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Electronic pipes are a bit different from other standard E-cigs and Egos, though they function very similarly. While pipes might not be quite as popular as cigarettes, there are still people out there who enjoy them – so it only makes sense that electronic pipes would become available as E-cig technology becomes more widely used. Read the best vape pipe UK reviews.

Electronic pipes, or ‘E-Pipes’ as they are sometimes called, are very much like electronic cigarettes in almost every category. They’re a little bit tougher to find, since not every company carries them – but there are several good ones on the market, and we’re going to talk about a few of them here.

Of course, when shopping for E-pipes you want to look for a few different things. You want long battery life, a lot of flavour options, and a fair price. You should also try to find a model that has garnered some positive reviews for itself – as this will tell you a lot about the product’s reputation.


Q: What is an E-pipe?
A: An E-pipe is technically an ‘electronic pipe’. It’s designed (and functions) similarly as an E-cig, except that it looks and feels more like a pipe instead of a cigarette. These types of products range from realistic to modern – but they’re basically made to imitate the experience of smoking a tobacco pipe. They use no tobacco, however, so there is actually no smoke. Instead, they vapourize E-liquid to carry the flavouring and the nicotine into the mouth and lungs.
Q: How do you use an E-pipe?

A: Using an E-pipe is pretty similar to using an E-cig. There are basically two different types. There are ‘manual’ pipes, and ‘automatic’ pipes. The manual pipes have a firing button that you press to activate the battery. In other words, you would press the button, hold it down for a few seconds, and inhale the vapour. An automatic battery activates automatically when you draw on the pipe itself.

Both experiences are quite similar to what you experience when you smoke a real pipe – though, once again, there’s no tobacco, open flame, or smoke involved.

Q: Are E-pipes safe?

A: In short, the correct answer would be to say that E-pipes are safer than cigarettes or real pipes. As far as the health concerns go, it’s been shown in a recent independent review that electronic cigarettes are up to 95% less harmful than cigarettes. It’s also been shown that they might have the potential to help smokers quit.

As far as the electronics and functional dangers go, E-pipes contain a battery – so they’re about as safe as a cell phone, in that respect.

Q: What are the best E-liquids for E-pipes?

A: This depends on your own personal tastes and preferences, though there are a few guidelines that you might want to follow. Making sure that your E-liquids are UK or US made, making sure that they’re made from pharmaceutical-grade materials, and making sure that they’ve got good customer reviews are all important.

Q: Where can I get E-juice for my E-pipe?
A: Most pipes will allow you to vape just about any type of E-liquid. If you want more of a pipe-flavour, then you might want to go with a rich tobacco-like liquid, as this will be the most likely to imitate the taste of a real pipe.
Q: How can I achieve the best clouds with my E-pipe?

A: The answer to this, hands down, is to buy an E-pipe capable of sub-ohm vaping. Of course, this will mean that you’ll need to be able to use a powerful-enough battery, and you’ll need to buy a sub-ohm tank. But once you do these things, you’ll be amazed at the amount of vapour that you can achieve!

Q: Which E-pipe is the best for me?

A: This depends on what you’re looking for, really. If you want something modern with a more powerful battery, you’ll probably end up gravitating to manual models. If you want something much more realistic that will feel and act much more like a regular pipe, then an automatic model might be the best choice for you. Most E-pipes, however, do tend to have a realistic feel to them – so specific designs might end up being the deciding factor.

The size of the battery is also something to consider. If this device is going to be your primary vaping device, then you might want to make sure to purchase something that is capable of holding quite a bit of battery power.

Q: Do I need additional accessories when buying an E-pipe?

A: That depends on the kit. Overall, you’re going to need all of the following pieces.

  • The pipe bowl
  • The stem (the mouthpiece)
  • A tank or clearomizer
  • A battery
  • E-liquid
  • A charger

A lot of the time, you can buy starter kits that come with everything required to get started. But some pipes don’t come with extras. Some come with only the bowl, a tank, and a stem, for example – but not with a battery or a charger.

A good rule of thumb is to look for a starter kit, as these usually come with everything required to get started. I’d personally would recommend
629 E-pipe from ePuffer
. Watch our video review on this very same page. 

E-pipe reviews

Here are some of the best E-pipe options on the market today. Hopefully, with this list, you can begin the process of finding the best electronic pipe for you.

Best E pipe UK

Electronic Pipe 609 from Epuffer – NEW

Electronic Pipe 609This is a new kit that has only recently be released by ePuffer – but we loved the look of it so much that we immediately listed it as one of our favorites.

This pipe is a bit of a hybrid – combining the ward-winning MAGNUM cartomizer technology with the Tank Liquamizer technologies to give you a sophisticated e-pipe that will allow you to use either option. With this kit, you can use either pre-filled cartridges or the tank, which is also disposable, but good for up to 900 puffs – whichever suits your fancy at the moment.

