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Apollo Reliant 60 Watt Temperature Control Mod Review

Published On September 21, 2015 | By Nicole | Product Reviews
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90 %

This is a solid device. It’s pretty heavy-duty and weighs quite a bit, especially once the battery has been installed.

Vapour 95%
Throat hit 90%
Price 85%
Battery life 85%
Design 95%

Apollo Reliant 60 Watt Temperature Control Mod Review

Apollo uses the tagline ‘Fine Electronic Vaping’ beneath the header on their website – and this no-doubt describes them accurately. Apollo offers some incredible E-cig devices – some of them definitely ahead of their time. From mods, to eGos, to E-liquid, there are a ton of options to choose from – though in this review, we’re going to be talking about the Apollo Reliant 60 Watt Temp Control Box Mod.

Right away, the packaging on this device was beautiful – and the look and feel of the product itself was quite impressive. But is it worth the price tag – or would you be better off spending your money somewhere else?

Here’s what we found out over the course of our research.

Pros and Cons

Here are the basic pros and cons that I discovered about the Apollo Reliant 60 Watt Temp Control Mod as I looked into it and began to gather information.


  • The product is well made and heavy-duty
  • The temperature control mode is amazing
  • It has three different modes: wattage mode, temp control mode, and mech mode – all of which are nice and give you a ton of settings options
  • The Reliant produces a fantastic amount of vapour and an outstanding taste


  • The price-point on this product is a bit higher. It’s definitely worth it – but this may turn away people who are looking for a ‘cheap’ box mod
  • It’s a little bit on the advanced side. The new vaper or the average E-cig user is going to need to educate themselves a little bit to learn about the different settings – though, for a device like this, it’s definitely worth it.
  • It would have been nice to get a carrying case with it – but that’s hardly a downside

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What’s in the starter kit?

The starter kit comes with a low-profile USB lead, an 18650 battery, the Reliant mod itself, and a user manual. The manual was pretty detailed, which is nice for newbie box mod users. There aren’t any diagrams in it, but diagrams aren’t really necessary for this product – so that’s not really a big deal.


The battery goes into the bottom of the box mod. You simply remove a screw-out cap, put the battery inside, and then screw it back on. The battery cap is definitely a solid-fit. You won’t have to worry about it coming loose or going anywhere after you’ve put it on – which is nice.

There’s a pretty wide profile around the 510 threading at the top, which helps to accommodate larger tanks without the need for a beauty ring.

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Being a temperature control mod that can supply up to 60 watts of power, it has variable wattage settings and the ability to act as a mechanical mod as well – with a direct pass-through from the battery to the coil. The temperature can be controlled via the settings – which is definitely an upside. This gives you more control over the quality of the vape, and is probably one of the most attractive features that this product possesses.

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The Reliant will take titanium or steel coils as low as .2 ohm. Combining that with 60 watts of power will provide some serious vapour – which is awesome.


You can use 510 threads with this box mod – meaning that you’ll have a wide range of different tank options at your disposal that can be utilized with it.

What we think of this kit

Apollo definitely deserves 5 stars for this box mod. The flavour, the vapour production, and the performance of the device itself were all top-notch. The tank that it came with (supplied by Apollo for the purposes of our review) was awesome, and the E-liquids that were shipped with it made it even better. All in all, this is probably one of the best devices W’ve ever reviewed – no joke. There are a lot of box mods out there on the market nowadays, but this device really has it where it counts.

See What Andy Thinks About This Box Mod in our Video Review

Newer vapers may find it a bit confusing at first, as there are a LOT of features and settings to play with – but a little bit of education and research can go a long way. Once you get ahead of the learning curve and start experimenting with what it can do, I have a feeling that you’ll never want to go back to a ‘regular E-cig’ again!

Appearance and Feel

At first glance, the box that the Reliant came in was very nice. It was well-designed and had a magnetic flip-up front – which was impressive. The product inside was also very well presented! Thumbs up to Apollo on this one – they really packaged it nicely!

As far as the ‘feel’ is concerned, the Reliant is heavy and attractive. I have no doubt that it’ll last a long time – a fact that I was very pleased with.


This is a solid device. It’s pretty heavy-duty and weighs quite a bit, especially once the battery has been installed.

The firing button is awesome on this box mod. It actually sits at a 45 degree angle – which is unique, but definitely nice. It feels pretty natural to hold in the hand, and the firing button is easy to press.

The display is nice and clear. It tells you about your battery level and your controls, and does so with bright blue lettering. There isn’t a brightness control setting – but you probably won’t need one. It seems more than bright enough to get the job done.

The display/menu is pretty intuitive. You can select many different modes and adjust the settings in each one – including watt mode, mech mode, and temperature control mode. You can also lock the menu, and then unlock it with 5 clicks—which is pretty nice.

There are some thicker E-liquids available (they’re called MAX VG on Apollo’s website) that are specifically designed for box mods, because box mods tend to pull more vapour through the atomizer than a lot of other devices – so I might recommend that you purchase some of these thicker E-liquids for your device, especially if you use this box mod.

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We actually tried this device with the Apollo Phazer sub-ohm tank, which did an incredible job! You can get this tank with the device, as well as some fantastic E-liquid and some other accessories, by ordering the Reliant 60W Pro Kit. This kit sells for a very reasonable £129.95, and is more than worth it if you’re interested in getting a top-of-the-line tank with your mod.

When we put the tank and the coil onto the mod, it detected it and even told us some of the specs for the coil – which was really impressive. This is definitely a ‘smart’ product – which helps it to be both safer and more effective. It does a lot of the calculations for you as you choose your settings too – especially the calculations that need to be done between you choosing a temp or wattage.

The flavour created by this E-cig is unbelievable! Apollo definitely deserves bit kudos for this. If you’re looking for an E-cig that tastes great, this box mod should definitely be on your radar.

The Reliant feels robust enough to inspire confidence. For example, I don’t think you’d have to worry about it breaking if you were to accidentally drop it. Some mods just feel delicate – but not this one. So Apollo gets some serious points for that.

Safety features installed within the device protect everything from overheating – so you won’t need to worry about burning out your coils if you do something wrong.


One drawback to this device (if you can even call it that) was that the learning curve was a bit steep. But then again, you can’t really fault Apollo for this. When you make a device with this many different settings, you really can’t help but to have some kind of learning curve. To me, this seems understandable – so I don’t really have a problem with it.

Another drawback is that it might have been nice if this device had come with some kind of a carrying case – but once again, this is hardly a downside when you factor in how much you do get with it.

Additional recommended products from this company

If you’re going to order the Apollo Reliant 60 Watt Temperate Control Mod, then I would definitely recommend looking into the Phazer Sub-Ohm tank and MAX VG E-liquids – both of which are offered on the Apollo website. These will enhance your experience a lot, and are more than worth the money.

You’ll get both of these, however, if you purchase the Reliant 60W Pro Kit – so I might even recommend that for users who want to go ahead and experience this box-mod at its best.

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4.6/5 (5)

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