Best E-liquid & E-juice available in the UK

Best E-Liquids, E-juice & Vape Juices in the UK 2018

Best E-liquids UK

Best e liquid UK reviews. Choosing the right E-liquid is very important. Of course, different companies offer different options, flavours, and varieties, so finding a company that offers exactly what you are looking for might be the biggest piece to the puzzle.

E-liquid is also a very personal and individual thing to shop for and often is also referred to as E-juice.

You, for example, may like tobacco flavours while someone else might not. You may love a certain brand, while others are not so crazy about it. In the end, keep in mind that one of the best methods to utilize when shopping for a new e-liquid is just to try different things.

Best vape liquid brands UK

With that being said, here is our list of some of the best e liquid companies on the market. If you are looking for vapour with a smooth, high-quality taste, then you can be sure that you will likely find it among these options!

Please bare in mind that we physically can’t test every brand and their e-liquid out there so only brands / e-liquids that we have personally tested are listed on this page. What we will try to do moving forward is to provide more detailed list of suitable e-juices for a specific hardware too, so do keep checking this page for more updates!

Best E-liquid Brands In the UK of 2018 Comparison

Rank Brand Flavour Choice  Price Per 10ml Website
#1 ApolloEcigs Excellent £2.48 + Best Price Online
#2 Epuffer Great £2.65 + Best Price Online
#3 JacVapour Excellent £2.79 + Best Price Online
#4 Vapour Excellent £2.99 + Best Price Online
#5 Halo Vapour Co Excellent £3.39 + Best Price Online
#6 Vapoursson Great £2.19 + Best Price Online
#7 V2Cigs Good £5.59 + Best Price Online

ApolloECigs E-liquids

ApolloEcigs Brand E-liquidsApollo E-cigs has always been about championing the non-smoking cause – and incidentally, they definitely put their money where their mouth is when it comes to their E-liquids.

Their E-liquid selection is truly extensive. Whether you’re looking for something traditional or exotic, odds are good that you’re going to be able to find it here. They carry flavours like French Vanilla, Green Apple, Mango Peach, Strawberry, Classic Tobacco Menthol, Candy Cain, Cinnamon, and many, many more.

Their E-liquid bottles are available in three different sizes… 5ml, 10ml, and 30ml, and the majority of their flavours come in five different nicotine strengths… 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 24mg. They definitely have something for everyone, regardless of personal taste or preference.

Whether you’re an experienced vaper or a new ex-smoker looking for an alternative, you won’t be disappointed with Apollo E-cig. Their E-liquids are high in quality, taste great, and deliver a throat hit that even the pickiest ex-smoker will appreciate. They also carry a range of quality vaping devices as well – making them a one-stop shop for all of your E-cig needs.

Information! What really stands out from there offer at the moment is their pack of 5 finest your selected flavours. You’re getting as much as 150ml e-juice with this offer and our discount will SAVE you another 10%. See the code under the video review!

For more details about this particular liquid see our Apollo Unstoppable Keemee review.

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ePuffer E-liquids

EPuffer Brand E-liquidsePuffer is a ‘Global company and world leader in electronic cigarette manufacturing industry with Headquarters in United Kingdom, United States and Canada.’

They offer a pretty incredible list of E-liquid options for vapers of all levels and tastes, as well as super-affordable prices on flavours that you may not have ever tried before.

A few of their flavour options include choices like Premium Tobacco, Valerian Natural Relaxant & Sleep Aid, Menthol Cigarettes, Raspberry Mojito Shisha, Strawberry Margarita Shisha, and now are also offering a nice list of MAX Vapour line.

If you’re looking for a new E-liquid flavour and want more for your money than you might typically get, then ePuffer is definitely a company to try out.

For more specific details about this liquid see our EPuffer Midnight Pleasure review.

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JacVapour E-liquids

JACVapour Brand E-liquidsJacVapour is another E-cig company that does a fantastic job on E-liquids. Most of their liquids are actually produced right in the UK.Since they are not imported or obtained from some overseas company, you can be assured that the quality is well above average… and it definitely shows.

JacVapour offers a fairly impressive lineup of flavours, ranging from tobacco, to bubblegum, to real coffee, to menthol. They also have some ‘clear steam’ vapourless e-liquid for those who may be interested in something like that.

Prices on JacVapour are very affordable, and their website also lets you search by base (propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine).  JacVapour doesn’t give you the ability to blend flavours like South Beach Smoke does, but there is a very good chance that they are carrying the type of e-liquid that you like to vape.

For more specific details about JAC Vapour liquids see this review here.

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VapourUK Brand offers some incredible E-liquid choices – including huge variety of specialty and traditional blends. They carry several different brands, including Colonel Boom, General’s Juice, and Mystique, and also carry a range of different price options – ranging from super-affordable to more expensive.

Plus, when you spend at least £20, you get free UK shipping with this company – so you won’t need to worry about calculating exorbitant shipping costs into your order – which is always a nice thing to avoid!

You can also search their E-liquid selection by flavour, by UK-made E-liquids, or by those made in the USA.