The kit ships with a solid wood bowl, two 900mAh rechargeable batteries, three premium tobacco cartomizers, a universal battery charger, an extra mouthpiece stem, and a gift box. Priced at only £79.95, this is definitely an e-pipe that you should look at if you’re looking for something with more options than a standard model, or simply want to try an affordable e-pipe UK type of a device before investing more in more expensive model.

Attention! Our ECIGSUK voucher code will SAVE you 10% when shopping on website!

Vapcig E-Pipe

Vapcig E-pipeThis wood-effect E-pipe comes with two mouthpieces, two tanks, two atomizers, two 18350 batteries, and even a battery charger, all for the affordable price of £49.99 if you buy it on Plus, if you order it from there, you also get free UK shipping… which is a huge plus!

This E-pipe is not just realistic, but also elegant-looking and a bit on the fancy side. It features a manual boost button for improved vapour production, a 2ml tank capacity, two 900mAh batteries, and a new design that makes it lighter and more ergonomic to hold.

The LED light at the top of the bowl lights up when you’re vaping, both to give it a realistic feel, and to let you know that your atomizer is getting power. Plus, this lets people know that you are actually vaping – not just puffing on an actual analog pipe!

If you’re looking for an awesome E-pipe that will get you vaping without a hassle or a fuss, then just add some E-liquid to this fancy little device, and you’ll be good to go!

Kamry K1000 Plus F4 30W Classical Electronic Shisha Smoking E Pipe

Kamry K1000 Plus F4 30W PipeThe Kamry K1000 is an e-pipe with a classic look that also provides great functionality. Made from stainless steel and glass it’s incredibly sturdy, especially for the very reasonable price of £31.18. You will struggle to find a pipe that offers so much for so little anywhere else.

With a variable air intake and a sub ohm tank it will provide you with the opportunity to make big clouds and the in built 2ml tank means that it doesn’t need cartridges and it complies with TPD regulations. It’s simple to use and won’t let you down when you need it.

Here are the specs:

  • 1100 mah battery
  • A spare atomizer coil
  • Comes with a usb charger
  • Arrives in a gift box

If you want to add an element of class to proceedings without breaking the bank then the Kamry K1000 plus is the perfect accompaniment to your personal effects.

Westminster E Pipe GENUINE Luxury Electronic Traditional E Pipe 618 Full Kit

Westminster E PipeIf you’re a fan of having a classic look without having to deal with the drawbacks of the classic products then the Westminster e-pipe is right up your street. The traditional wood effect looks as though it came direct from the back room of a golf club and at just £49.99 it won’t break the bank to get it into your pocket.

The coil is easy to change so when you need to change it there is no complicated hassles and you can get right back to using your pipe. The battery is also rechargeable so it’s just a simple case of plugging it in and away you go.

It even comes with two replacement coils and a spare battery so you won’t have to wait around while your pipe is being charge. It’s all supplied in a fantastic looking gift box, so you have an elegant place to store your pipe. Overall for such a good price, this pipe will deliver quality and class in droves.

Luxury Electronic Traditional E Pipe 618a

Luxury Electronic Pipe 618aIf you fancy yourself as a bit of a Sherlock Holmes type, then this e-pipe will give you that look but with none of the health hazards. It’s not all style and no substance though, with a 900mah rechargeable battery and 2ml tank it will provide you with a smooth vape all the while remaining within TPD regulations.

The pipe comes with a spare coil for when you need to change it over as well as the lead to charge the battery when it needs it. All provided in a great looking storage box the 618a is a high quality e-pipe that arrives just needing liquid to get you going.

The price of £54.99 is a little higher than some other e-pipes around but by the same token it is also significantly cheaper than some of the more high end models. With the quality on offer with the 618a it really is a fantastic deal for the price.

Electronic Pipe 629 X from ePuffer

ePuffer 629 R2 e-pipe

If you’re looking for a state-of-the-art electronic pipe that’s both realistic and elegantly functional, then this is going to be the device for you. The starter kit sells for £149.95, so it’s a little bit pricey – but it’s more than worth it in terms of value and quality.

If you’re looking for something truly elegant, then this E-pipe should probably be first on your list!

It features a solid wood mahogany body, is equipped with the latest liquamizer technology, and requires no refill cartridges – so keeping it topped with E-liquid is easy and inexpensive.

Here are the specs:

  • 1100mAh batteries
  • Comes with a spare liquamizer tank
  • Comes with 5 atomizers
  • Comes with a spare mouthpiece/stem
  • Ships with a battery charger
  • Comes nicely displayed in a wooden gift box

Now available as improved version 629 X. Price has slightly gone up but so have the new features. Check the official website for all the details!

