Best 2ml sub ohm tanks

Best Sub Ohm Tanks Available in the UK

What Is a Sub Ohm Tank?

A sub ohm tank is a tank that contains coils with a resistance of less than 1 ohm. Sub ohm vaping is one method that some vapers utilize for boosting the power of their E-cig devices – especially in the case of mechanical and/or variable wattage mods. Sub ohm coils were initially used with mechanical mods as a way to increase the power output before variable wattage mods became more common.

Of course, a lower resistance (fewer ohms on your coil) will mean increased wattage (overall power output) on your device, which is why sub ohm coils have become so popular with mechanical mods. Since mechanical mods simply utilize electricity flowing straight from the battery to power the atomizer, you can’t really change things or ‘boost’ your power output through settings.

But by decreasing the ohms of the coils, you can actually increase the wattage from a non-variable battery source. In other words, using a sub ohm coil on a mechanical mod allows you to increase your wattage without the use of circuit boards or settings – though such a practice can be a little bit dangerous – especially on mechanical mods. If not done correctly and safely, sub ohm vaping could result in a fire and/or an explosion. This can happen if you decrease the resistance so much that you increase the amperage of the battery too much – causing strain that’s too much for it to handle.

But sub ohm tanks have become especially popular as of late on variable wattage devices – mostly because these devices come with not only programmable settings, but also with built-in safety overload features. To put it simply, sub ohm tanks are ‘the hottest new E-cig product on the market’, and a lot of people are wondering what the hype is all about!

Sub ohm tanks basically make sub ohm vaping available to almost everyone. In the past, only serious enthusiasts with a thorough understanding of ohm’s law would ever attempt to sub ohm vape. But now, with so many of these tanks hitting the market, almost anyone with a box mod can make use of the technique.

Quick FAQ About Sub Ohm Tanks

Q: What is a sub ohm tank?

A: A sub ohm tank is basically a tank that will accept a coil with a resistance of less than 1 ohm. Obviously, figuring out which atomizers your tank will accept is a complicated process that will involve reading the instruction manual and matching up the right product number to the proper coil – but this is the simple, basic answer.

Q: Should you buy a sub ohm tank?

A: Not all vaping devices can use a sub ohm tank. While sub ohm vaping is probably the newest trend in the vaping world, it’s important that you understand how it works before you try to attach a sub ohm tank to your box mod or vape pen. The problem is that sub ohm tanks require a certain amount of power to work right, and piecing these parts together on your own requires a bit of electrical knowledge.

Q: What’s the best way to get started with sub ohm vaping?

A: The best way to get started down the sub-ohm path is to purchase a sub ohm vaping kit that comes with a tank already installed. Kits like this are awesome because they allow you to learn about sub ohm vaping in a safe environment. Since the kits are already put together correctly, they will allow you to enjoy the experience without the anxiety or worry that you might have made a miscalculation when you paired your tank with a particular battery.

Q: Is sub ohm vaping something that I should get into if I’m new to vaping?

A: It is certainly possible to get started with sub ohm vaping even at a novice level, though doing so will require you to educate yourself a little bit. As stated before, the best way to start in such cases is to buy a dedicated sub ohm kit. But with that being said, anyone can sub ohm vape if they’re willing to understand the mathematics and electronic involved. It’s not really very difficult to understand – it just takes a bit of time and effort.

Q: Is a sub ohm tank really worth the money?

A: Definitely! Once you sub ohm vape, you’re never going to want to go back. Massive clouds of vapour and amazing flavours are two things that you can expect from sub ohm tanks – and once you go sub-ohm, you’re going to have a difficult time being satisfied with anything else!

Q: Can you use any type of E-liquid in a sub ohm tank, or do you need to buy something special?

A: Technically, you can use any type of E-liquid in a sub ohm tank. But it’s recommended that you use either a VG blend, a max VG blend, or even a 100% VG E-liquid if you sub ohm, as these tend to work a bit better. You might also want to avoid higher nicotine concentrates, as you will find yourself inhaling a lot more vapour once you start to sub ohm vape. Try to keep the nicotine strength at 1 or 2 mg if you sub ohm vape at first, especially if you’re creating massive clouds of vapour.

