BLU Pro E-liquid

BLU Pro E-liquid Review

Published On August 2, 2016 | By Nicole | E-liquids

BLU Pro E-liquid Review

BLU offers quite a few different E-liquid flavors on their website and in various different stores – so odds are good that you’ve seen them around. In this review, however, we’re going to take a look at a couple different flavors from the Blu Pro e-liquid line. This line is a bit different in the sense that it’s supposed to be a more ‘premium’ line of E-liquids.

With that being said, here’s what we thought of them.

About The E-Liquid

The first things that we looked at were the bottles themselves. We got two different flavors from this line to review – the Blueberry (at .9%), and the Strawberry Mint (1.8%). The packaging was pretty much identical – it was just the colors and obviously the titles that were different.

The first thing that stuck out to us about these E-liquids was that they all came with a little instruction booklet. We also learned that they’re more specifically designed for use with the Blu Pro vape pen – so in these little instruction booklets, you get to see how to refill the pen, which is nice.

Obviously, however, these liquids can be used with basically any vaping device, so you don’t have to have a Blu Pro to use them.

The bottles themselves were nice. They’re 10ml in size, come with a nice ingredient listing on the back, and a safety cap. The nozzle is also very nice. It’s thin and narrow, but also pretty long – so it seems like it would make refilling just about any tank a breeze.

For this test, we decided to use the Apollo Ohm Go Kit, as well as the Aspire Plato. We put the Strawberry Mint into the Ohm Go, and the Blueberry into the Aspire.

  • The Base/Mix

We do know that the base mix contains a blend of PG and VG – but unfortunately, the website doesn’t seem to specify exactly how much of both is included in each E-liquid. We assume they are somewhere close to 50/50 – but it’s impossible to tell for sure from what we can see.

  • Ingredients

The ingredients listed on the official website include the following: Nicotine, Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Natural and Artificial Flavours, and Distilled Water.

  • Nicotine Strength
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These flavours come in two different nicotine strength options – 1.8% and .9%.

According to the official website, the Strawberry Mint is a “surprising twist of flavors” that works by “combining sweet and minty elements, mixed up for the perfect combination.”

As far as the Blueberry is concerned, the website says that this flavour is “crafted with care,” comes with a “unique taste,” and is also “ripe in berry flavour.”

You can by a 10ml bottle of this E-liquid for £ 4.99.

Our Thoughts

The Strawberry Mint produced plenty of vapor in our vape test. It contained a lot of strawberry – but not quite as much of a mint punch as we would have suspected. The flavor was nice. It was very sweet. It almost had a bit of a ‘strawberry liquor’ after-taste – which we weren’t expecting, but ended up being quite nice. The mint was subtle – almost to the point of being nonexistent. But we felt like it was done very well.

As far as the Blueberry was concerned, there was plenty of vapor. There was also plenty of flavor, and it tasted quite a bit like blueberries. In fact, the Blueberry might have had a bit more of a ‘mint’ taste than the Strawberry Mint did – despite the fact that the name didn’t contain any mention of ‘mint’. We have tasted stronger blueberry flavours in the past, but we’ve also had liquids that were a lot weaker. This flavour also had more of a throat hit than the Strawberry Mint did.

All in all though, both of these flavours were OK. We preferred the Strawberry to the Blueberry, in all honesty – and just to be fair, if you’re looking for a real minty-kick with your strawberry, this liquid might not be for you. But with that being said, we really liked both of these eliquids, and found them tasty!

Other E-liquids we recommend from this brand

There are quite a few other flavours in the Blu Pro E-liquid line – so if you liked these flavours, then you should probably consider ordering a few more, just to give the other options a try.

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