Apollo Endeavor review

Apollo Endeavor Review

Published On October 22, 2015 | By Nicole | Product Reviews
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85 %

Operating Apollo's Endeavor device is extremely simple. It really doesn’t get much user-friendly than this!

Vapour 85%
Throat Hit 85%
Price 80%
Battery Life 80%
Design 90%

Apollo Endeavor Review

Quick Intro

According to Apollo’s official website, the Endeavor kit was created because the company believes that ‘it should be simple for you to get into vaping with a solid, reliable E-cigarette that doesn’t make you compromise on price or build quality.’

In this context, the Endeavor definitely seems to be exactly what it was intended to be. Pretty much everything that you need to enjoy a good vape is included in this box. Whether you’re new to vaping or an advanced E-cig enthusiast, you’ll probably find more than a few things to like in this kit – which is why we decided to go ahead and record some of my observations about it.

So let’s get started and take a look at what exactly the Apollo Endeavor Starter Kit has to offer.

Pros and Cons

Here are the basic pros and cons that I discovered about this product over the course of my research.


  • This kit comes with two vape pens and enough accessories for both
  • They’re well-made and look nice
  • Flavour and vapour are both pretty good
  • The box and the packaging look amazing
  • The kit seems sturdy and will last you a long time


  • These vape pens are super-simple to use, but a downside is that they don’t really offer you any control over your vape, like variable wattage or voltage.
  • Some might say that the price point is a bit high – but on the other hand, you’re getting two vape pens in one kit, so this balances things out a bit.

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What’s in the starter kit?

The starter kit comes with 2 Apollo Luminous Batteries (900 mah), 2 EVOD dual-coil clearomisers, 1 Apollo USB charger, 1 wall charger adapter, 1 car charger adapter, and 2 10ml bottles of Apollo premium E-liquid (flavour of your choice).

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All in all, I was pretty impressed by what you get for the money in this kit. There’s really enough stuff here to supply two people with what they need to get started, so there’s a lot of value for the money in the Endeavor kit. You’re definitely getting a lot for the cost – that’s for sure!


If you’re just getting into vaping, then this kit might be a perfect option for you.

The charger uses standard 510 threading, and seems well made. You simply plug it into a USB port, or you can use the included wall or car charger adapters. When you screw the battery into the charger, a small LED on the charger should light up with a red light to indicate that the battery is getting charged – but this should turn green after 2 to 3 hours, indicating that the charge is complete and that the battery is back to full strength.

The batteries that ship standard with this kit are 900mah, meaning that you shouldn’t have any problem getting enough power with them. One of these batteries will last you at least a day and a half – which isn’t too bad for an entry-level kit like this.

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The clearomisers that come with this kit hold 1.8ml of E-liquid, which is a pretty fair amount that’ll last quite a while in a vape pen like this – especially for new vapers.

The Endeavor itself is equipped with short circuit and overcharge protection – both of which are modern features that all good vape pens should probably have built into them.

Information! Compatibility: this product uses standard 510 threading.

What we think of this kit

For being a basic vaporizer kit, we really like the Apollo Endeavor. From the very beginning I was impressed with it – and I can safely report that my positive outlook changed very little over the course of my experience.

It looks nice and substantial, and I would definitely have no problem carrying this product around with me if I were going out to the club or around town – which is always a plus!

As far as the kit itself was concerned, I felt that you get a lot for your money. You basically get two vape pens and enough accessories to keep them both going – so for the money, the Endeavor offers a ton of value.

As far as the vape itself goes, Andy would say that the flavour is excellent – especially with the included Apollo E-liquids (the Watermelon is awesome!). The cloud is pretty good too, especially for how small the device is. For an entry level kit, you really can’t beat it.

We would definitely recommend this kit, especially if you and your partner or significant other are looking for a kit that you can buy and use together. Since it comes with two vape pens, it would seem that buying it for two people to share could definitely work out well.

Appearance and Feel

At first glance, the box looks and feels fantastic. It’s pretty large, actually – and seems to be pretty sturdy. It’s covered with information, and contains some brightly colored graphics that really make it ‘stand out’. I definitely felt that I was getting off to a good start with this kit as a result of how nice the packaging was.

Endeavor's appearance and feel

The stainless steel version of this product looks outstanding.

Once the kit was opened, Andy was super-impressed by the presentation inside. A brilliant ‘Accessories’ box, printed with white ink on a smoky red background, grabbed my attention and accented the two steel-colored E-cigs displayed below.

The instruction manual was actually very nice. It presented some clearly outlined instructions in an easy-to-follow manner, and we were impressed with the quality of the paper. It’s also worthwhile to mention that this instruction booklet would likely make it super easy for a beginner to get started with this kit – which I thought was fantastic.

The firing button is also made from metal on this E-cig, which is a unique feature, but a positive one. It doesn’t rattle or move around. It’s pretty firm and easy to use.

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Operating this device is extremely simple. It really doesn’t get much user-friendly than this! To turn the device on, you simply click the firing button five times. Then, you press it and hold it down to activate the atomizer, and release it when you’re done. When you’ve finished vaping and are ready to put it away, you simply give it five more clicks to turn it off.

The mouthpiece is made of solid, sturdy plastic, and is clear enough to see through. It actually doesn’t come off, so you won’t need to worry about it loosening up while in use or in storage. It seems well-made, so I don’t foresee anyone needing to worry about it breaking or anything like that.

Unscrewing the base of the clearomiser will reveal the coil and the atomizer, as well as the refill for your E-liquid. Refilling this device is super-simple, and can be done with virtually any bottle with a nozzle.

The Endeavor produces a pretty rich, full flavour – which Andy found very pleasurable. He rather liked it and enjoyed the vape and felt that even more experienced vapers would enjoy it as well, despite its simplicity and ease of use. It doesn’t have much in the way of ‘settings’, but it does a pretty good job as is.

The dual coils are replaceable, which means that using this device should be pretty inexpensive in the long run. Buying coils is much less expensive than buying the entire clearomiser – so kudos to Apollo for making it easy to buy and install replacement parts.

There are a few air holes on the bottom of the clearomiser that definitely help with airflow in the device – which is a feature that I appreciated and found very helpful.


One drawback to this device is that it doesn’t give you much in the way of settings. It is, of course, a very simple device, so you can’t control the voltage, wattage, or temperature.

It’s also priced a bit on the high side – though it’s also important to keep in mind that you’re really getting two devices in this kit, so this could hardly be considered a ‘serious’ complaint.

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Visit Apolloecigs.co.uk To Order Apollo Endeavor Kit

Additional recommended products from this company

I would also recommend Apollo’s E-liquid flavours, as they’re made of premium quality ingredients and priced very affordably. If you’re going to be using the Endeavor, then you’ll definitely love how they taste in it!


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