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An E-go style E-cig is basically a simple vapourizer that offers a more advanced experience than a mini. Most E-gos are manually operated, are refilled with e-liquid (so that you don’t have to buy new cartomizers as you would with minis), and offer more battery power and longer battery life than their mini counterparts.

Most E-gos do not offer the more advanced features that you might find on an advanced personal vapourizer, so they are also less expensive. In fact, some E-go kits can be obtained for prices comparable to the prices charged for E-cig mini kits!

With that being said, here are some of the best E-go style kits on the market today. If you are looking for a new E-go, then you can be confident in the fact that you cannot go wrong with one of these options!

Ego Starter Kits


JacVapour Ego

JacVapour technically offers 4 different E-go starter kits, though you may also be able to say that their Vgo series closely enough resembles the Ego to fit into the same category. Their JAC 410 Manual 1300mAH starter kit, for example, comes with 1 battery, 1 rebuildable 1.5ohm Evod 2 tank, 1 replacement dual coil and wick, 1 long lead charger, and 1 faux leather case.

This kit in-particular sells for £29.99, though they do offer more expensive options with larger batteries and additional features.

JacVapour’s products have been highly praised and reviewed by users and reviewers alike. Their Ego style kits, in particular, have garnered very high ratings among users. JacVapour is a definite world-leader in the E-cig industry, and are constantly introducing new and innovative products to the vaping community. If you are looking for a high quality E-cig experience, then one of these Ego kits might be a fantastic choice.

JacVapour 1300MAH kit

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Apollo Endeavor Starter Kit

When looking for the best E-go starter kits on the market, we examine many things. First of all, of course, we look at the value of the kit as a whole. We also take price into account, as well as any extras that you get when you make the purchase.

We’ve actually reviewed many Apollo products before, but this review is going to give you a few brief reasons as to why the Apollo Endeavor Starter Kit is one of the finest E-go kits on the market. This kit comes with two of the Apollo Luminous 900mah batteries, two EVOD dual coil clearomizers, one USB charger, and one wall charger. It also comes with your choice of two E-liquids – which adds a lot to the value of the kit when you take the price into account.

At £48.95, this kit might seem a bit pricey – but with four color options and quite a few accessories, you’re definitely getting value for your money. The kit is also built solidly, and is constructed from high-quality components that’ll actually last.

If you’re in the market for a fantastic E-go kit and desire quality above all else, then you should definitely check out the Endeavor Starter Kit from Apollo.

Apollo Endeavor Starter Kit

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Apollo Superior eGo CE4 Kit

This Apollo kit will last you all day and produce an incredible amount of vapour. If you are looking for a high quality Ego style E-cig that will perform at peak efficiency, then this Apollo E-cig may very well be the perfect choice.

This kit includes 2 batteries, 2 CE4 clearomizers, 1 bottle of E-liquid, 1 empty e-liquid mixing bottle, 1 USB charger, 1 lanyard carry pouch, and 1 instruction manual. At $69.95, this kit is actually offered at a very good price.

You should definitely check out the Superior kit if you are in the market for an Ego. You really can’t go wrong with an Apollo E-cig… much less with their Ego model.

Apollo eGo CE4 Kit

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Cigees CE5 Refiller Kit

The Cigees CE5 Refiller Kit is an E-go style kit that offers a lot of value for the money. This kit includes 2 CE4 type clearomizer tanks with heating coils, 2 high capacity batteries, 1 10ml bottle of E-liquid, 1 USB charger, 1 car charger, 1 mains charger, and 1 instruction manual.

Of course, the most incredible thing about this kit might be the cost. Cigees has always been known for having low prices, but this kit will basically outfit you with two Ego style E-cigs for just £39.00. You cannot even find two E-cig minis for that price from most companies!

Cigees is also very highly rated for quality, so don’t think that you are buying junk if you choose to do business with them. Users and reviewers alike have rated them very highly, and we have also reviewed their products and found them to be very competitive where quality is concerned.

Cigees CE5 Starter Kit

break Ego E-cig Starter Kit

The Ego E-cig Starter Kit from is an E-go compatible electronic cigarette with a replaceable dual coil system. Both clearomizers included can hold up to 2ml of E-liquid, and are made from metal and glass. The kit also comes with 1 case, 1 USB charger, 2 1100mAh batteries, and a free bottle of E-liquid. It comes with a fairly standard array of features, including a 5 click on/off function, a full metal body, and E-go compatibility (any of the parts can be used interchangeably with other E-go devices). might be a bit of a newcomer to the vaping scene, but they are definitely offering value for the money with this kit—which is why we decided to include it in our list of best available E-go kits. If you’re looking for a kit that will save you money and deliver unbeatable quality, then you really can’t go wrong with this model and the starter kit it ships with.

VapeandJuices Ego Kit


Future Shisha Ego Shisha CE5 Stick Kit

Future Shisha is a company with an ‘aim to make life a little bit easier, more convenient and cost effective’ for everyone; and that mission is definitely made evident in their many E-cig starter kits. This kit, the Ego Shisha CE5 Stick Kit, comes with 1 atomizer/clearomizer, 1 battery, and 1 USB charger. The battery is large enough to deliver up to 600 puffs per charge—definitely enough to keep you vaping throughout the day and far into the night, even if you tend to use it a lot.

This Shisha is available in several different colors, and has a sleek, stylish look to it that is sure to turn heads. This is definitely an Ego that you could take with you for a night out with friends or colleagues. Of course, it is not incredibly realistic (it doesn’t really look like an analog cigarette at all), but we are always interested in products that embrace vaping as its own habit. At £12.00, this is a product that can’t really be beaten where price is concerned. It is made from high-quality components and is so affordably priced that even intermediate to advanced vapers will likely be impressed with it.

Buyers are protected by a customer-friendly 1 year warranty, which covers the battery and the USB charger, and the built-in rubberized/metal grip makes it easy to hold onto.

If you are in the market for a super-affordable Ego that will give you a quality vape, then you should definitely look into the Ego Shisha CE5 Stick from Future Shisha.

Ego Shisha CE5 Stick


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