If you’re looking for something attractive and classy, then you won’t be disappointed with this electronic pipe from ePuffer. If still in doubt, watch our video review where we have covered everything you possibly need to know about this pipe.

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Couple additional tips:

  1. To make the draw easier and smoother ( use fine tip screw driver, and open air flow inside plastic mouthpiece, from the bottom ). Don’t make it too big, as too much air passing can ruin the stem.
  2. For all day vapers: if you are getting a gargling noise, simply remove the silicon washer ( ring ) from the atomizer top.

ePuffer 629 E-pipe review Top Selected E-juice 

Smok Guardian 2

Smok Guardian 2 E-pipeIf you’re more into the ‘traditional’ look of a wooden pipe, then this product from JacVapour might be a great place to continue your e-pipe search. This device is relatively advanced to use just as their SMOK Prospect Pipe we listed above, however – so if you don’t have some experience with mods, coils, and/or battery safety procedures, then you’re either going to want to learn about them or possibly look for something a bit more ‘beginner friendly’.

Aside from this, however, this pipe is well-suited to just about any user.

One of the best things about this product is that it’s actually a ‘variable wattage’ pipe mod. You can set the wattage on this device anywhere between 6 and 15 watts, and it’s compatible with coils rated as low as 0.4 Ohm. It’s built of (stainless) steel and wood, and utilizes IMR18350 batteries – though you’ll have to buy these separately, as it doesn’t actually ship with any in the kit.

This pipe also features standard 510/eGo fittings, so you won’t have to worry about not being able to find tanks for it. JacVapour offers the device in a kit or by itself, so you’ll definitely find that a few different purchasing options really contribute to making this one of the best e-pipe mods on the market.

Information! This E-pipe is currently out of stock and not available in the UK but you can try and find it from a U.S. vendor on!

SMOK Pioneer E-pipe

SMOK Pioneer E-pipeThe Pioneer E-pipe from SMOK is a fancy, semi-mechanical mod that performs extremely well for how inexpensive it is.

It features an 18350 battery, 510 compatibility, and a 3.0ml full-capacity tank – all of which are fantastic features for an e-pipe in this price range. It also comes in several different colors, including pink, brown, and black.

The starter kit for this E-pipe comes with the E-pioneer, the SMOK clearomizer, and 1 chip. It’s equipped with a magnetic switch instead of the older-fashioned spring-loaded mechanism, and also comes with reverse threaded locking and a rubber-matte finish.

If you’re in the market for an E-pipe and want something that’s going to work well without costing you a ton of money, then this is definitely an option to check out!

Purple Orchid by Limelight Mechanics

Purple Orchid by Limelight Mechanics

Vendor who provided the sample is no longer selling these so best to GOOGLE it.

Limelight Mechanics is a company that specializes in hand-crafted vaping equipment – and one of their most elegant offerings is a line of high quality, hand-made E-pipes. These pipes are made from real wood and metal, and are packed full of awesome features.

The Purple Orchid retails for 135.00 €, though it should be noted that you are definitely getting something incredible for your money with this model! It’s hand-carved from a piece of walnut, and comes with three different finish options (natural wax, piano glass, or eggshell matte).

As far as metal components go, it contains both brass and aluminum. It boasts standard 510 connectors, as well as an adjustable ring and a 14mm diameter. It fits an 18350 battery, and ships with one pipe bowl in an engraved calf-leather pouch.

Separate accessories, like tips, chargers, batteries, etc. are sold separately. If you’re looking for something elegant and top-of-the-line, then the Purple Orchid may definitely be for you.

E-Pipe 900 Maxi Carto

E-Pipe 900 Maxi Carto

Vendor who provided the sample is no longer available so best to search on GOOGLE.

The 900 Maxi Carto is on our list for two reasons. Firstly, it’s one of the most realistic and attractive-looking models that we’ve reviewed. And second, it actually works very well and offers a lot of value for the money.

The kit comes with a bottle of E-liquid, two cartomizers, a wall charger, a USB charger, an instruction manual, and the pipe bowl/tip apparatus. It also comes with a battery, though the battery is ‘fixed’ in this model, meaning that you don’t remove it, but rather plug the whole bowl in when you need to charge it.

Unlike most other E-pipes, this model is automatic – which means that you don’t have to push a button to activate it. This makes it more realistic, though it also means that it may not appeal to Ego users who enjoy activating their E-cigs manually.

If you’re in the market for a realistic E-pipe and want to try something new and different, then the 900 Maxi Carto should definitely be on your shopping list.

