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Will Caffeine Vaping Replace Nicotine Vaping In E-cigs Of The Future?

Published On June 9, 2017 | By Nicole | About E-Cigarettes Articles

We all know that one of ‘selling points’ of E-cigs, particularly for beginners, has traditionally been the addition of nicotine to e-liquids. As of late, ironically, more and more people have been vaping nicotine-free, especially those who are flavor enthusiasts and cloud-chasers who vape huge volumes of clouds all at once.

But still, as a general rule, vaping and nicotine have always pretty much gone hand in hand.

But now, for one major company, that may be about to change.

Even back in the early days, there was some experimentation with vaping and caffeine – but it really never caught on quite like the nicotine did. But in a recent article, published by, the company Imperial Brands was said to have announced that it is now experimenting with caffeine energy products as cigarette sales slow, and as vaping products with nicotine become more and more difficult to market.

According to the article, total cigarette sales by the company Imperial, in the UK, fell by 5.7% in the first half of the year – and this trend seems bound to continue. Though the company has continued to be profitable, the spokesperson for the company said that Imperial “saw opportunities in caffeine energy boosters, including a tab that melts on the tongue, as well as in vaping products it has been testing.” 

But what’s the deal with caffeine vaping? Does it work? Will it be well received?

Here’s what we think.

Caffeine And Vaping

Caffeine E-liquids have been around for just about as long as vaping itself has been around. Even back in the early days, when one of the hotter new trends was disposable shisha pens, caffeine was making an appearance in E-liquids.

The only problem, however, is that it didn’t really catch on.

It’s hard to say why – because caffeine seems to be an awesome alternative to nicotine. It’s still a stimulant, it is much easier to market and sell legally, it is less dangerous in larger quantities, and it takes E-liquids another step away from the stigma surrounding tobacco.

And yet, there are still some hurdles for caffeine to overcome if it wishes to break into the mainstream vaping market.

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For one, it’s going to have to be shown to be as safe as nicotine when inhaled – which is a bit of a blurry subject if you go by Google searches alone. Some sources seem to indicate that it’s completely safe, while others report that it atomizes differently than nicotine, and because of that, may not be as safe for the lungs.

I have even read reports that said that caffeine cannot be absorbed through the lungs – but only through the mouth.

In all honesty, it is difficult to say which speculation is true… but therein lies the problem.

Caffeine may simply have to clear these hurdles before people will trust it.

But, on the other hand, people consume caffeine in huge doses every day, anyway. There is, perhaps, just as good a chance that most people wouldn’t think twice about vaping on something that’s reported to give them more energy – especially if the vape is tasty and gives them something fun to look forward to.

Add to this the fact that vaping a caffeinated E-liquid would deliver far fewer calories than an energy drink, and you have yourself the makings of a pretty good marketing setup.

Will Caffeine Become A More Prominent Fixture In The Vaping Scene?

The answer to this really remains to be seen – but we have a feeling that the answer is ‘yes.’ There are a few stumbling blocks that might hinder the idea by a little bit. But really, when you take everything into account (including the public’s caffeine-mania attitude currently), it really seems that Imperial might be onto something good here.

We believe it might be a good thing, too… as long as it is proven to be safe, healthy, and effective.

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