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Electronic Cigars, or ‘E-Cigars’ as they are often called, are basically devices that give you the same experience as a real cigar without the negative health risks or dangers. We all know that tobacco use can increase your risk of many different diseases and conditions, which is why electronic cigarette products have seen so much success as an alternative.

E-Cigars are clean, tobacco-free, and create no smoke or ash. They are free of tar and from many of the other toxins that are found in actual cigar smoke. They basically work by vapourizing a flavoured E-liquid to simulate the ‘tobacco smoke’ experience. This vapour still gives you a throat hit and still delivers nicotine, but it contains only a few basic ingredients and has been deemed much, much safer than actual tobacco smoke.

Quick FAQs About E-cigars

Q: How is an electronic cigar different from a regular electronic cigarette?

A: Usually, E-cigars look more like cigars than their traditional E-cig counterparts. In fact, many of the more widely used and highly respected E-cigars look exactly like analog cigars. But they also tend to taste a bit different. Most E-cigars come with a distinctive tobacco/cigar flavour that isn’t unlike the real thing (except that they emit vapour, not smoke – of course).

Q: Are E-cigars always disposable?

A: No, not necessarily – but many of the E-cigars that we’ve reviewed on our site happen to be. E-cigars tend to be more of a ‘special event’ product sometimes, as people tend to smoke cigars on special occasions and to celebrate – so a lot of E-cigars seem to be designed as disposables so that people can buy them and use them for such occasions without spending a bunch of money.

But there are also some high-quality rechargeable E-cigars as well – so it really depends what you’re looking for.

Q: Are E-cigars less safe than regular E-cigs?

A: Because you actually get more smoke and chemicals from a real cigar than you do from a real cigarette, some people also wonder if the same is true of the electric type. Thankfully, however, you’ll be pleased to learn that this is not the case. E-Cigars contain the same type of E-liquid that all over vaping devices contain – except that it just happens to taste like a cigar instead of something else. In a health-sense, E-cigars are just as safe as any other type of electronic cigarette.

Q: If I used to smoke real cigars, will I like E-cigars?

A: This is a very good question – and the answer is yes in most cases. High quality E-cigars actually taste almost exactly like a real cigar. They don’t have any tobacco in them, and they utilize no open flame – but they tend to look, feel, and taste pretty realistic nonetheless!

Q: Are disposable E-cigars worth the money?

A: Since so many electronic cigars are disposable, a lot of people may wonder if they’re really worth purchasing. The answer, however, probably depends on what’s important to you. Do you want a realistic electronic cigar that will absolutely remind you of the look, taste, and feel of a real cigar? If so, then an E-cigar would probably be an awesome choice for you.

But if you just want a cigar-like taste for less money, then you might find yourself just as happy with a vape-pen and a quality cigar-flavoured liquid.

Q: Does the puff count matter?

A: Most E-cigars come with a puff count that you can use to gauge how long the device will last. But it’s important to understand that this is only an estimate based on how much E-liquid the device comes with and on how long the usual puff is. Obviously, there may be some variation in how long the device actually lasts… but the puff count can be used to give you a general idea.

Q: Why do a lot of E-cigars come with a realistic LED tip?

A: Since a lot of people order E-cigars because they want a realistic alternative to the real thing, E-cigar manufacturers tend to make the electronic versions as realistic as possible.

If you’re looking for a new electronic cigar for your E-cig collection, then you’ve definitely come to the right place. We’ve reviewed many of the most popular E-cig brands on this website, and in this section you’ll find some similar information about E-cigars. Here, we have compiled our list of favorites (best e-cigars) for you to look through. Odds are good that choosing one of these models will definitely result in a safe, flavourful, and satisfying experience!

Apollo E-cigar

Apollo E-cigarThe Apollo E-cigar is a disposable model intended for cigar enthusiasts who no longer want to put themselves at risk with tobacco products. The unit itself is a bit larger than that of a traditional E-cig, which helps it to accommodate the larger 1300mah battery. This product will hold a charge for up to 1500 puffs – which is quite a bit for one battery! The flavour is called ‘cuban cigar’, and anyone who has ever smoked a real cigar will definitely appreciate its full, rich taste.

The nicotine strength that this flavour comes in is 18mg. This product will definitely satisfy nicotine cravings, though it will do so without causing you to inhale tobacco smoke. It produces no tar, utilizes no open flame, and creates no ash.

The realistic design may even make you think that you’re actually holding onto a real cigar! The product actually looks great. People around you might even think that you’re smoking the real thing. If you’re in the market for a new electronic cigar, then you definitely need to put this product from Apollo on your browsing list!

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Click HERE to read our Apollo E-cigar review…

ECIGAR 900 Rechargeable from ePuffer

Rechargeable E-900 E-cigarThe ePuffer ECIGAR 900 is definitely an E-cigar that deserves a spot on this list. It features a high capacity lithium 900mAh rechargeable battery, a special waterproof tobacco-leaf like texture, a high rate discharge with overcharge protection, and more.

