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Are E-cigs causing more fires lately than normal

Published On June 29, 2016 | By Nicole | About E-Cigarettes Articles

Why are E-cigs causing more fires lately than normal? The reason could be simple and easily avoided

When electronic cigarettes were first becoming popular, there were a few incidences reported in which the batteries exploded or caught on fire. We’ve covered this phenomenon pretty thoroughly in a few other blog posts – but something different has been happening for the last few years that deserves a new place in the spotlight.

We all know that safety is a key concern when it comes to E-cigs – but because they are electronic devices, nicotine isn’t the only possible hazard. Because they’re powered with lithium ion batteries, there is always the potential for e-cig accidents, overloads, and faults that could potentially cause a fire.

In fact, in an article published in the Rotherham Advertiser, they say that South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue says that they have fought a dozen different fires linked to E-cig use since 2013. They also say that until that time, they hadn’t ever fought a single fire caused by E-cigs – but it seems that the figure is slowly climbing.

But why? Why have these fires begun happening only recently, and not before 2013? As it turns out, the fire investigators who attended these particular fires have a theory. They believe that all of them are linked to E-cig charging accidents. Sometimes, E-cigs are left to charge for too long, are charged on or close to soft or flammable furniture or surroundings, or are even left plugged into chargers that were never intended to be used with the applicable product.

And the consequences, in such cases, can sometimes cause accidents.

Trevor Bernard, who is the Head of community safety in the region, released this statement about E-cigs and the subsequent fires that seem to be linked to them…

“Fires caused by e-cigarettes are an emerging trend which a few years ago simply did not exist. Whilst e-cigs may offer a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes, they are so popular now we do need to make sure people know how to charge them safely… The advice for e-cigs is really the same as for many smaller electrical appliances like mobile phones and laptops  –  don’t be tempted to buy cheap unbranded chargers, don’t leave them to charge whilst you are out of the house or asleep and keep them well away from flammable materials.

What does this mean for vapers?

Thankfully, this doesn’t mean that E-cigs are dangerous or fire-causing in-general. What we have here is a pretty simple problem that, not surprisingly, has increased as the popularity of the devices has skyrocketed. The simple truth is that E-cigs are electrical devices that, like cell phones, need to be charged. But charging lithium ion batteries always comes with a risk – and often, people don’t follow the safety guidelines in the instruction manual to make sure that they are charging their devices in a way that’s not going to have the potential to turn into an accident.

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Of course, there’s also a percentage of these cases in which the device or the charger itself is faulty – but these cases seem to be much less common than the cases in which the wrong chargers were used or the device was simply left for too long or near a soft surface that was also flammable.

To ensure that your E-cig isn’t going to have problems of this nature, it’s very important to charge it according to the instructions written in your user manual. For example, most electronic cigarette user manuals state that you should never leave your device charging unattended. They also say that you should never buy a third-party charger for it or use a charger that came with a different device.

And yet, both of these guidelines are very commonly disregarded by a lot of people.

Information! For the best and safest results, always try to stick to the instructions, and do your best not to deviate. It might take a little bit of effort – but if it helps you to avoid a fire, it’ll totally be worth it!

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