If you’re looking for the best vape juice UK item or just need some new flavour options to satisfy your vaping palate, then is probably going to be one of your new favourite stores!

You will find more detailed information about Crazy Cookie e-juice here.

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Halo Vapour Co Vape E-liquids

Halo Vapour Co E-liquidHalo Vapour Co is another great place to shop for E-liquids. We’ve not actually written a separate review about their e-liquids yet but we have tried their American RED UK E-liquid, as well as their Black Jack Twist flavour, and we absolutely loved them!

The UK supplier where we found these liquids is the E CigaretteDIRECT. If you haven’t already tried any of Halo Vapour Co flavours then you really should! We’re confident that you are going to love them. You can choose from 22 different flavour combinations and one 10ml bottle will cost you £3.99. Plus, similar as with some of the other UK company’s we recommend, you’ll get your order shipped for free if you spend over £20 on ECD website.

If you’re in the market for a new E-liquid and want to know exactly what kind of base and flavour you’re getting in it, then Halo Vapour Co manufactured products will not disappoint.

Give them a try and let us know what you think, the more feedback we get the better.

Vapoursson E-liquids

Vapoursson Brand E-liquidsAs a relative newcomer to our best E-liquids page, Vapoursson is a brand that we have just recently tried for the first time – and loved.

We bought the Fruity-Mix 5 Pack for just £12.95, which came with Strawberry, Blueberry, Cherry, Watermelon, and Sweet Red Apple flavours. These liquids offered a blend of PG/VG in amounts that gave us an incredibly smooth hit with plenty of vapour. Plus, they’re super-affordable when you buy them in the 5-packs!

The best place that we’ve found to buy them is on They’re UK made, so you can be sure that you’re getting the very best quality ingredients. Plus, they offer plenty of flavours and flavour sets to pick from. If you’re looking for a variety of E-liquids at an awesome, cost-effective price, then you should probably consider placing an order for some Vapoursson E-liquids sometime in the coming future!

V2 Cigs E-liquids

V2Cigs Brand E-liquidsV2Cigs has a very positive reputation when it comes to E-liquids, and for good reason. They carry out extensive E-liquid testing on all of their flavours, and even publish their ingredient lists online for customers to look over. In addition to this, each bottle comes with a childproof lid equipped on the inside with a built-in, easy-to-use dropper that makes refilling cartridges or clearomizers a breeze.

They carry over a dozen different flavour options in five different nicotine strengths. Regardless of your tastes or preferences, you’re bound to find something to suit you at V2 Cigs.

The company is based in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire and say that they are ‘committed to getting your ECig orders to you quickly and giving excellent customer service and support.’ They’re also going through a re-branding process at the moment, so don’t be too surprised if you go to their website and find that their name has changed. They will still be selling the same great products and E-liquids, so don’t hesitate to check them out if you find yourself in the market for some new flavours.

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Best E-liquid Subscription Service

Vape-Mail Subscription Service

VapeMail E-liquid subscription serviceIf you don’t skip a day of vaping,  it makes sense to invest in a subscription package. If you’re regularly running out to stock up on supplies, why not make it easier and get hand-picked selections delivered to you? VapeMail offers a four-tiered subscription service that’s very well customized for a variety of customers.

Ranging from £9.99 to £49.99, the value of each package is tailored to the individual’s ordering needs. Not only does this subscription package offer a wide range of price points, it includes a massive variety of flavours as well. Whether you spring for the Silver Package, the Platinum XL or anywhere in between, you’ll be receiving at least two flavours each month, with the additional perks of free delivery and scaling discounts for orders elsewhere on the site.

This is a simple and customizable way to curate your E-Liquid collection with a reputable distributor.

Best Priced / Cheap E-liquid Bundles

Apollo Pack of 10x 10ml E-liquid Bottles

Cheap bulk e-liquids by ApolloWhether you’ve transitioned from smoking tobacco cigarettes or if you’ve always been vaping, you know that investing in the lifestyle can get expensive quickly. Looking out for deals and bargains is important, and there are certain companies running specials on their top products. Buying in bulk is a great way to stock up and save money.

Apollo Fine Electronic Vaping offers discount packs of their most popular E-Liquid flavours, accompanied by free delivery to sweeten the deal. When you order, you’ll select your strength and flavour, creating an enviable flavour combination.

Apollo is known for their variety of juices that run the gamut between fruity and fun to satisfying and smoky. Value and quality come together with discount pack stocked with exotic and enticing flavours. There’s no better way to save than stocking up in bulk, and a 10-pack for under £45 is a solid deal.

V2 Platinium Pack of 6 x 10ml E-juice Bottles

V2 Platinum E-liquid bundleAnother company making waves in the UK vaping market is V2 Vaping, and they are offering a variety of starter packs at a discounted price. You can choose between the Tobacco & Menthol E Liquid Sampler Pack or the Sweet & Fruity E Liquid Sampler Pack, depending on your personal

preference. The Tobacco & Menthol kit includes Red Tobacco, Peppermint, Green Tea Menthol V2 Menthol, Sahara Tobacco  and Congress Tobacco Flavors. The Sweet & Fruity sampler offers up Grape, Cherry, Chocolate, Vanilla, Coffee and Cola for those with a sweet tooth. The entire collection is currently discounted at £28.94 for the six-flavor sampler.

