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Are Cherry Flavored E-liquids Really More Dangerous?

Published On February 1, 2016 | By Nicole | Press

Are Cherry Flavored E-liquids Really More Dangerous?

In a recent news story published on, the publication dealt with a study that was published in a journal called Thorax. Many news outlets are citing the study as proof that cherry flavored E-liquids are dangerous – but as usual, the facts are being taken a bit out of perspective.

In this blog post, we’re going to take a look at some of the information and discover the truth about these news stories. Is cherry flavored E-liquid really dangerous?

Here’s what we found out.

The Study

ThoraxThis study, which you can find here, basically claims that cherry-flavored E-liquids may pose a greater risk to vapers by exposing them to higher levels of a respiratory irritant called benzaldehyde.

A lot of news/media outlets have been blasting E-cigs because of the news – but it’s important to keep the facts in perspective. When you view all of the information, it definitely paints a different picture.

Benzaldehyde is an ingredient that’s used in some cosmetic products and different foods. It’s most popular when used as a natural fruit flavoring, but it has also been shown in a few different studies to be an irritant to the airways.

In this study, researchers used a bunch of different E-cig flavorings to test benzaldehyde levels, and found that 108 out of the 145 tested contained the substance. They also found that there was more of it in cherry-flavored E-liquid than there was in any other flavor.

Clinical study

What’s so surprising about this study?

One thing that did stand out as alarming about this study to a lot of people was the fact that cherry flavored E-liquids actually ended up containing more of this substance than traditional tobacco cigarettes – which is probably what set the media-frenzy into overdrive.

There have been a lot of discoveries made about the substances and chemicals found in E-liquid vapor – but there really haven’t been many cases where a substance that could be dangerous was found to be more plentiful in E-cig vapor than in tobacco cigarettes.

But that’s not the end of the story. Researchers also noted that the amount of benzaldehyde found in cherry E-cigs was actually more than 1,000 times lower than the maximum exposure levels allowed in the workplace.

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Benzaldehyde can cause a sore throat and cough when it’s inhaled. It’s also been shown to cause depression of the CNS – though, in fairness, the research that found this wasn’t necessarily examining the ingredient in the amounts that are inhaled through an E-cig.

Many proponents of electronic cigarettes are saying that the news stories about the study ‘need to be kept in perspective’, and that when you look at the facts, it’s easy to see that a lot of the criticism being generated is just another example of media-bias against E-cigs.

Opponents of vaping, on the other hand, are saying that this adds to a growing pool of evidence for the fact that E-cigs could actually be more dangerous than people believe them to be, and that more research needs to be done to find out exactly how they may affect human health.

In the end, it’s important to remember that E-cigs aren’t as clean as breathing regular, fresh air into your lungs is. Nobody is claiming that E-cigs are without some downsides.

But when you compare them to tobacco cigarettes, it becomes obvious that they’re a much healthier alternative – which is really the important thing. E-cigs could find a place in the world as a successful smoking cessation device, and could serve as an alternative nicotine delivery system for people who want to get away from the dangers of smoking.

Hopefully, we can all keep an open mind and try to look at the facts objectively when studies teach us more about how E-cigs could affect our bodies, and use them as a tool to figure out if E-cigs might be a good choice for people who are trying to stop ‘lighting up’ with tobacco cigarettes.

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