Q: Why do sub ohm tanks produce more vapour?

A: Basically, sub ohm coils make use of more of your battery’s wattage – which means that they vapourize a lot more E-liquid for the power than traditional devices.

Using these newer-tech devices with a sub ohm tank can be much safer, and can help to provide you with an even better vape than you would ever be able to get otherwise!

Do I Need a Sub Ohm Tank?

A lot of people who are new to vaping are now finding themselves wondering if this is really something that’s important. Sub-ohm tanks heat faster and produce more vapour – though they also require more power (thanks to ohm’s law). This can result in better flavour and vapour production. In fact, for some devices, sub ohm tanks are literally the best way to drastically increase both vapour production and the quality of the flavour.

But they might not be for everyone. If you don’t understand how they work or how to use them safely, then there’s a good chance that sub ohm vaping isn’t for you. There’s also something to be said for avoiding them if you’re an inexperienced vaper. Before you try to sub-ohm vape, you should always do your research and find out exactly what your device and/or battery can or cannot withstand.

But, on the other hand, sub ohm vaping can open you up to a bigger and better vaping experience – and that’s a good thing! Plus, a lot of newer devices are actually set up to utilize sub ohm tanks safely – thanks to built-in safety mechanisms and settings.

Simply put, you might need a sub ohm tank if

  • You want to get more power out of your vaping device
  • You understand the safety rules of sub ohm vaping and are committed to following them
  • You own a variable wattage device that’s designed for and/or well suited to sub ohm vaping, and/or…
  • You own a mechanical mod and you’re interested in getting more flavour and vapour without sacrificing your ability to use power straight from the battery

Disclaimer: Under no circumstances should you ever use a sub ohm tank without understanding the safety features and/or the specs of your device. On this page, we’re going to talk at-length about a lot of sub ohm tanks – but this should not be used as your only means for education concerning this topic! Your vaping safety is your responsibility – so do your research and make sure that you’re doing everything safely – and of course, we are not responsible for any accidents that might occur! So vape safely, and have fun.

TPD Regulations on Vape Tanks

In May of 2017, the final phase of the TPD will become a reality. But what exactly does this mean for vapers? And what will it mean for our website? We have actually already begun the process of updating our Best Tanks page, to switch over to tanks that meet TPD requirements.

Among these new ‘requirements’ is a 2ml maximum tank capacity, a leak proof design, and a max nicotine strength in E-liquids of 20mg. There will also be a cutoff on May 19th, 2017, in which all non-TPD compliant products will need to be removed from store shelves.

This is why we are making it a point to update our listings as this deadline approaches – so that you can be sure that our favourite tanks will still be available even after the TPD regulations are fully realized and in place.

So keep checking back for more of our favourite tanks and E-cigs – and rest assured that our information will stay relevant and up-to-date in the face of the implementation of the final round of TPD regulations.

Our Best TPD Ready Sub Ohm Tank Selection 2018

Jac Vapour S-22 Tank

JacVapour S-22 2ml tank

Jac Vapour’s new TPD compliant S-22 tank certainly deserves a spot on our best E-cig tank page. In fact, we’ve even placed it in our top-3, just because of how awesome we think it is!

Priced at just £14.99, the S-22 tank is affordable, reliable, and provides a mouth to lung/sub ohm experience that vapers of any level can gain easy access to without problematic pricing challenges. Plus, as a TPD compliant tank, you can expect it to be around in the UK for quite a while. You can also expect to be able to buy replacement parts for it in the coming future, etc.

Here are some of the key stats…

  • Single vertical coil setup
  • Use a 0.05 or 1.0 Ohm coil
  • Designed to sit perfectly in any box mod
  • The MTL coils work best between 14-22 watts
  • The DL coils require 25-35 watts of power
  • System easily copes with Pure VG or Max VG E-liquids
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • 2 ML capacity

If you’re looking for a quality, future-proof tank that will get you sub-ohm vaping for a minimal investment, then the S-22 tank from Jac Vapour is a definite contender in our list of top tanks to check out.