Also, you’ll find on site that customer reviews speak highly of the brand. Like other starter packs, you can select your nicotine strength. It is a cheap option to sample a variety of either traditional flavours or tastes that pack a tropical punch. The two starter kits encompass all of the flavors offered by V2 Vaping.

Picnic E-Liquids

Picnic E-Liquid by Jac VapourJAC Vapour have been creating some of the most innovative flavours around when it comes to e-liquids. They’ve been doing this for a while, so it is no surprise that they have once again let everyone know that they are at the forefront of the game with their Picnic Easy Mix DIY E-Liquid.

All you have to do is choose your base flavour, add the extra flavour concentrate to it and shake. That’s it, then you have the exact flavour you want as easy as that. With a cheap as chips price of £12.99 for 50ml you won’t ever have to worry about paying out a fortune for your flavour concoction of choice again.

It’s not just the flavours that the Picnic range offers though, they also have four different PG/VG ratios as well as five different nicotine strengths. All together this adds up to over three hundred different combinations of e-liquid you can create!

Best Vapourless E-liquids

Tobacco Lite Flavour from Jac Vapour

One of the advantages of choosing vapourless e-liquid is keeping closed spaces like cars free of vapour once and for all. If you’re looking for a juice that closely mimics the throat and taste of traditional tobacco cigarettes, Jac Vapours offers Clear Steam Clear Tobacco Lite. Because the flavor is derived from the tobacco plant, the e-cig experience is comparable to that of real tobacco cigarettes, yet lighter.

The experience also is similar regarding the throat hit, an important quality when it comes to selecting the right E-liquid for you. This formula is ideal if you’re concerned about smoking in public places, when vaping is a more preferable option for you and those around you.

For those searching a vaping experience most closely associated with smoking, this is a recommended choice, at £4.99, a good price for a quality vapourless e-Liquid brand in the UK.

Relax With Pure Menthol

Everyone has different reasons they invest in E-cigs and E-juice, and relaxation is high on the list. The smooth, cool flavor of Jac Vapour Clear Steam Pure Menthol is a great option when it comes to selecting a vapourless e-Liquid. The strong flavour is comprised of simple ingredients for an enjoyable experience.

Made and tested in the UK to assure the highest quality, Jac Vapour are consistently proven to be a sought-after product in the vaping community. 10 ml of Pure Menthol costs £4.99. Having a supply of Pure Menthol is a simple and standard way to round out your collection. It’s a flavour ideal for everyday use.

It is available in 3 nicotine strengths, with a high of 18mg. If you are accustomed to smoking menthol cigarettes, this flavour is reminiscent, save for the addition of tobacco.

Best Tobacco E-liquids

Despite the fact that E-liquids come in many different flavours, many ex-smokers, pipe-users, and cigar connoisseurs still appreciate the natural taste of tobacco. For this reason, there are a lot of E-liquids nowadays that are created to mimic the real thing – and in this section, we’re going to discuss a few of our favourites.

Tobacco flavoured E-liquid comes in many different types and varieties. Some of them are designed with the full boldness of American tobacco, while others were tailored for a smoother taste – or even to deliver a more exotic flavour. Some were created to emulate the taste of pipe tobacco, while others were designed to mimic the flavour and texture of a cigar.

And of course, there are also menthol tobacco options for those who like the familiar minty ‘kick’ associated with them.

At any rate, here are some of our favourite tobacco E-liquid flavours available in the UK. If you’re looking for an authentic tobacco E-juice and want something realistic and satisfying, then these are all going to be worthwhile options to consider.

Cosmic Fog Chill’d Tobacco E-liquid

Cosmic Fog CHILL'D TOBACCOThis liquid is on our ‘best of’ page because it is easily one of our new favourite tobacco-flavoured liquids. It struck us as very unique, which we like. It’s complicated, but also refreshing. It has the classic taste of tobacco, but also a bit of a mint chill to cool it down, which gives it an almost menthol-like feel, but with more clearly-defined blends of flavour than you would ever find with a real cigarette.

The vape is mild and mellow, and there are even slight nuances of chocolate in it – making it one of the most ‘different’ tobacco blends that we have ever tried! It’s also TPD compliant, comes in a childproof bottle, contains no Diacetyl or AP, is made in the USA, and boasts a blend of 30% PG, 70% VG. If you like minty E-liquids but also want a nice tobacco taste, then you are definitely going to like this one!

Premium Tobacco ELiquid from ePuffer

Premium Tobacco 10ml E-liquidEPuffer is one of our favourite E-cig and E-liquid websites – and their Premium Tobacco ELiquid flavour is certainly an E-juice that deserves to be included in this list. Designed to emulate a blend of golden Virginia leaves with prime leaves of Turkish tobacco, this is definitely an option that you should try if you like traditional tobacco flavours without frills or needless extras. Epuffer’s e-juices are also gluten free, vegan, alcohol free, kosher, and made from non-allergenic material. This blend in-particular is a 70% PG and 30% VG blend, so you can expect both satisfying clouds and a quality throat hit, along with a clear, distinct flavour.

