Long-term effects associated with inhaled nicotine

Published On November 17, 2015 | By Nicole | Scientific Research

Are there any long-term effects associated with inhaled nicotine?

Cigarettes have a pretty bad reputation. They’re filled with harmful chemicals – and some of them are known carcinogens! They also contain nicotine – which is the stimulating substance that causes them to be so addictive.

But is nicotine itself to blame for any long-term health problems when inhaled through an E-cig?

E-cigs contain no tar, open flame, or ash. Since they don’t utilize tobacco, they don’t emit the same types of chemicals in the same quantities. All things considered, electronic cigarettes are much, much simpler. Most E-liquids contain just four basic ingredients – though one of them, of course, is nicotine.

So how bad is it for your health to inhale nicotine? Does it cause cancer? Does it hurt your heart or increase your stroke risk?

Here’s what some of the latest research has to say about the effects of inhaled nicotine on the body.

Attention! According to a study published on the website (you can view the study here:, nicotine might not be quite as harmful when inhaled in controlled quantities as some people might believe.

In this study, two groups of rats were observed for two years. One group was a control, and the other was given nicotine in a breathing chamber at a concentration roughly equal to twice the amount that a heavy smoker could be expected to absorb. The nicotine was given to the rats for 20 hours per day, for five days a week during this period.

Over the course of the study, scientists could find no increase in mortality, atherosclerosis, or frequency of tumors in the nicotine-exposed rats when compared to the control group. There were not even microscopic or macroscopic lung tumors found! About the only difference that was observed was a reduction in body weight in the nicotine-exposed rats as opposed to the control group.

The study abstract concludes with the following statement…

“In conclusion, our study does not indicate any harmful effect of nicotine when given in its pure form by inhalation.”

It would seem that nicotine, in controlled doses, doesn’t pose as much of a risk to the body as scientists once thought. More research could never help, of course – but this does paint a better picture for the long-term use of electronic cigarettes by helping to lessen the possibility that nicotine, an essential ingredient in most E-liquids, is doing anyone any harm.

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