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Best ways to stop your coil from burning

Published On August 6, 2016 | By Nicole | About E-Cigarettes Articles

Best ways to stop your coil from burning

Coils can burn out due to a number of different reasons. In fact, it’s sometimes a lot more common than most people realize! Sometimes, coils burn out due to user error the first time they’re fired up – and such occurrences are often mistaken for a DOA product or a defect in material or workmanship.

At other times, burnt coils are pretty easy to spot – or, taste, rather. If you’ve ever had a hit of burnt-tasting E-liquid, then you’ll know exactly what this means. You’ll be hard pressed to find something that tastes as bad as a burnt E-liquid hit – which could be an indication of a burnt wick. And a burnt wick will pretty much ruin your coil, in most situations – so not only will you have a nasty-tasting vape to contend with, but you’ll also be saddled with the trouble of replacing the entire coil ahead of schedule.

Burnt wick

But these problems, thankfully, don’t have to happen near as often as they do. You can actually prevent burnt wicks and coils by following a few simple rules while you vape.

Make sure to adequately prime your coil before you vape

This is a pretty simple step – but you’d be surprised by how many people fail to do it correctly. To put it quite simply, priming a coil is a process in which you allow the newly installed coil to ‘soak up’ enough e-juice to ensure that it’s thoroughly ‘primed’ before using it. If you don’t prime your newly-installed coil, you may end up popping it on the first hit – which can make it seem like a DOA product (which this problem is often mistaken for).

To properly prime your coil, you need to manually soak the wicks before you install it. This usually means opening up the top of the coil head and ‘dripping’ a few drops directly down onto the wick. You also need to let the installed coil sit in E-liquid within the tank for about 10 minutes before you start vaping – just to make sure that enough E-liquid has gotten soaked up into the wicking material through the small soak holes in the atomizer body.

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Vape at lower power levels

Your coil should have a ‘safe wattage range’ inscribed on it that will tell you where to set the variable wattage on your vaping device. Using a wattage that’s too strong for the coil will certainly burn it after a little while – but you can also burn out your coil by using it on the highest ‘safe’ setting too quickly and for too long. For best results, you should start at the lower end of the ‘safe range’ and work your way up. It should take you about an hour of vaping to approach the strongest wattages allowable with your coil.

This will help to decrease your odds of burning out the coil, and should prolong its lifespan.

Avoid chain vaping

Chain vaping is where you vape hard and fast, without much for breaks in-between puffs. But this can tax your coil, and may eventually end up burning it out if you’re not careful! To avoid burning out your coil due to chain vaping, try to give yourself 30 seconds or so between puffs.

Make sure that your tank stays at least mostly full

Allowing your tank to run too low on E-liquid might cause you some problems, because sometimes this will keep the liquid from being able to replace what’s being atomized off of the wick fast enough. If the coil atomizes the liquid on the wick, but new liquid doesn’t run in to replace it, you’ll eventually burn the wick itself – which will make your vape taste nasty and possibly ruin the coil for good.

Use a mod with a temperature control setting

Temperature control is almost a ‘magic bullet’ for burned atomizers, because it allows you to set a maximum temperature that the coil won’t be allowed to exceed.

Using TC on your mod will require a special coil, but you may end up having better luck with it because it’ll help to protect you from burning out the wick or coil due to overheating.

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