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Can Electronic Cigarette Really Help You Quit Smoking?

Published On June 24, 2014 | By Nicole | About E-Cigarettes Articles

Can Electronic Cigarette Really Help You Quit Smoking?

Smoking has been around for almost as long as people have been around to do it. Ancient civilizations were cultivating tobacco long before 3,000 BC, but scientists agree that the plant was probably lit on fire and inhaled much earlier than it was cultivated as a crop.

And for as long as there has been tobacco, there has also been tobacco addiction, though it is admittedly now probably worse than ever. Tobacco is also easier to obtain now than it has probably ever been for the vast majority of people. It can be bought in most stores and comes in a wide assortment of different brands. Tobacco, as we all know, is very habit forming and is exceptionally difficult to kick.

That brings us to electronic cigarettes. Of course, as of right now, E-cigs cannot be advertised as smoking cessation devices… but is there a possibility that they could still be effective in helping people to quit?

The truth about E-cigs and smoking cessation

There is actually now some evidence that says that electronic cigarettes could indeed help people who want to quit smoking, and that the device may actually be more effective than the patch or the gum.

A British survey recently showed that people who use E-cigs in their attempt to quit smoking are about 60% more likely to be successful than if they had used patches or nicotine gum (both of which are over-the-counter nicotine replacement remedies).

The study surveyed 5,863 smokers between the years of 2009 and 2014. Everyone who participated had attempted to quit smoking without the help of professional support or prescription medication. This study was funded by Cancer Research UK, and showed that E-cigs could definitely help play a role in reducing smoking rates.

You can read more about the study here: http://www.addictionjournal.org/press-releases/e-cigarette-use-for-quitting-smoking-is-associated-with-improved-success-rates-.

Of course, it is also true that, in the end, only one-fifth of individuals who had been long-term smokers were actually able to quit and stay off of the habit utilizing electronic cigarettes.

Needless to say, the jury is still at least technically undecided on whether or not E-cigs can really help people to quit smoking, though a lot of health officials seem to believe that E-cigs could do very good things for reducing the number of people using real tobacco in the UK.

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The Royal College of Physicians (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2537707/Now-doctors-say-e-cigarettes-help-quit-smoking-ban-public-places.html) and a number of other organizations now recognize E-cigs as a safer alternative to smoking, but what are these organizations and medical professionals saying about E-cigs and their ability to help smokers quit?

The NHS, interestingly, has taken a relatively positive stance on the devices. ‘Compared with regular cigarettes they are certainly the lesser of two evils,’ says their website.

Of course, one of the greatest concerns about E-cigs right now is the lack of information about them. What are the long term health risks? Are the ingredients safe?

There is little doubt about the fact that E-cigs are safer than cigarettes, but what would happen if people switched to vaping on a permanent basis? Since E-cigs have not been around for nearly as long as cigarettes, there just isn’t a long-term health outlook, and that is why most people are hesitant to endorse the device as ‘safe’.


In the end, E-cigs have definitely been shown, at least to a fairly satisfactory degree, to be capable of helping people to quit smoking. They are not effective all of the time, and they still deliver nicotine… but it would seem at this point like they are a very safe alternative to smoking and can be very helpful for beating nicotine cravings.

Pretty much everyone agrees that there is nothing as healthy as inhaling clean, fresh air, though E-cigs (as it would appear), are much less dangerous than their analog counterparts.

In fact, new regulations passed by the European Parliament seem to suggest that E-cigs could, in theory, be made to comply with medical standards and be advertised as smoking cessation devices as early as the year 2016.

But will they work? Can E-cigs really help smokers to kick their tobacco habit for good? That is the big question, and though the answer looks like a ‘yes’ from many angles, it simply might be too early in the game to tell for sure.

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