Apollo Vtube 5.0

Apollo Vtube 5.0 Review

Published On May 12, 2016 | By Nicole | Product Reviews
Overall Score
90 %

The best thing about this vaping device is probably the fact that it has a temperature control setting.

Vapour 95%
Throat Hit 90%
Price 85%
Battery Life 85%
Design 95%

Apollo Vtube 5.0 Review

Quick Intro

The Apollo Vtube 5.0 E-cig kit is technically a 50 watt temperature control mod. It’s a fairly extensive kit, and contains quite a few different pieces – so it took us awhile to get through everything.

In the end, however, it was more than worthwhile, as we ended up being pretty impressed with it!

This is not the only Apollo product we have reviewed, so if you are after different product reviews, then you can use our on-site ”search” function to find the product review you are looking for.

So, without further delay, here’s what we found out.

Pros and Cons

Here are the basic pros and cons we discovered while researching the Apollo VTube 5.0.


  • It’s well built and well-put-together
  • It’s extremely sturdy
  • It works extremely well
  • Produces massive clouds
  • Has temperature control and variable wattage settings


  • It’s very heavy, which some users may not like
  • It’s quite large, so if you want a small E-cig this one isn’t for you
  • The price tag is a bit on the high side – but once again, this is a premium device, so you’re certainly getting your money’s worth

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What’s in the starter kit?

The starter kit comes with pretty much everything you would need to get started vaping. It comes with the Apollo VTube 5.0, which is a new model from Apollo. You also get the Apollo Phazer Tank, a carrying case, an 18650 battery, a bottle of E-liquid, and a dual charger.

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The charger is what we decided to look at first. This charger will actually charge several different types of batteries, including the 18650 – which is what this kit comes with and uses. You can use the charger to charge 2 batteries at once, or you can just charge 1 while using the other. Either way, this is a fantastic charger and seems to do the job very well. It’s well-built and will certainly be able to keep up with your 18650s.

The battery that this kit comes with is a pretty standard 18650. It’s a high drain, high amp battery that’s rated at 2500mAh – so you certainly won’t need to worry about it not having enough power to get the job done. These batteries are pretty common with vapourizers like this, and do a fantastic job of powering E-cigs – mostly because they do such a good job of blending cost-effectiveness with light-weight and a high power capacity.

The carrying case is really nice. It’s covered with a neoprene-type material, and will hold the contents of the kit (minus the charger) very well. It zips all the way around, and is sturdy in its construction.

The Phazer tank, which comes with this kit, is a lovely tank. Personally, we believe that it’s one of the better sub-ohm tanks on the market, and have been super-impressed by its performance. It comes with 2 coils, is made of stainless steel and glass, and looks really nice when attached to the VTube 5.0.

The VTube itself is the next thing we took a look at. Version 4.0 has been out for a while now, but the 5.0 boasts a few features that previous versions didn’t come with. In all honesty, this E-cig looks about as much like a lightsaber as is possible – so if you’re a Star Wars fan, you’re probably going to at least love how this device looks!

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It’s also packed with a ton of awesome features. It’s about 20 and a half centimeters in length. It’s a bit heavier than you would think – but it’s also built extremely well, and you can plan on it lasting a very long time. It’s truly a work of art.

The battery goes in at the bottom of the device. You simply unscrew the bottom cap, remove the old battery, and put the new one in (or remove the battery, charge it, and put it back). It only holds one battery at a time, and you should insert it positive-end-first. You can, however, also choose to unscrew the controller-part of the device from the battery holder and insert the battery that way – in which case you would want to insert the battery down into the handle negative-end-first.

All in all, this E-cig is manufactured extremely well. The threads are well-machined, and you shouldn’t have any kind of a problem making it work in the long-term.

  • Uses 18650 batteries
  • Comes with the sub-ohm Phazer Tank
  • Features temperature control settings
  • Comes with variable wattage
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Real time digital display shows battery strength and settings
  • Simple and easy interface
This kit comes equipped with standard 510 threading, meaning that the pieces (the VTube and the Phazer Tank) will also work with a lot of other modern vaping devices. You can also remove the beauty ring on the VTube to reveal a standard ego threading scheme – which is also nice if you have a tank that you would like to use with it that doesn’t have the right threading.

What did we think of this kit?

All in all, this kit is great. It comes with all kinds of accessories, is relatively easy to operate, and is built extremely well. The fact that this device has a temperature control mode, as well as a variable wattage mode, really adds a lot of customization to its range of usefulness – which we very much admired.

This is really a large device. Some people might not like that, but really, we thought it looked cool. It’s also quite heavy – but we didn’t mind this. It’s really built solidly, and we felt that it could probably survive quite a fall if you were to accidentally drop it.

On the vaping side of things, we were impressed. As soon as you hit the fire button, the vapour is there. It’s super responsive, and the Phazer tank does an awesome job with the VTube 5.0. The amount of vapour that you’ll get with this setup is unreal. You will certainly not have a problem getting as many clouds as you could want.

As far as the taste goes, this setup doesn’t disappoint. You can fiddle with the settings to get as much flavour as possible, or you can crank it up for more vapour and better responsiveness.

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It’s really a great vape pen and setup. It comes with a premium price-tag, but this is also a premium device. It’ll last you a long time, and we enthusiastically recommend it for anyone interested in a serious, well-built electronic cigarette.

User reviews that we found

Apollo Vtube 5.0 user review

Improvements from the previous version
The main different between this kit and the VTube 4.0 is the fact that the 5.0 has a temperature control setting.
  • Appearance and Feel

Appearance-wise, the VTube is beautiful. It’s got a stainless steel finish, and looks amazing. The firing button is equally attractive. It’s a bit raised up off of the rest of the device, but it’s also contoured. It also has a nice click to it, which we were very impressed with.

The feel

  • Airflow

The Phazer tank is certainly equipped with an airflow control – but the VTube 5 itself also comes with small gills in the beauty ring that allow for even more. This will help to keep the battery and the device in-general cooler to the touch. There are also some holes in the bottom of the VTube to help this along even further.

  • Material

This device is constructed of heavy duty stainless steel and Pyrex Glass.

  • Ease of Use

This device is a bit more challenging to use, because you can change the wattage and make other small adjustments to the settings. With that being said, it’s actually not that complicated to use. The wattage range goes from 5 to 50 watts. It also has a temperature control mode, which is awesome. You can change the temperature using this mode, ranging from 212 degrees Fahrenheit to 522 degrees Fahrenheit.

Information! Just keep in mind that if you want to use the temperature control mode on this device, you will need to buy nickel coils for it – which are available on Apollo’s official website. Try to remember that you actually cannot use the temperature control mode unless you literally have nickel coils installed in your tank.


The best thing about this vaping device is probably the fact that it has a temperature control setting – which is awesome and opens up a lot of possibilities for getting better flavour out of your E-liquid.


The main drawback to this device is the higher price tag – though, keep in mind that you’re still getting a lot for your money with this one.

Screenshot of Apollo E-cigs websiteCompany Address and Contact Details

You can reach Apollo at their Livermore Lounge location at the following address…

30 Lindbergh Ave

Livermore, CA 94551

You can also call them via their telephone number at 925-234-9100.

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If you want to make use of the temperature control settings, you’ll need to buy some nickel coils – which are available on Apollo’s official website.

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