This E-juice is lab tested, and shown to be diacetyl and acetyl propionyl free. It’s also affordable, costing just £4.95 for a 10ml bottle, and pack of 3 you can buy for £12.95.

If you’re looking for a quality tobacco blend that’s both cost-effective and realistic, then the Premium Tobacco ELiquid flavour from ePuffer is definitely a blend to take a look at.

Tobacco, from Jac Vapour

JAC Vapour Tobacco E-liquidWe’ve always loved Jac Vapour’s flavours – and we certainly haven’t been disappointed by this rather simple, yet elegant take on a classic tobacco flavour in E-liquid form. This blend is said to be an awesome option to break the ice with if you’re an ex-smoker looking for a realistic tobacco taste. It has a slight sweetness to it, and isn’t as harsh as some E-liquids in the ‘realistic’ category.

If you’re new to vaping or looking for a simple, generic tobacco flavour, then this is certainly a juice that you should consider taking a look at.

It’s made from an 80% PG, 20% VG blend, costs only £3.99 for a 10ml bottle, and comes in various different nicotine strengths… including 0mg, 6mg, 11mg, 18mg, and 24mg. It has received rave reviews from customers consistently for over 4 years now, and has never once ceased to bring a quality, satisfactory, and realistic tobacco blend to Jac Vapour’s impressive lineup of liquids.

Best Fruity E-Juices

Fruity E-liquids might just be the single greatest thing to ever happen to vaping culture. While the vast majority of E-cig enthusiasts are ex-smokers who switched over to E-cigs from cigarettes, most of them aren’t necessarily keen on the taste of tobacco itself. Fruity E-liquids, however, give you the ability to satiate your nicotine cravings with delicious sweet and sour blends instead of tobacco flavours, which is actually pretty cool.

If you’re thinking about quitting smoking and don’t really care much for the taste or flavour of cigarettes, then fruity blends might be a perfect option for you. They come in a huge variety of blends, combinations, and types, and offer such a wide and diverse range of options that you can be sure that you’ll be able to find one to suit your tastes – albeit with a little bit of experimentation!

With that being said, here are some of our favourite fruity blends available in the UK. If you’re looking for a fruity-type flavour and don’t want to waste time on lesser E-liquids, then we would enthusiastically (and confidently) recommend any of these options.

Banana Milkshake, from Jac Vapour

Banana Milkshake E-liquidIf you love bananas and ice-cream, then you will probably love this flavour. According to the official website, it’s a ‘sweet and creamy banana milkshake flavour’ that tastes just like the real thing – and to be honest, we would have to agree and say that this sentiment is spot-on.

This is an admittedly strong-tasting flavour, so it might not be a blend that you would want in your tank as an all-day vape. But it’s one of Jac Vapour’s best-selling flavours, especially among those who remember what it’s like to drink Banana Nesquik – as it’s very similar to that.

Banana Milkshake is an 80% PG, 20% VG blend that’s made in the UK, in labs near London. It comes in nicotine strengths of 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 24 mg, and costs just £2.99 for a 10ml bottle

Element E-Liquid Traditional GREEN APPLE

Element Green Apple E-LiquidAvailable for sale on, this crisp green-apple E-liquid packs the flavour of a granny-smith into an e-juice that you’re sure to love (At least… you will if you love the taste of green apple in-general, anyway!). It comes in a 50/50 PG/VG blend, so you can expect ample clouds and a crisp, clear taste. You can also expect a decent throat hit, but with a smoothness that only VG blends can offer – which is actually a really good touch on a flavour like this.

You can buy a 10ml bottle of this blend for £5.99 on the official website, and can choose from 4 different nicotine strengths… 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg. You can also rest assured that it’s made from quality ingredients, and that it’s been produced in the USA. The bottle also comes with a child-proof cap and a handy pipette dripper.

If you typically like the taste of green apple and wouldn’t mind vaping it, then this is certainly a blend that you should take a look at.

Apollo Mango Peach E-Liquid

Mango Peach E-liquid by ApolloApollo is another company whose E-liquids we’ve come to love, especially recently – and their Mango Peach E-juice is an awesome addition to any vaper’s collection if they tend to like fruity flavours that are sweet and savory. This flavour is described as ‘a fresh splash of juicy mangy and peach slices’, and certainly lives up to the claim!

You can buy a 10ml bottle of this E-liquid for just £4.95 – but don’t forget that Apollo also offers free shipping on all UK orders totaling over £30! It comes in 5 different nicotine strengths, including… 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 24mg. Plus, as a 50/50 PG/VG blend, you can expect an excellent blend of sweet and crispness to the flavour, as well as a smooth draw with a satisfying throat hit.

If you like fruity flavours and tend to like either peach or mango, then we would certainly recommend that you give this awesome blend a try!

Learn about Sub Ohm Vaping

Sub ohm vaping has been taking the E-cig world by storm – and for the most part, this isn’t unexpected. Sub ohm vaping offers a more extreme vaping experience, but it also takes electronic cigarettes beyond the realm of ‘smoking alternatives’ to really set the habit apart as its own entity. With sub-ohm vaping (which is different from traditional vaping in that the atomizer has a lower resistance than 1.0ohm), you get bigger clouds and a smoother vape.

