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Box mods have become a lot more popular lately – mostly because they offer a level of flexibility and customization to your vaping experience that many other devices can’t really compete with. The main difference between a box mod and a mechanical mod is simply this: that mechanical mods take power directly from a lithium-ion battery and apply it to an atomizer, while box mods take this power and regulate it before supplying power to the atomizer. This regulation generally comes from a chip, and the term ‘box mod’ has become popular with the device because all of these components are usually housed in a rectangular-type of container – or a ‘box’.

Box mods definitely have a place in the E-cig marketplace. Most serious vapers, at some point or another, turn their attention in awe toward the small, yet extremely powerful devices – seeing the possibility for better voltage regulation or increased power output as definite benefits over their eGo counterparts – which are usually a bit more limited.

Quick FAQ About Box Mods

Q: What exactly is a box mod?

A: A box mod is an electronic cigarette device that uses the power of a lithium ion battery to atomize flavoured vapour. The main difference between a box mod and a vape pen is that box mods tend to use larger batteries and contain more on-board electronics to regulate the vaping experience. You’re much more likely, for example, to get features like variable voltage, variable wattage, or temperature control with a box mod than you are with any other type of vaping device.

Q: Are box mods complicated to use?

A: Some of them are a bit more advanced – but it depends on the mod. Temperature control mods, for example, require a special atomizer to utilize the TC mode, while other mods may require you to set your own voltage and/or wattage levels. In this sense, box mods can certainly be a bit more complicated to use – but they also offer a lot more flexibility.

Q: How do I know if I’m ready to buy a box mod?

 A: Do you enjoy changing settings to maximize your experience? Do you like the idea of a more powerful battery and larger vapour clouds? Are you ok with spending a bit more money to get something that’s going to last longer and work better than smaller vaping devices? If so, then it might be time for you to buy a box mod.

Q: Are box mods dangerous?

A: In a word, no. They do contain a lithium ion battery, but as long as you charge and use them correctly, you’re in no more danger with a device like this than you are with a cell phone.

Q: Why do box mods tend to produce more vapour?

A: Because they generally crank more wattage and voltage out of their battery, and a lot of them use larger batteries as well. Since they’re supplying more power to the atomizer, it can vapourize the E-liquid at a faster rate – which creates more vapour.

Q: Do box mods always come with batteries, or do you need to buy them separately?

A: Not all box mods come with batteries – but some of them do. It’s always a good idea to research this before you purchase a device. Reading through the description should reveal whether the mod comes with a battery or not. If not, this should also help you to figure out what type of battery to order.

Q: Do box mods require special E-liquid?

A: Not necessarily – though we do recommend that you use either max VG E-liquid or 100% VG E-liquid if you’re going to be sub-ohm vaping. These blends tend to work a bit better with sub ohm atomizers – but really, in the grand scheme of things, any E-liquid will work.

But are box mods for everyone?

There are definitely some mods that are less complicated than others – and in this page, we’re actually going to break up the mods into several different categories. When you find the category that sounds the best for your experience level, you can review the listed mods and start looking at what’s out there.

This page might not be a last-stop-shop for your box mod shopping needs – but it can definitely serve as a good starting point. Some of the best UK box mods  on the market are featured on this page – so you should definitely be able to use it to learn about some different products in hope that you’ll have a better time of finding what you’re looking for.

Best Novice Box Mods – up to 50w

Innokin Cool Fire 4#1.  Innokin Cool Fire 4

This is one of our all time favourite mods. It’s a very compact mini mod that delivers 40w output and large 2000mAh capacity battery.

40W of power ensures that you’ll never have to deal with low wattage or voltage problems, and spring-loaded 510 connections make it easy to buy replacement parts or other additions that can be used with it.

This mod feels great in your hand and still looks as if it was only released recently. If you’re after a slick mod, then you really can’t go wrong with this one.

 Currently Our The Most Recommended Box Mod 


  • Watts: Operating Wattage: 6.0W-40.0W
  • Volts: Operating Voltage: 3.0V-7.5V
  • Resistance: Clearomizer resistance: 0.3 ohm minimum
  • Battery: Built-in 2000mAh battery
  • Length: Product dimensions; 3-3/8″L x 1-5/8″W x 1″D
  • Compatibility/Threading: 510
  • Price: £37.99 (without the tank, best price ONLINE!)

Attention! If you’re in the market for incredible value and don’t want to waste your time on something that you’re not going to like, then this is definitely a kit that you should check out.

