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How to avoid e-cig explosions while vaping

Published On December 7, 2016 | By Nicole | About E-Cigarettes Articles

Stories about E-cig battery explosions have certainly been making the rounds online – and while there are a lot of technical explanations for why this can sometimes happen, these ‘technical reports’ don’t always help the average vaper as they seek to vape as safely as possible.

So in this article, we’re going to be answering the question that all vapers are asking when these news stories pop up.

How can you avoid E-cig explosions while vaping?

Here are some facts that you should know.

Don’t let your atomizer overheat

Chain vaping and holding the button down for too long while vaping can cause the atomizer to get a lot hotter than is safe or normal. Believe it or not, most E-cigs aren’t designed to be chain-vaped. They are designed to fire for about 5 seconds (or even less), then to be allowed to cool a bit before the next hit.

But a lot of vapers end up vaping harder and faster than the devices were ever intended for – and this could potentially cause problems. So try to take it easy while vaping, and give the device some time between hits to cool down.

Buy quality E-cigs made in the UK or the US

Electronic cigarettes made in China sometimes aren’t built to the same safety standards as those that are manufactured in the US or the UK. E-cigs are constantly being upgraded with better safety standards, and are often built with electronic safeguards to keep them from overheating.

These safety features can do a lot to help keep them from exploding – and have rendered accidents like this almost nonexistent.

So a quality E-cig is definitely going to be a must if you want to increase your odds of avoiding electronic malfunctions – including explosions.

Read the instructions and use the device correctly

In almost every case of an E-cig that has exploded that I’ve read about, the instructions that came with the device were not followed. In almost every one of these cases, had the instructions been followed, the explosion wouldn’t have occurred.

Granted, sometimes this might not be the case – but by reading and following the instructions for your vape pen, you will be seriously decreasing your odds of experiencing an accident.

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Explosion accidents will also be more likely to occur when the device isn’t being charged properly. Using the right charger, not charging the device while leaving it unsupervised, and keeping the area clear of flammable objects or objects that could trap heat are all steps that you can take to drastically reduce your odds of a malfunction or accident.

Keep the device away from water

Water can short-circuit any electronic device, including an E-cig. For this reason, you should immediately discontinue the use of your E-cig if it gets dropped into a puddle or some other body of water. You should also do your best to keep it out of the rain and away from other sources of water that might damage it.

A short-circuited battery is no joke, and can definitely lead to accidents and malfunctions.

Don’t leave the device on the charger for an extended period of time

Sometimes, leaving the battery on the charger past the point where it is fully charged can cause problems – especially if you aren’t using a charger with built-in safety features.

Thankfully, a lot of chargers nowadays do utilize a range of safety features to help prevent battery overheating – but this isn’t always the case, and you should never assume that your charger includes such features unless the literature provided with it explicitly says that it does.

Take responsibility for your own safety, and be a proactive vaper!

Knowing as much as possible about the device that you’re using, the batteries that you use, and the charger that you charge it with could mean the difference between a safe vaping experience and a mistake.

With that being said, make sure to be a proactive vaper, and to do your best to understand what needs to be done to decrease your chances of experiencing any type of malfunction or accident.

Every device is different, so always read the instructions – and never just assume that you know how to use a new device safely.

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