It’s also characterized by powerful vapourizers and max VG E-liquid, as this is the type of E-liquid that most sub-ohm vapers use.

If you’re getting into sub ohm vaping and need some awesome new VG E-liquid choices, then here are some options that you should definitely consider trying out at some point in the future.

Cosmic Fog Sonrise

Cosmic Fog SONRISE 10mlThis E-liquid, which is available on, combines the pineapple and kiwi fruit, as well as it’s loaded with a load of exotic passion fruit flavour.

It’s available in 10 and 30ml bottles (both of which come with pipette drippers), and is equipped with a child proof cap to keep the contents safe and secure from pets and children. It’s made in the USA, and contains a 70/30 blend of VG and PG bases, which makes it a perfect choice for vapers who are just getting started down the road to sub-ohm vaping!

These decadent and delightful dessert flavours go perfect with a cup of coffee, but are also an amazing standalone for when you just want to vape on something sweet and tasty!

If you’re in the market for a new dessert-style sub ohm vape, then this 70/30 blend would certainly suit you well!

Best Max VG E-liquid

Beard Vape Co No.71: Sweet And Sour Sugar Peach

Beard Vape Co No.71If you’re looking for a flavour that tastes a bit like gummy candy, and want another Max VG blend for your sub ohm or larger vaping device, then this might be an awesome flavour to check out. You can buy a 10ml bottle of this liquid from for £5.99. It’s a 15/85 blend of PG and VG that will give you some awesome clouds and an excellent flavour, but it also comes with a childproof cap, for safety and security.

The recipe is a US-born recipe, but it’s actually produced right here in the UK – which means that you can expect it to be made from the highest-quality ingredients and components. Plus, both the liquid and the bottle are TPD compliant!

If you want a sweet, candy-like flavour for your vaping setup and don’t want to buy something that’s not made from premium quality ingredients, then No. 71 from Beard Vape Co might be the perfect choice for you!

Beard Vape Co. No. 51 Vanilla Custard Cream

Beard Vape Co. No. 51We love Beard Vape Co., and were super excited when we got to try their No. 51 flavour, Vanilla Custard Cream. And just as we expected – it was amazing! This Max VG E-liquid is blended at 15% PG, 85% VG… so you can expect thick clouds and a sweet, luscious flavour.

But there is also more to this liquid than taste. It comes in a 10ml bottle for just £5.99, making the price pretty awesome for a high-quality, premium-grade UK E-liquid. It’s also TPD compliant, and features a child-proof cap – making it safer to keep in the house.

The primary flavours in this liquid are Custard, Vanilla, and Cream… so if you like sweet-tasting liquids, this one is going to blow your mind. It also comes in 0mg and 6mg strengths – so you can tell right away that it was designed for big clouds. If you’re looking for an awesome, sweet-tasting E-liquid and want a new flavour that you can count on, then Beard Vape Co. may have you covered with their No. 51 flavour

Apollo Bulk Max VG E-Liquids – 5 Pack

Apollo Bulk MAX VG E-LiquidsIf you’re looking to find a Max VG 5-pack that will more than beat the normal price, then this offering from Apollo will be sure to suit your needs. All of the flavours offered are Max VG, and come only in 3mg nicotine strength – which makes them perfect for larger box mods and sub-ohm vaping devices. All of the bottles come in 10ml sizes, and the price is just £10.00 for all five – which is awesome!

There is a pretty long list of brands and flavour options to choose from, ranging from Firefly, to SNCK, to O’ So Good, to Zour… and more. Altogether, there are a couple dozen flavour options to choose from – so you’ll be sure to be able to find a variety of flavours to suit your tastes.

If you’re looking for some more affordable, premium quality E-juices, then this pack, offered by Apollo, may certainly have you covered!

About 100% VG Vape liquids

VG E-liquids are a bit different from normal PG liquids in that they’re made from Vegetable Glycerin instead of Propylene Glycol. While 100% VG E-liquids aren’t quite as common, they do have a number of advantages that make them an awesome choice for many vapers. For one, they’re perfect for people who are allergic to PG E-liquids. Secondly, they usually produce a smoother throat hit – which is perfect for people who are looking to get away from the ‘harsh’ feeling of the nicotine hitting the back of the throat.

Third, VG E-liquids are thicker – meaning that they’re less likely to make a mess when used in a leaky tank! They’re also known for producing bigger clouds than PG E-liquids – which is awesome if you’re into cloud chasing.

Here are some of our favourite 100% VG E-liquids. If you’re thinking about making the switch to something 100% VG, then these are definitely going to be choices that you’ll want to consider!

Best 100% VG E-juice & E-liquid Range

Von Vape Elite Drip Noble E-liquid

Von Vape Elite Drip Noble

This VG E-liquid packs the refreshing tastes of strawberry and lemon into a perfectly-balanced vape that’ll definitely suit your tastes if you’re looking for something exotic and fruity. It comes in a 10ml bottle, is made from 100% Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, is made in the USA, and is a 100% VG E-liquid blend.

