Beard Vape Co. E-Liquids

Beard Vape Co. E-Liquids Review

Published On May 29, 2017 | By Nicole | E-liquids


We’ve always been pretty crazy about Beard Vape Co. Their E-liquids are some of the best on the market, and we have never had a bad experience with them.

And not too long ago, we got our hands on two new flavours from them that we hadn’t tried yet – so we decided to give them a vape test and see what we thought.

Naturally, we also wanted to document the experience, so that you could also figure out if these flavours might be a good choice for you. So with that being said, here’s what you need to know.

Were we a fan of these liquids from Beard Vape Co.? Here is what we learned.

About The E-Liquids

The two liquids that we reviewed this time around from Beard Vape Co. were No. 51 and No. 71. We like how the company names their liquids by number like this – because it makes ordering super easy, and it makes it really easy to make sure that you’re getting the exact flavour that you want without possibly mistaking the name and buying something similar, but different.

No. 51 is called Vanilla Custard Cream, and No. 71 is called Sweet and Sour Sugar Peach. We loved the descriptions of both of these flavours, and decided to use the Jac Vapour DNA 75W mod to test them. We set up two S-22 tanks for the test as well, each with a 0.5 ohm, direct to lung coil, to be used along with the device for our vape test. This is actually our preferred vaping setup right now, which is partly why we chose it for this test and review.

Note: We liked the packaging on these products. It was very informative, and seemed well-built. Each bottle was a 10ml bottle, which is obviously the standard now, after the TPD took effect.

  • The Base/Mix

Both of these liquids are supposed to be made up of a blend of 15% PG, 85% VG. But when we got our hands on them, we realized that the Sweet and Sour Peach flavour was actually a 30% PG, 70% VG blend, so it was a bit different from the other. Nevertheless, they’re both definitely sub-ohm liquids that would be ideal for creating pretty massive clouds.

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Also, as a side note, this is a USA recipe, but the liquids are actually made in the UK – so you can certainly expect high quality ingredients, which is super-important these days. Also, we really liked the colors of both of these liquids, and felt like the consistency was very good.

  • Nicotine Strength

The nicotine strength of both of the liquids that we got for this review was 6mg. This is high-end for sub ohm vaping, but we were fine with it, especially since we weren’t necessarily going to be cloud-chasing or anything like that. You can also buy them in strengths of 0mg, 3mg, and 12mg.

The Sweet and Sour Sugar Peach was the first flavour we opened. (Note: The child-safety caps were very good on both of these bottles. They were pretty difficult to get open – even for us!)

Upon first opening it up, we were not surprised that it smelled peachy to us.

What did surprise us, however, was the fact that the Vanilla Custard flavour almost had a toffee-like smell, which we were not expecting!

So far, based on just the smells and the consistency of each (both were very goopy and thick… which is awesome), we were pretty pumped and had high hopes for both of them.

Both of these liquids sell for £5.99 on the website, which is honestly a pretty fair price for a 10ml specialty blend.

Here is what we thought of the taste of each. We hit each on 30 Watts of power.

No. 51

The Vanilla Custard flavour was literally supposed to taste just like vanilla custard… so that is what we were expecting when we took our first hit.

We got pretty massive amounts of clouds from this one. The flavour was also gorgeous. We expected it to be full-on vanilla, but it definitely also has a hint of caramel/toffee actually, which really pulls out the flavour. It has a really nice after-taste, and it all blends together really well. To be honest, this one was fantastic. It hit really smooth.

This was definitely a vapour that we could vape all day long, without a problem.

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No. 71

The peach flavour was supposed to taste a bit like sweet and sour candy, with hints of peach.

The clouds were not quite as thick with this one, but they were still good. We also didn’t get quite as much flavour. There was a bit of a tingle at the back of the throat, indicating a stronger throat hit. But, the flavour was very sweet. To be honest, it was delicious. If you like really sweet flavours, then you will definitely like this one.

It’s like a sugary peach, really… with very sweet undertones.

Our Thoughts

Personally, the Vanilla Custard was more our style – but both of these flavours were delicious. Beard Vape Co. certainly makes some cracking flavours, and we are excited to get our hands on more of them!

Two thumbs up to Beard Vape Co. for these. They are definitely awesome!

Other E-liquids we recommend from this brand

Personally, we have our eyes set on No. 32 next, which is Cinnamon Funnel Cake. But all of them look amazing.

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