Quit Using Tobacco

5 Great Reasons to Quit Using Tobacco

Published On December 23, 2014 | By Nicole | About E-Cigarettes Articles

5 great reasons to quit using tobacco

We all know that smoking is bad for you, and that there are innumerable reasons to quit. Smoking can increase your chances of developing cancer, heart disease, a stroke, chronic bronchitis, and more. However, these dangers can sometimes seem ‘far away’ to people who are young and in relatively good health.

Smoking can be a tough habit to kick – but there are many more reasons to quit than just the very serious ones. As it turns out, some of the ‘lesser’ reasons might help to tip the scales in your favor. Maybe one of these downsides will finally help you to find it within yourself to kick smoking for good.

 1… It makes you smell like smoke

Smelling like smoke isn’t the worst thing in the world, but it’s usually undesirable. You might find yourself anxious about how others will perceive you if they smell it on your clothes or when they’re around you.

Smokers often don’t feel like they smell like tobacco smoke because they’re around it all the time – but you can be sure that it is noticeable to other people. Worth thinking about this if you’re single and struggling to find your other half. Just saying…. 🙂

 2… It impairs your sense of taste and smell

If you’ve ever felt like food doesn’t taste as good to you since you started smoking, then you’re probably right. Smoking impairs both your sense of smell and your sense of taste – both of which contribute to making food taste more bland and ‘lifeless’.

This is partly why people tend to lose weight when they smoke – though it has also been shown that people tend to put weight lost this way right back on again if they quit, making smoking a less-than-effective weight-loss solution.

 3… Smoking can impede social relationships

Smoking can separate you from other people, which can cause social problems. Smoking cigarettes, for example, might keep you from interacting with other employees at work because you might find yourself constantly going outside for ‘smoking breaks’ instead of taking breaks in the break room with everyone else.

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This could keep you from developing closer relationships with others, and could even contribute to you becoming a bit of an ‘outsider’.

 4… Smoking can make it more difficult to finding a dating partner

Smoking cigarettes can actually impede your ability to find a compatible dating partner. Nowadays, with so much information available about smoking, potential partners might see cigarette use as a red flag. They are expensive, they’re unhealthy, they make your breath smell bad, etc.

None of these are necessarily ‘positive’ things in the eyes of responsible potential dates.

 5… People who smoke are more susceptible to viral infections

According to Webmd.com, smoking ‘makes you more susceptible to seasonal flus and colds.’ Apparently, the tiny hairs that line the respiratory tract get paralyzed by cigarette smoke, which keeps them from protecting us from infections. Of course, within months of quitting tobacco, these small hairs (or ‘cilia’) go back to working again.

 What should you do if you can’t quit?

Smoking is tough to beat, but not impossible. Of course, you can always try nicotine patches or gum, as these can help to reduce nicotine cravings and give you a better chance of fending off the habit.

One very new and interesting tool that has recently been developed to help beat tobacco cravings is called Nicoccino (you can find a review of it here: https://ecigsuk.org.uk/nicoccino-review/). This is a thin film that you place under your tongue, where it dissolves and delivers about a cigarette’s worth of nicotine directly to your system. It’s easy to use and might offer you a distinct advantage in your fight against tobacco addiction.

And of course, E-cigs are always an option. Electronic cigarettes can help you to quit tobacco without forcing you to give up all of the other things associated with it. You can still get nicotine, you can still vape on a flavoured E-liquid, and you can still take a ‘vaping’ break like you used to take a smoking break – except that E-cigs are free of the health dangers associated with tobacco. They contain no tobacco whatsoever, and utilize a flavoured vapour in its place.

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