Plus, it’s available on for only £4.99.

If you’re looking for an awesome VG blend, but aren’t interested in boring tobacco or menthol flavors – then you should certainly consider giving Von Vape Elite Drip noble a shot!

Last updated: 02.01.2018

Everything You Need to Learn About E-liquid Ingredients and Safety

E-liquid Ingredients – What’s in the Mix

Most E-liquids contain the same basic types of ingredients. They contain nicotine, Propylene Glycol and/or Vegetable Glycerin, flavorings, and distilled water. But this is just a basic rundown – and in order to understand E-liquid safety completely, it’s important to know the ins and outs of all of the different parts.

Do you really know what’s in your E-liquid? And do you really know how it can affect your health and safety?

These are important questions to ask yourself – and we’re going to explore them (and others) in a bit more detail. Part of promoting E-liquids and E-cigs as safer alternatives is the responsibility of knowing exactly what’s in them and what the risks are. Thankfully, both are much safer alternatives to traditional cigarettes and tobacco smoke – but there are still some things that you should know about them before you use them.

What to Know About Nicotine

The MediLexicon’s medical dictionary defines nicotine as follows…

A poisonous volatile alkaloid derived from tobacco (Nicotiana spp.) and responsible for many of the effects of tobacco; it first stimulates (small doses), then depresses (large doses) at autonomic ganglia and myoneural junctions. Its principal urinary metabolite is cotinine.”

General Information

The name ‘nicotine’ actually comes from the name of a French ambassador who was known by the name of Jean Nicot de Villemain. He sent tobacco back to Paris from Brazil back in the 1500s, touting its medical benefits and with a message to the queen saying that it would relieve her of the symptoms of her migraine headaches.

Information! When mammals (including humans) consume nicotine, it has several pharmacologic effects. It increases the heart rate, the heart oxygen consumption rate, and even the heart stroke volume. But nicotine is probably most well-known for its Psychodynamic effects – which include euphoria, relaxation, and increased alertness.

In larger doses, nicotine is toxic – but in the trace amounts found in cigarettes and E-liquid, it merely acts as a stimulant – albeit, a very addicting one.

In fact, according to an article that was published in the New York Times on the subject (you can view the article here:, Heroin is even easier to give up than smoking. To take this even further, studies have shown that, in equal amounts, nicotine’s ability to produce a euphoric effect in the brain was rated at 5 to 10 times more potent than that of cocaine! Of course, smokers and vapers only get small amounts of the chemical, but still – the addictive qualities are difficult to overcome.

TPD Regulations for E-liquids in the UK

Most of the TPD regulations for E-liquid really only specify E-liquid that actually contains nicotine. First of all, refill containers may not exceed 10ml in size. Also, disposable or single-use containers, tanks, or cartridges may not exceed 2ml in size.

There is also a list of ingredients that nicotine-containing E-liquid cannot have included in it. This list can be found in ‘Regulation 16’ of the TPD, article 20. It must also be manufactured using only ingredients of ‘high purity’, must not contain substances other than the ingredients that are noted within regulation 31 of the TPD, and must not include any ingredients (other than nicotine) that could pose a risk to human health in a heated form.

You can read all of the TPD regulations for E-liquid on this page:

E-liquids will also be banned in nicotine strengths greater than 20mg/ml.

Suggested Nicotine Strength for Use

As a general rule, it is always better to vape a zero-nicotine E-liquid if possible, as this will help to keep you from becoming addicted to nicotine if you’re not already addicted to it. If you’re an ex-smoker who is already ‘hooked’ onnicotine, however, here are some general guidelines to follow…

Zero nicotine: Use this strength if you’ve already weaned yourself off of nicotine.

  • 6mg/ml: This is a very light level of the chemical. Use this strength if you’re sub-ohm vaping or stepping down in an attempt to wean yourself off of nicotine using E-cigs.
  • 12mg/ml: This is a semi-light level, and is about the same amount you would get from casually smoking light cigarettes.
  • 18mg/ml: This strength is about the same as most regular smokers will be used to.
  • 24mg/ml: If you used to be a heavy smoker or smoke about a pack per day, then this is probably the level of nicotine that you’re used to.
  • 36mg/ml: This is a pretty high concentration, and is usually only used by vapers who aren’t satisfied with anything less.

Effects of Propylene Glycol

Propylene Glycol is one of the two most common E-liquid bases, and is probably the more commonly used of the two. Propylene Glycol is most well-known for providing a bigger throat hit, similar to that offered by cigarettes – unlike its VG counterpart, which is known for providing a smoother hit. PG liquids are also known for producing more vivid flavors, because PG is mostly tasteless and doesn’t ‘muddy’ the taste of the flavors with a flavor of its own.

Propylene Glycol is basically a synthetic liquid substance. It is used to make several different polyester compounds, and is utilized consistently by the chemical, food, and pharmaceutical industries. The FDA recognizes PG as an ‘additive’ that is ‘generally recognized as safe’ for use in food. PG breaks down at the same rate as ethylene glycol, though it’s not as dangerous because it doesn’t produce the same harmful types of crystals when it does.