Aspire Nautilus 2

Aspire Nautilus 2Building upon the incredibly successful design of the Nautilus Mini, the Nautilus 2 from Aspire boasts some new features that make it an even better addition to our lineup of best vaping tanks. It features a top-fill design, sub-ohm capability, adjustable airflow, a curvy exterior (and several color options) for better aesthetics, and even improved flavour production. Here are some of the vital stats…

  • 2ml Capacity
  • Dimensions: 22mm x 53mm
  • Connection: 510
  • Atomizer Resistance… 0.7 Ohm or 1.8 Ohm
  • Price: £19.99 on

If you’re looking for a next-level tank that will come packed with a wide range of the most modern features, then the Nautilus 2 is most certainly a tank that you should be taking a look at.

iJoy Limitless Sub Ohm Tank

IJOY Limitless The iJoy Limitless features a newer design that makes huge improvements on older iJoy models. It has a top-fill mechanism for E-liquid, come pre-installed with an innovative light-up chip coil, and even ships with an extra glass, in case the tank gets broken. The unique Chip Coil technology featured by this tank makes it a flavour-focused tank that will produce not just an awesome taste, but also a lot of clouds as well. It also features a re-wickable element and a Delrin widebore drip tip, for maximum heat protection.

Here are the main specs for the tank…

  • Capacity: 2ml
  • Dimensions: 25mm x 45mm
  • Connection: 510 threads
  • Atomizer Resistance: Ships with a 0.3 Ohm Dual Twisted Coil, and a 0.6 Ohm Dual Twisted Coil
  • Price: £24.99 at

If you’re looking for a tank that will deliver superb taste, massive clouds, and give you some incredible sub-ohm vape while also delivering on the newest trends in modern vaping, then this tank may be for you.

Wismec Armor Mini Tank

Wismec Amor Mini TankThis stainless-steel tank deserves a spot in our favourite-tanks lineup for multiple reasons. It features an adjustable airflow controller, generates a huge amount of vapour, creates an awesome taste, and is easy to refill, thanks to the top-fill design. The glass tank has a 2ml capacity, making it TPD compliant, and it comes with 2 mouthpieces, 2 atomizers, and a user manual. Here are the vital specs…

  • Capacity: 2ml
  • Dimensions: 22mm x 52mm
  • Connection: 510
  • Atomizer Resistance: 0.2 Ohms
  • Price: £19.99 from

If you’re looking for a quality sub-ohm tank with a low resistance that will absolutely pump out a ton of e-liquid and give you a wide range of modern features to work with, then there is a good chance that you’re going to love the Wismec Armor Mini Tank.


Our Favourite and TPD Ready Standart 2ml Vape Tanks

Aspire Nautilus X

Aspire Nautilus XThis tank is yet another addition to our ‘TPD Compliant’ tank collection, and is certainly one of our favourites. The E-cigarette Direct sells them, but they’re actually produced by Aspire. The Nautilus X is most well-known for its unique new U-Tech coil technology, which gives you enhanced airflow performance… which essentially makes it easier to draw vapour through the device as it atomizes the E-liquid.

Priced at just £24.99, this tank has just about everything you would need to get started with your vaping habit on the right foot. It comes with a replacement glass tube and an extra 1.5 ohm Kanthal coil, boasts a 2ml tank capacity, and features a leak-proof design. It’s also TPD compliant, which is awesome.

If you’re looking for a future-proof tank and don’t want to waste time or money on lesser devices, then you should certainly take a look at the Nautilus X before making your final purchasing decision. This tank however we wouldn’t categorize in sub ohm tank category.

