motives.

I do wish that they offered more flavours in cig-a-like disposable form, as these offer a way to sample flavours and vapour production without committing to a full kit.

I don’t, however, want to downplay the fact that 10 Motives does at least carry two different types of disposables. This is, in itself, a positive thing—and it should not go unnoticed. We have reviewed a lot of companies that don’t even offer one disposable model, so kudos to 10 Motives for at least offering buyers some options.

Disposables are not the only product that 10 Motives offers that other companies don’t. They also carry some very fancy and flavourful E-hookahs as well. In a sense, these are a lot like disposables, except that they are shaped like hookahs and come in 10 different flavors.

I don’t count these in with cig-a-like disposables because newer E-cig users might be put off by the exotic styling—but it is definitely an upside that 10 Motives offers them because they make it possible to try several flavors without spending a lot. This is a new line of products for this company, and they are priced very cheaply as well—so again, kudos to 10 Motives for offering them.

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Package and design

The packaging on these products was pretty nice. We actually got the opportunity to get a close-up look at the packaging that one of the disposables came in, and we found nothing to complain about. It was attractively styled, appropriately labeled, and seemed to do the trick. It was pretty standard cardboard and plastic. Nothing overly fancy, but functional nonetheless.

10 motives e-cigs

As far as design is concerned, we felt that these products looked great. We especially liked the E-Hookahs and the Egos offered on the site. They were among some of the prettier products that we have seen. The disposable cig-a-likes were a bit on the large size, though not so large that they would be considered ‘oversized’.

All in all, we were quite pleased with the packaging and design of the products.

User Reviews

We found a lot of very positive user reviews and very few negatives. One of the negatives that tended to show up fairly often was that the throat hit on these products might not be quite as good as it could be. Some people also felt that the tobacco flavour tended to have an almost ‘plastic-like’ taste to it. Again, taste is a very relative thing, and everyone has a different opinion—but we felt that this might be helpful to mention.

One very good thing that kept popping up was the fact that these products (even the disposables) seemed to product quite a bit of vapour. Even people who mostly used Egos seemed to like 10 Motive’s cig-a-likes for this very reason.

Product Choice

10 Motives does a good job of offering different products. They don’t offer a ton of starter kits, but they do have several choices available. They also offer an E-go, some E-Hookahs, and even some E-cigars… so two thumbs up in this department!


10 Motives offers quite a few different refill cartridge flavours, which we found surprising. The flavours offered include menthol, regular, blueberry, cherry, chocolate, classic American, coffee, grape, peach, strawberry, vanilla, and watermelon.

10 motives e-liquid

They also offer quite a few E-liquid flavour as well, including: regular, menthol, cappuccino, charge, cherry, citrus splash, Cuban cigar, classic USA, hot chocolate, grape smoothie, orange squeeze, strawberries and cream, tropical watermelon, and vanilla sundae.

Nicotine levels

Most of the E-liquids came in 11mg, 18mg, and 24mg varieties. The refill cartridges come in 11mg low strength, 16mg regular strength, 18mg high strength, and 24mg extra high strength.

About the company

10 Motives is a company that definitely takes tobacco use very seriously. They say on their website that they are “passionate about [their] product because it’s a realistic alternative to tobacco products.”

10 Motives maintains an E-contact form that you can use to get in touch with them through their website. On the ‘contact’ page you can also find an actual email address and a customer service telephone number.
10 Motives will ship internationally, though it costs more to do so. First class postage within the UK costs £3.00, though any delivery valued at more than £50 will be shipped free of charge. International Royal Mail Airsure postage is generally £6.95 otherwise.
We weren’t incredibly thrilled with the return policies fostered by this company. They are another one of the many E-cig companies holding to the policy that they won’t accept returns on items that have been used. They will take back damaged items, but the buyer must pay to ship the item back, and this extra shipping charge is non-refundable—even if you get a refund for the item and for the first shipping charge.

Customers are entitled to the usual cooling-off period of 7 days, as is mandated by law—though from the sound of it this cannot be utilized if you have used the products at all.


Value for the money

This company definitely offers value for the money. We found their products to be produced from high quality components and believe that anyone using them can expect a positive experience. If you care a lot about the throat hit, then be warned that the throat hit on these products might not be quite as good. You might want to order a disposable first to check it out.

Otherwise, we found no reason to complain.

Running costs

A pack of 5 refill cartridges costs £6.99, and a bottle (it looks like a 10ml bottle but it actually does say on the site?) of E-liquid sells for £4.95. This should help you to determine what kind of running costs you can expect if you choose to buy 10 Motive’s products.


In the end, we found this company to be a solid competitor. We have reviewed some better companies, but we have reviewed far more that were not as good. If you are looking for a high quality product and want a good-tasting E-liquid with some flavour options to choose from, then we very highly recommend this company.

You will find that they actually offer some great deals, and though they might not be the cheapest option, you should also keep in mind that what you are getting is very well made. The company has a good reputation online, and we can safely say that the ‘good reviews’ were confirmed by our research.

4/5 (2)

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  2. Jean King says:

    I love the taste of 10 motives menthol(they actually stopped me from craving cigs) I have tried many other brands but they don’t even come close. However, recently I’ve noticed that the cartridges do not last as long as they did before. I also find that the price varies greatly in all the major supermarkets. To my delight I found that the Co-op sold them for £5.99 for a five pack. I went off to buy my usual six pkts from the Co-op today and to my horror found that they have gone up in price to £6.49 and now only 4 in a packet! Please explain what that is all about as I spend a considerable amount of money on your product. Mrs Jean King

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