Since it is recognized as ‘safe’, it is legally acceptable to use in drugs, cosmetics, flavorings, and as a food additive. Some people have allergies to Propylene Glycol – which is one of the reasons for why VG is often used in its stead. If you have an allergy to PG, the most likely side effects will be burning, redness, stinging, or irritation.

Effects of Vegetable Glycerin

Vegetable Glycerin, which is also called vegetable glycerol, is probably most well-known for being a food additive in baked goods. It’s used in cereals, processed fruits, fudge, candy, meat, pasta, and other similar types of products. The FDA classifies Vegetable Glycerin as ‘Generally Safe’, but that doesn’t mean that it’s completely without side effects. Still, in small amounts (such as those found in E-cigs), you are extremely unlikely to encounter any kind of negative side effect.

But in larger amounts, VG can cause a laxative-like effect. Glycerin suppositories are actually made to help relieve constipation due to this effect. Other possible side effects that can pop up when you ingest large amounts of VG can include headaches, nausea, and vomiting.

VG is generally made from either palm oil or coconut oil – so if you have allergies to either of these types of plants, you might want to stay away from it. If an allergic reaction does happen, it can include symptoms such as swelling, rashes, itching, difficulty breathing, and anaphylaxis.

Vape Oil Ingredients

Technically, ‘vape oil’ is a bit different than E-liquid. E-liquid is a liquid that’s made of a base, nicotine, flavorings, and distilled water. Vape oil, also known as a ‘concentrate’, is a different type of vaping medium that requires as special ‘concentrate’ or ‘vape oil’ pen or vapourizer to use. Usually, vape oil is simply the extracted, pure oil (or blend of oils) from one or more different plants.

This practice is most commonly associated with the use of cannabis, but it can also be utilized to vape the oils of other plants as well.

Vaping the oils pretty much just involves heating them up and inhaling the fumes from them. Most experts agree that vapourizing cannabis oil is much safer than smoking it. In fact, in one article published on, the website does a pretty good job of explaining the process of vapourizing cannabis oil and how much safer it is to vape it. You can view the article here:

Information! Of course, cannabis is against the law in many locations – but in places where it’s legal (like some states in the US), vaping cannabis oil could be a safer alternative to burning the plant and inhaling the smoke.


Flavoring is a bit of an interesting subject when it comes to vaping – mostly because the flavors themselves aren’t usually specifically listed on ingredient labels. With that being said, many people wonder what is actually being put into the E-liquid to flavor it.

The simple answer is that the flavorings used in E-liquid are often the same types of flavorings that are used to flavor food. Therefore, they’re usually ‘Recognized as Safe’ by the FDA for consumption. But the FDA really only approves these flavors for use in food, which is ingested – so is inhaling them different?

In some cases, yes – though so far there has been no definitive evidence pointing toward any real danger. With that being said, there have been a few different flavors that have been shown to be dangerous over long-term use – and some of these flavors used to show up in E-liquids from time to time (though most companies now don’t use them).

For best results, find E-liquids that are guarantee to be free of Acetoin, Acetyl Propionyl, and Diacetyl. These are some of the flavorings that ended up not being as safe as initially thought – and a lot of companies have now removed all traces of them from their formulas.

Obviously, some more studies need to be done to show exactly how safe or dangerous some types of flavorings are – but for the most part, at this point, E-cigs are still considered to be much safer than cigarettes – so if you’re vaping to get off of cigarettes, you’re still taking large strides to improve your future health and wellness.

What’s the Deal With Toxic & Poison Labels?

Most e-liquids come with toxic/poison labels on them because, as a whole, they contain a toxic amount of nicotine. If you’re vaping it in the recommended amounts, E-liquid only exposes you to small bit of nicotine – enough to produce the desired effects and satiate cravings. But if you were to accidentally ingest even a small amount of the actual liquid, it could be toxic and very dangerous.

For this reason, always keep your E-liquid stored in a safe place – out of reach of pets and children, and avoid spilling it or getting it on your hands or skin (as nicotine can also be absorbed through the skin).


E-liquids are generally considered safe for vaping purposes – but they’re not all created equal, and they still pose some dangers! With that being said, it’s very important to stay on top of the game by checking ingredient lists and making sure that your E-liquid is being manufactured with high-quality components and free of any dangerous additives.

It’s also very important that you keep your E-liquid out of the reach of children and pets, so that they don’t accidentally ingest any of it or get it on their skin. Only buy E-liquids that come in child-proof containers, and always make it a point to know exactly what you’re vaping – just to avoid accidentally vaping something that could unintentionally cause you some type of harm or allergic reaction.

E-liquid FAQ

Q: What is E-liquid?

A: Electronic cigarettes basically work by atomizing ‘E-liquid’ instead of burning tobacco. E-liquid is a liquid that contains a base (usually propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin), flavouring, and often nicotine. It usually comes in a bottle, though it can also come pre-loaded in cartridges.

E-liquid is essential for E-cigs. They need it to operate, because it is what provides the fuel for the vapour produced by the device.