Uwell Crown 1 Mini Tank

Uwell Crown1 MiniIf you’re looking for a good, all-around standard vape tank, then the Uwell Crown 1 Mini is certainly an option to consider. This superbly-engineered tank will provide you with as much top-notch vapour and flavour as you could possibly need. The mini has retained the same features that made the older model so popular – except that the reduced capacity has helped to make it TPD legal, which will keep it around for years to come. Here are the vital stats…

  • Capacity: 2ml
  • Dimensions: 22.35mm x 58.4mm
  • Connection: 510
  • Atomizer Resistance: Comes with 0.25 Ohm and 0.5 Ohm coils, as well as a TC 0.15 Ohm coil.
  • Price: You can find this tank for about £24.99, depending on where you look

Other features include stainless steel and glass construction, a wide-bore drip tip, an airflow controller, stainless steel wire, and a top fill cap design.

Smok Spirals Tank

SMOK Spirals tankThis is an excellent tank for most mini mods, thanks to its 22mm diameter. The built-in coil head contains Japanese cotton, and the drip tip is elongated for maximum draw power. It also has an air adjustment control, which is awesome. This is the type of tank that you can rebuild and re-wick your own coils for, which is really nice if you favour RBAs.

Here are the vital stats…

  • Capacity: 2ml
  • Dimensions: 22mm x 48mm
  • Connection: 510
  • Atomizer Resistance: 0.6 Ohm or 0.3 Ohm, or however you build it
  • Price: £29.99 from

If you’re looking for a tank with a coil that you can rebuild, and you enjoy a more hands-on experience on the more technical end of the spectrum, then the Smok Spirals Tank is certainly an RBA that you should put on your shopping list!

 UD Mesmer GL Tank

UD Mesmer GL tankThe UD Mesmer GL Tank sports a replaceable coil system, adjustable airflow, a top-fill design with wide dual-fill openings, and the impressive Mesmer MOCC Coil System. Mesh organic cotton coils provide optimal wicking, while a mesh top reduces spitback. Other features include gold-plated contacts, quad wicking ports, and even a vertical coil orientation.

Here are the main stats for the UD Mesmer GL Tank…

  • Capacity: 2ml
  • Dimensions: 22mm x 28.5mm
  • Connection: Gold-plated 510 threading
  • Atomizer Resistance: Comes with 1 pre-installed 0.5 Ohm MOCC Coil, and an extra 1.8 Ohm Coil
  • Price: You can generally find this tank for around £18.99

A wide range of impressive, modern features make this tank a definite addition to our best tanks page, while the 2ml capacity and safety seals ensure that it’s also TPD compliant – making it an excellent choice for anyone interested in a tank that’s going to go the distance and be around for the long run.

Why Sub Ohm Vaping Might Not Be For You

If you’re thinking about getting into sub ohm vaping, then it might be important for you to know the basic upsides and downsides.


Sub ohm vaping produces huge clouds of vapour and a rich, full, smooth taste. But then again, this advantage is the most prevalent in mechanical mods. In variable wattage devices, you can actually increase the wattage by changing the settings – which might mean that, in certain cases, sub ohm vaping won’t give you much extra.

But on the other hand, there are some cases where this isn’t always true. Sometimes, sub ohm vaping will give you more vapour and flavour than you could ever achieve without it. Plus, sub ohm tanks are usually designed with better airflow mechanisms and other features that otherwise enhance the vaping experience.


Of course, sub ohm vaping isn’t without a few downsides. One of the biggest is that it causes you to use more E-liquid. Yes, those huge clouds of vapour need to come from somewhere – so if you start sub ohm vaping, you can expect your E-liquid bill to go up a little bit.

Another downside is that, due to the tremendous amounts of vapour being produced, you might have to inhale directly into the lungs instead of just into the throat – and some people don’t find this as pleasurable.

But then again, some people actually prefer it – so it goes both ways.

If you’re a technically-minded vaping enthusiast who’s serious about cloud chasing, producing and inhaling huge amounts of vapour, or going to the extreme end of the vaping spectrum in terms of power and flavour, then yes – sub ohm vaping might be right up your alley. But if you just want to vape simply and don’t really care about huge clouds of vapour or using ohm’s law to squeeze as much power as possible out of your mod, then you might want to consider sticking with something a bit less complicated.

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