Best E Cigarette Starter Kits UK

Basic starter kits can be a great way to get into E-cigs for the very first time, but they generally don’t offer the types of extras or accessories that can really take the E-cig experience to the next level. This however is exactly what a beginner needs!

That is why most E-cig companies also offer advanced kits as the ones selected by us. Advanced E-cigarette starter kits are a lot like other e-cig starter kits, except that they tend to offer a bit more in terms of accessories and other extras than basic starter kits.

Attention! Of course, shopping for advanced kits can be a bit like tramping through a thick jungle… it can be hard to navigate, confusing, and can quickly have you walking in circles! It is for this exact reason that we have decided to post our favorite advanced E-cig kits here for you to read about. These advanced kits are, in our opinion, the best ones to get you started in an easy enough way, whilst also having you to enjoy a few extras. You won’t go wrong with any of these!

JacVapour Vgo2 Auto 650mah Kit

This starter kit offers something a bit different in the way that it offers a cigar-sized Vgo2 E-cig instead of the typical E-cig minis offered in most other advanced kits. There are definite benefits to this, of course, the first of which is the fact that the batteries tend to last all day on only one charge. This it is a great choice for both first-time users and more advanced users looking to move beyond E-cig minis. With this kit, you get…

  • 2 Batteries
  • 5 Cartomizers
  • 1 USB Charger
  • 1 Instruction Manual
  • 1 Battery Cone
  • 1 Magnetic Kit Box

JacVapour Vgo2 Auto 650 kit rated

If you are looking for something to take you to the next level where E-cigs are concerned, then this kit should definitely be on your list of kits to check out as a beginner!

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REDCIG Ultimate Kit

The REDCIG Ultimate Kit is a fantastic way to enjoy the smoke free journey offered by E-cigs. This kit not only includes everything that you need to get started, but also everything that you could possibly need to greatly expand and enhance your experience. With this kit you will get…

  • 3 Batteries
  • 6 Premium Quality Cartridges (flavours include regular tobacco and light tobacco). This is equal to about 300 traditional cigarettes.
  • 3 USB Chargers
  • 2 UK Mains Chargers
  • 1 Card Case

REDCIG ultimate kit rated

If you are looking for quality and realism, then REDCIG is definitely an option to consider.

Cigees Break Free Super Kit

This super-kit from Cigees offers great value for the money. If you are looking for an alternative to traditional tobacco-filled cigarettes that will give you the same familiar taste and feel, then this kit is definitely one that you should check out. With this kit, you get…

  • 3 Batteries
  • 2 Chargers
  • 12 Refills (In tobacco and menthol flavours… the equivalent of 200 cigarettes)
  • A Carry Pouch and Lanyard
  • A Leather Effect Carrying Case
  • A Mains Charging Adapter
  • A Car Charging Adapter
  • Instructions

Cigees New Break Free Superkit

If you are looking for something that offers a good throat-hit for a price that won’t break your budget, then this kit is a good option to consider!


E-Lites E-Pro 4 Ultimate Kit

This is a solid advanced E-cigarette starter kit that is going to give you value for your money. At first glance, it might seem a bit expensive… but keep in mind that you are getting some advanced accessories with this kit that you wouldn’t normally get with other kits. With this kit, you will get…

  • 2 Batteries (1 red and 1 green)
  • 1 Portable Charging Case (Keep it charged like your cell phone, and then use it to charge your E-cigs on the go!)
  • 1 USB Cable
  • 1 Wall Charger
  • 5 E-Tiips (the equivalent of 200 cigarettes)
  • 1 Beautiful Gift Box

E-Lites E-Pro 4 Ultimate Kit

If you are looking for a kit that will take you one more step towards advanced E-cig usage, then this kit is definitely an option to keep in mind.

GreenSmoke Love Birds Kit

This is a twist on the normal advanced kit because it actually offers you enough accessories and components to supply two E-cig users. Since you get so much with this kit, it is a bit more expensive than some of the others… but you are actually getting a great value for your money simply due to everything that this starter kit gives you. With this kit, you get…

  • 4 Batteries
  • 20 Cartomizers, in assorted
  • 2 USB Chargers
  • 2 USB Cigarettes
  • 2 Wall and Car Adapters
  • 2 Deluxe Carrying Cases

GreenSmoke Love Birds Kit

If you are looking for a kit that will offer everything that two people would need to try E-cigs together, then this is definitely an option that you should think seriously about!

If, you are after the newest e-cig options, then feel free to browse our other pages. I’m confident that you’ll what what you’re looking for.

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