A long lifespan of up to 450 recharge cycles makes this E-cigar a long-term investment that’ll last, while a long battery life will ensure that you won’t get stuck out and about without the ability to vape when you need it the most.

Offering a true combination of quality and affordability, this E-cigar should definitely be on your list of products to check out if you’re looking for something realistic and functional to take the place of analog cigars in your daily, monthly, or special-occasions routine!

ECIGAR D500 12-Pack from ePuffer

Epuffer D500 12-PACK E-cigarsThis 12 pack of disposable electronic cigars offers tremendous quality for the cost. They feature a premium Cuban Cigar taste that’ll remind you of the real thing, though they do so without putting any tar, ash, or smoke into your lungs. Each cigar has a lifespan of approximately 500 puffs – which is the equivalent of about 5 or 6 real cigars.

E-cigars are not only less expensive than their analog counterparts, but are also less harmful! Instead of smoke, you’re actually vaping E-liquid infused with nicotine, so you get the same great hit without many of the harmful toxins or chemicals.

If you’re in the market for E-cigar disposables that come charged up and ready to use right out of the box, then this product may definitely be what you’re looking for. Add to that the value of getting 12 E-cigars in one box, and you’ve got yourself a deal that’s almost too good to pass up!

Comparing Top 2 Brands Selling E-cigars in the UK




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Robusto Disposable Electronic Cigar from ePuffer (NEW and ONLY for £14.95)

EPuffer Robusto Electronic Cigar ePuffer has definitely been getting some attention lately – but then again, if you’re going to combine quality products, awesome prices, and a great selection to choose from, that’s hard not to do.

This company has really gone above and beyond, however, with the Robusto. This disposable E-cigar looks and feels like the real thing, while delivering a tobacco-free experience that’ll still taste awesome. It comes pre-charged and ready to use, and will last up to 1200 puffs – which is close to the equivalent of 10 analog cigars! It has a soft-tip mouthpiece, an LED light-up tip, and emits E-liquid vapour instead of smoke. It uses no ash or open flame, and contains no tar – so you’ll never have to worry about inhaling all of the dangerous chemicals associated with tobacco use.

Plus, it still delivers nicotine – so you can still satisfy your cravings and feel like you’re smoking a real cigar at the same time!

If you’re in the market for a realistic E-cigar, then you should definitely check out the Robusto by ePuffer.

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Best4Ecigs Electronic Cigars

Best4Cigs Rechargeable E-cigar kitBest4Ecigs actually offers two different electronic cigar options. On one hand, they offer a fairly standard disposable option. This e-cigar offers about 300 puffs before it runs out of liquid/battery life, and can simply be discarded after use to make for a very convenient vaping experience.

Best4Ecigs also offers a rechargeable E-cigar kit, however – which actually isn’t as common among E-cig retailers. This kit comes with 1 rechargeable 1200mah cigar battery, as well as 3 cartomizers of their most popular tobacco flavour.  If you’re looking to keep costs down and enjoy a full, rich cigar taste without the dangerous tobacco and smoke elements that come with real analog cigars, then this could definitely be an option for you.

Best4Ecigs is a great company with a great reputation – so don’t hesitate to check out their website before you make your next e-cigar purchase. Whether you’re looking for a rechargeable kit or a disposable, you won’t be disappointed.

ROK Stogie E-cigar

ROK Stogie Disposable E-cigarWhether you’re looking for an E-cigar for a special occasion or just because you enjoy their rich, full flavor, you should definitely check out the ROK Stogie E-cigar. This device actually has a lot of style, but its looks aren’t the only impressive thing about it.

It’s packed full of flavor, has a 1.6% nicotine level, and can provide over 1,100 puffs on a single battery charge  which is definitely impressive. It comes fully charged and ready to use, right out of box – so you won’t need to mess with plugging it in before you start it up and start vaping.

One great thing about vaping with E-cigars is that it’s a much safer and cleaner habit than smoking. E-cig vapour is free of smoke, tar, and many of the toxins that you get with tobacco smoke. It also produces no ash and utilizes no open flame.

If you’re thinking about buying a new disposable E-cigar, then you should definitely give ROK a look before deciding on your purchase!

  Nucig E-Cigar Collection

NuCig E-cigarsNucig offers a pretty wide range of different types of E-cigars on their website, including some that are disposable and some that are rechargeable. Having different options like this is nice because it can make it easier to choose the perfect type of kit for you. Some people aren’t looking for a rechargeable kit, while others might be looking to get into electronic cigars on a long-term basis. For the latter type, a rechargeable kit may be the best way to go.

The Nucig collection offers a lot of value for your money with several flavour options, generous amounts of e-liquid, and well-made products that will be sure to give you a ‘realistic’ experience akin to that provided by the real thing – except, of course, without the negative risks and side effects.

Electronic Cigars UK

For those who are looking for a larger disposable, try the ‘Disposable Midi Cigar’. For those looking for something a bit smaller, then the ‘Disposable Slim Cigar’ might be a better option. We hope you have found the best e cigars in the UK!

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