 F-106 electronic pipe

 F-106 electronic pipe

Vendors change for this E-pipe so best to search on GOOGLE.

This e-pipe UK features a wooden bowl and a stem that doubles as a holder for the clearomizer. It sports 510 threads, a standard 5-press on/off switch with a blue LED light, and an 18350 battery – which is actually kept inside the wooden bowl of the pipe. It comes in a nice decorative box with a wall charger, two batteries, two CE5 cartomizers, and an empty e-liquid filling bottle.

This is an OK E-pipe for beginners, mostly due to its ease of use and simple assembly. The steps required to get the product ready to use are very easy to follow – even for people who have never vaped or used an E-cig before.

If you’re looking for an OK E-pipe for beginners or a spare to keep around the house, then the F-106 e-pipe might be a great option for you.

4.59/5 (27)

Please rate your personal experience if you have tried this PRODUCT / BRAND yourself

25 Responses to Best E-pipes UK 2018

  1. Ian Fenton says:

    Gaurdian 2 e-pipe,
    Great looking pipe/very tactile and comfortable to hold considering the size, only criticism is the short battery life if your using 11-15 watts, 10 watts is good for battery life and gives you a good cloud, use with a GDC aero tank as you can adjust the amount of liquid that goes through the coil. Safety features include 5 click on/off system, to change from 10 watts and under to 11 watts- max 15 watts click 3 times after switch on led will go blue to warn that you are using 11 watts and over. Click 3 times again led will go white to confirm you are using the lower wattage setting. You also get a white flashing LED when battery power is nearly gone. Some one needs to package this pipe with battery tank and drip tip combined, I believe it would become a top seller if this was done.

  2. R.Hitcihn says:

    Just giving some feedback on the Kamry e-pipe.
    AVOID! I went through two of these, both were really badly made.
    With no cut-off function, both overheated causing the solder to melt and render the device inoperable.
    This, of course, was only my experience, maybe I was unlucky with both?

    But as a result, I would never recommend buying one to anyone.

    • dave waugh says:

      I have the Kamry K1000 and it has not failed me by overheating. I don’t use the stock tank, I use the Aspire one with 1.6 or 1.8 OHM coils. I also own the SMOK Guaradian 3 e-pipe, which works great too but I prefer the feel of the Kamry K1000.

  3. Nicole says:

    @R.Hitchin, thank you so much for leaving a comment, it truly does help! Although, we’ve not had the same experience, it really is good to know and hopefully your comment will help others to make a better choice. Normally we only remove products from the recommended list once they’ve received 3 complaints or poor reviews, so we’ll leave the Karmy e-pipe on the page for now, but will probably replace it once we’ve found a good replacement. Unfortunately, there’s always a chance to get a faulty device, even from the best manufacturer’s, but getting unlucky twice in a row, would most definitely make everyone question the quality of the product. Thanks again and Happy New Year! :-))

  4. Z.A says:

    Hi there,

    I would second R.Hitchens Review, I actually went through three Kamry E-pipes, they will not accept any other atomizer than the stock one (which is not very good) it cuts into a bit of sheathing and shorts immediately, Unfortunately, I must say, they are the best looking E-pipes I have ever seen…

    Would you have any recommendations for a sub-ohm E-pipe? something with a bit more a kick, say 40W-50W?

    Kind regards,


  5. Nicole says:

    Hi Z.A., thanks for stopping by. Very interesting indeed! We’ll be updating our Karmy K1000 review shortly, thank you for your feedback. As for the recommendation, we haven’t actually tried anything as heavy as you’re after from the e-pipe range. One of the best experiences when vaping an e-pipe came from the SMOK Guardian 2 with Aero Tank 2. The beauty ring that came with the kit, made it look quite impressive. It does however only support from 6W to 15W, so doesn’t quite fit your request. As for other than e-pipe mods, one of our favorites was the Series-B Tilt from JAC. It’s a variable wattage mod that you can learn more about here:

    • Darth Barstardo says:

      The Kamry 1000 plus uses an x6 tank with a 0.5 atty and fires at 35w. It is far superior in every way to the 1000, although it is only 1100mah with a sealed battery. I have also used the Kanger subtank mini and the Aspire atlantis on it with no discernible problems.

  6. Stuart says:

    I have had both the original e pipe and mark two from Totally Wicked and am very happy with them. I like not having to press a switch as I find that tedious so on these pipes as soon as you inhale it works. It comes with two BCC coils but I use the BDC coils as they give a better vape. I also recommend the Tornado mouth sleeves to go with them – they stop you biting down on the stem.

  7. mark says:

    Got my 605 rev 2 pipe last week and absolutely love it! Their 629 R 2 looks great too. Another treat for me probably sometime later in the year, will see…. not that I want this one to fail haha.

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