#2.  Series-B Tilt

SERIES-B TILTThe Series-B Tilt, carried by JAC Vapour, is a premium 40W box mod that packs a lot of power into a small package. It comes with a USB charging lead, the device itself, and an operation manual.

Some of the features that you can expect from this device include a spring-loaded positive connector, variable voltage and variable wattage modes, a USB on-board charging and pass-through, a quick release magnetic battery cover, and several safety features.

It also comes with a 1 year warranty, and is said by JAC Vapour to feature a ‘unique blend of ergonomics and engineering.’


  • Watts: 40
  • Volts: Variable voltage
  • Resistance: 0.2Ohm – 3.0Ohm (sub-ohm compatible)
  • Battery: 1x rechargeable 20A (or above) IMR 18650 flat-top battery
  • Length: Dimensions for this device are 79mm (lower edge) x 22mm x 33mm
  • Compatibility/Threading: 510
  • Price: £52.99

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Innokin MVP 3.0 Box Mod#3. Innokin MVP 3.0 Box Mod

The Innokin MVP 3.0 is, according to, ‘the new version of one of the most popular e-cig devices on the market.’ This 30 watt box mod is as reliable and dependable as the original – but it also packs a bit more power to meet the demands of the serious vaper.

Equipped with 510 threading, short circuit protection, and variable wattage settings, it goes the distance to take your vaping experience where no other Innokin MVP has gone before – and it definitely deserves a spot on our best box-mod page. This model still comes with a built in battery, which is awesome for the vaper who doesn’t want to mess with taking them out for charging – yet, it’s still powerful enough to appeal to even serious mod vapers.


  • Watts: 6.0W-30W
  • Volts: 3.0-9V
  • Resistance: 0.4ohm atomizer resistance
  • Battery: Built-in 3800 mAh polymer Li-Ion rechargeable battery
  • Length: Product dimensions: Height, 102 mm; Depth, 23mm; Width, 46mm.
  • Compatibility/Threading: 510
  • Price: £39.99

If you’re looking for power and quality with an affordable price tag, then the Innokin MVP 3.0 is definitely a box mod that you should take a look at.

Kanger KBox 40W Box Mod

Kanger KBox 40WIf you’re looking for an affordably priced box mod that offers a lot of power for the money, then the Kanger KBox 40W Box Mod may be an ideal product to check out.

It utilizes an 18650 battery, is 510-thread compatible, comes with built-in short circuit protection, and is even equipped with variable wattage settings – allowing you everything necessary to get the perfect vape to suit your personal taste.

As Kanger’s first box mod, this product packs a lot of value into a small package – though you’ll need to purchase your battery and charger separately, as the only things that come with this kit are the Kanger itself and a manual.


  • Watts: 8-40W with variable wattage settings
  • Volts: This device has a computer-controlled VV feature that automatically adjusts the output level based on the resistance.
  • Resistance: Lowest atomizer resistance: 0.4 ohms
  • Battery: 18650
  • Length: 40mm
  • Compatibility/Threading: 510
  • Price: £24.99

Best 50-100 Watt Box Mods

Apollo Reliant 75W Temp Control Mod

Apollo Reliant 60W Temp Control ModThis device is said to be ‘Apollo’s newest mod’, and is packed with a wide range of features that make it one of the most dynamic options available on the market (especially for its price). It even comes equipped with temperature control – which is one of the most advanced and newest technologies in the vaping industry.

This box mod is unique because it features three different firing modes.

You can choose the temperature control mode, the wattage mode, or the mechanical mode to give you the perfect vape to suit your tastes.


  • Watts: Ranges from 5 Watts to 60 Watts.
  • Volts: N/A
  • Resistance: Device is compatible with atomizers as low as 0.06 ohms.
  • Battery: Single 18650 High Drain Battery
  • Length: Product dimensions; 3 3/8″ H x 1″ W x 1.5″ L
  • Compatibility/Threading: 510
  • Price: £99.95

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Compact and ergonomic, this is a box mod that anyone – novice or serious vaping enthusiast – could admire – so make sure to check it out as you shop for a new E-cig mod.

Kooper Mini 60W Temperature Control

Kooper Mini 60W Temperature ControlMade from solid stainless steel and outfitted with dynamic temperature control settings, the Kooper Mini 60W is a dual-mode box mod that’ll have even the most dynamic vaping enthusiasts turning their heads for another look. It’s versatile, small enough to take with you, and affordable enough not to break the bank – all of which come together to give this kit incredible value for the money.