Q: What are E-liquid bases?
A: The base make up the largest part of the E-liquid. Most of the liquid that you see in the bottle is made up of either propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin. These two substances are what carry the nicotine and/or flavourings into the air after they’re atomized. These are very similar to the substances used in asthma inhalers. The technology is actually quite similar.
Q: Does E-liquid smell or stain?
A: Some E-liquids can stain, depending on what is used to make them. Some of them are actually clear, so staining isn’t an issue in such cases. E-liquids usually do smell – mostly because of the flavourings used in them. Most of the time, the smell is very pleasant – and will correspond to the flavour of the E-liquid. So cherry flavoured E-liquid will tend to smell like cherries, etc.
Q: How do you use E-liquid?
A: By itself, E-liquid isn’t very useful. You need an electronic cigarette to really make use of it. When you use E-liquid in an E-cig, the atomizer vapourizes it… allowing you to inhale it to absorb the nicotine and taste the flavours. Without E-liquid, E-cigs don’t work.
Q: Is there any difference between E-juice and E-liquid?
A: There are a few different types of mediums that E-cigs can use. Some vapourizers are made specifically to vape dry herbs, and others are made for wax. But for the most part, people use the terms ‘E-juice’ and ‘E-liquid’ interchangeably. Both of them mean the same thing.
Q: What is the maximum legal e-liquid nicotine strength in the UK?
A: According to the new ‘TPD’ laws coming into effect in Europe, the new maximum amount of nicotine that will be allowed to be sold in E-liquid will be 20mg per ml. That’s a bit lower than the maximum that’s usually offered by E-cig companies – but honestly, it’s a pretty fair amount – and a lot of people don’t even usually vape nicotine strengths quite that strong.
Q: Are 30ml E-liquid bottles still legal in the UK?
A: YES (at least, until May 20th, 2017). According to the new laws, E-liquid refills in bottle-form cannot exceed 10ml as of May 20th 2016 but vendors will have another year to sell their stock.. This is unfortunate in the sense that many vapers used to buy in bulk to save money – but it’s good in the sense that it will help to regulate the sale of E-liquid refills by the bottle. The main focus of this law seems to be to help protect people from exposure to large amounts of nicotine – though it’s unclear, at the moment, whether the law will really make an impact in this sense.
Q: What are PG and VG E-liquids?

A: PG stands for propylene glycol, and VG stands for vegetable glycerin. These are the two most popular types of E-liquid bases – so E-liquids so-named are generally called what they are called based on what base they’re made from. So an E-liquid made from 100% PG would be called a PG E-liquid, and so on.

Most E-liquids are made from a blend. So, an 80/20 PG/VG blend, for example, would be an E-liquid that is made up of 80% PG base and 20% VG base.

Q: What is a 100% PG E-liquid?
A: A liquid that’s 100% PG or VG is an E-liquid that contains only one base – not a blend of both. A 100% PG base will tend to have a bigger throat hit, will produce less vapour, and will usually have a less-smooth taste than a VG E-liquid. VG E-liquids are far more common in sub-ohm vaping, are thicker, have a smoother taste and throat hit, and produce far more vapour. A lot of sub ohm vapers will either use 100% VG E-liquid, or a blend that heavily favours it.
Q: Can you make your own E-liquid?
A: Yes, though maybe not in the sense that most people think. Making e-liquids at home doesn’t require a chemistry set or a lab – but you do need to purchase the right supplies. To make your own E-liquids, you need to purchase bulk amounts of the bases you plan to use, a pharmaceutical-grade nicotine solution, and flavours. Using these pre-packaged components and an E-liquid calculator, you can then mix your own e-liquids – and may end up with pretty awesome results! See our guide how to do this here.
Q: What are the most common E-liquid flavours?

A: There are almost as many e-liquid flavours as there are people who vape. Plus, there are so many different brands and different takes on similar flavours – leaving you with an almost unlimited number of options.

The most common E-liquid flavours, however, tend to be those that taste like tobacco – because a lot of people actually use E-cigs as an alternative to traditional tobacco products. For this reason, some companies only offer tobacco and menthol flavours, not specialty flavours. This is why tobacco flavouring is probably the most common – despite the fact that people actually buy and vape a huge variety of different E-liquid flavours.

Q: What does steeping mean?
A: Steeping is a process in which you let your E-liquid sit for a period of time before using it. Steeping can make E-liquids taste better, because it gives the ingredients more time to oxidize and mix together. A lot of people will let their liquids sit for anywhere from three days to three weeks. Whenever you steep E-liquids, however, it’s important to give the bottles a good shake every now and then – as this will help to keep the ingredients from settling at different levels, which will reduce the benefits gained from the steeping process.
Q: How should you judge/rate E-liquids?

A: Finding an awesome E-liquid depends on several factors.

First of all, you definitely need to find an E-liquid that’s made from pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, as these will tend to be the most pure. Second. You need to find E-liquids that were made by a reputable company – preferably one located in the UK or the US. Thirdly, you need to find E-liquids that taste good, provide a good throat hit, and create plenty of vapour.

These are probably the most important things to consider when judging or examining the best e liquid brand UK possibilities.

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