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5 Surprising Benefits of E-cigs

Published On July 17, 2014 | By Nicole | About E-Cigarettes Articles

5 Surprising Benefits of E-cigs that Most People Don’t Notice

There is no doubt that E-cig sales are booming in the UK. In fact, the market grew by an astounding 240% from 2012 to 2013, earning a staggering £193 million in 2013 in comparison to the £44 million it earned in 2012. In fact, despite the fact that official smoking cessation aids have actually sold less in recent years, E-cig sales have continued to grow.

But why?

Actually, that isn’t an incredibly difficult question to answer. E-cigs offer many obvious benefits over analog cigarettes. They are cheaper, they are cleaner, and they are healthier. But is this all that they have to offer, or are there other benefits to ‘vaping’ that might not be quite as obvious at first glance?

As it turns out, E-cigs offer all kinds of advantages… some of them not so obvious.

#1… No more lighters

Since analog cigarettes require flame to burn, you are required to not only pack around the cigarettes themselves, but also a lighter. If you get stuck without a lighter, than you are simply out of luck. With E-cigs, however, as long as the batteries are charged, you will have no problem vaping a few ‘puffs’ now and then without the aid of some combustible device.

Charging batteries is easy and can be done in the evening, allowing you to enjoy your e-cig during the day without requiring you to ‘light up’ with matches or a lighter.

#2… Secondhand exposure to nicotine is said to be far less with E-cigs than with regular cigarettes

Secondhand smoke is one of the worst things about analog cigarettes because it affects everyone in the area—not just the user. Of course, E-cigs are not without their own amount of secondhand vapour, though being water vapour it is actually much, much cleaner.

Studies suggest that the secondhand nicotine emissions from E-cigs are actually 10 times lower than those emitted by burning tobacco.


#3… There are a ton of different choices in the E-cig market

If you love variety and having a choice in what types of products you buy, than E-cigs will definitely fit into your life. There are literally hundreds of different e-cigs available on the market today, and they literally come in dozens of different colors and designs.

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Variation and diversity are definitely not problems where E-cigs are concerned!

#4… E-cigs are more polite to use than cigarettes

While it might not seem like there is much different from E-cigs and cigarettes in terms of manners, there is actually a pretty big difference between the two… the biggest of which is smoke.

Analog tobacco cigarettes create smoke when the tobacco inside of them is burned. This smoke is actually made up of small particles that can get onto things (clothing, furniture, etc) and cause a smoke-smell, even if you only exhale once or twice!

E-cigs, however, do not produce this problem. Instead of smoke, you exhale vapour, but this vapour is basically odorless and contains no smoke whatsoever. Whether you are vaping inside or outside, you can rest assured that E-cigs, as a whole, are actually much more polite and will affect those around you much less negatively.

#5… E-cigs make good first-impressions

Let’s be honest… A lot of people smoke, but think about how it could look to a potential dating or business partner if you were to activate an E-cig instead of lighting up a cigarette.

They look sleek and cool, they often have a blue LED light on the end, and they do not emit any smelly smoke. They also have a pretty good reputation for being safer and cleaner. They will show that you care about your health, but they may also appear a bit exotic or unique!

If you have to choose either cigarettes or E-cigs, then E-cigs are definitely cooler and are also generally regarded as the ‘healthier’ option. Of course, smoking/vaping nothing is always the cleanest and healthiest choice, but if you have to choose, choose E-cigs.

switching to e-cigs


There are many benefits to E-cigs, including those mentioned above. Of course, they are not without their downsides, and nicotine is still addictive regardless of how it is going into the body.

But again, if you must choose between either cigarettes or E-cigs, the question seems to be a bit of a no-brainer. Kicking nicotine can be much more difficult than it sounds, but E-cigs may be able to help. If nothing else, they will give you a cleaner, healthier alternative that you can make use of until you can gain the mental fortitude within yourself to quit.

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