In addition to the box mod itself, you’ll also get an orange silicon case, a user manual, a warranty card, and a gift box with your purchase. You’ll need to purchase a battery, a charger, and other components separately – though they’re not that expensive, and the price on this mod is pretty affordable – so breaking the bank isn’t really a concern.


  • Watts: 1W-60W
  • Volts: 0.8V-9V
  • Resistance: Resistance range in VW: 0.1Ω-2Ω
  • Battery: Replaceable 18650 battery
  • Length: Product dimensions; 83.8x41x24.5mm
  • Compatibility/Threading: 510
  • Price: £68.08

If you’re looking for an affordable box mod with temperature control settings and aren’t afraid to hunt up your own battery, tanks, and atomizers, then this is definitely a kit that you should be taking a look at.

Best 100+ Watt Box Mods

iPV3 150 Watt Box Mod

iPV3 150 Watt Box ModIf you’re looking for a powerful box mod with a lot of features, then the iPV3 150 Watt Box Mod might be the perfect device for you. Built for the vaping enthusiast who wants complete control over their vaping experience, this product is also simple enough for novices as well – making it one of the most dynamic devices in this list and a product that you’ll definitely want to check out if you’re looking for a product that can pack in enough power to make it count.

It also comes with a USB cable (not a charging cable), a user manual, a screwdriver, and a gift box. It takes two 18650 batteries, is software updatable through the supplied USB cable, and features a touch-sensitive firing button.


  • Watts: 7-150 watt range
  • Volts: 2.8-8.5 volt range
  • Resistance: 0.15 to 3.0 ohms
  • Battery: 18650
  • Length: Product dimensions; 105mm tall x 59mm wide x 23mm thick
  • Compatibility/Threading: 510
  • Price: £50.00

 Sigelei 150W Box Mod

Sigelei 150W Box ModIf you’re looking for a lot of power at an inexpensive price, then look no further than the Sigelei 150W.

Some are saying that this is the best new box mod on the market – and that summarization may not be far from the truth! If you’re looking to create some serious vapour on a device that’s easy to learn and use, then this product should definitely be on your list of boxes to check out.

It comes with a temperature sensor to keep things from overheating, variable voltage, variable wattage, a silicon rubber skin to keep it from getting damaged, and a ton of other features that would simply take too long to list here.


  • Watts: 10-150watt
  • Volts: N/A
  • Resistance: 0.15-3ohms
  • Battery: Dual 18650 battery
  • Length: Product Dimensions; 96x54x23mm
  • Compatibility/Threading: 510
  • Price: £79.99

 IJOY Asolo 200W VW/TC Express Kit (Without Battery)

 IJOY Asolo 200W VW/TC Express KitThe IJOY Asolo 200W is a box mod that was released late in 2015. It’s technically called an ‘easy-to-operate temperature control mod’, and is said to protect you from ‘burn taste’ while also churning out tons of vapour.

Unlike many other TC mods, this device is compatible with all of the main types of wire materials that exist on the market – making it an extremely flexible solution for enthusiasts who want to get the very best vape possible.

It has a sleek aluminum body, features easy-to-control settings, and comes with a 510-eGo adapter, a silicon sleeve, a user manual, a warranty card, a gift box, and the mod itself.


  • Watts: 5W – 200W
  • Volts: 1V – 7.5V
  • Resistance: 0.1ohm – 3.0ohm
  • Battery: 2 x 18650 batteries
  • Length: Dimensions; 90*50*24mm
  • Compatibility/Threading: 510
  • Price: $169.00

 IPV3 Li Black

IPV3 Li BlackThis box mod features temperature control, up to 165W of power, and will fire atomizers at as low as .01 ohms – making it a definite contender for our best box mod list, especially when you take into account the low price tag!

Changing batteries on this mod is just about as easy as it gets – you simply remove the magnetic back cover and switch them out. That’s all there is to it!

Accessing controls and other features is an equally user-friendly affair, making this box the perfect choice for the ambitious novice or the experienced vape enthusiast who’s looking to get more power for their money.


  • Watts: 10w-165w
  • Volts: 1.0V – 7.5V
  • Resistance: 0.1 to 3.0 ohms
  • Battery: 2 high amp 18650 batteries
  • ILength: Dimensions; 4-1/8″L x 2-1/2″W x 7/8″
  • Compatibility/Threading: N/A
  • Price: £49.00

If you’re looking for a serious box mod, but don’t want to spend a fortune – then you really shouldn’t call your search complete until you’ve at least taken a look at this one.

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