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Published On August 24, 2014 | By Nicole | E-Cig Cartridges

Cigees Cartridges

Cigees sells cartomizers in packs of 5 and 50. They are called cartomizers because they actually contain both a cartridge and an atomizer (which is pretty typical with most cig-a-like mini models nowadays). By all accounts, the company has a good reputation for both flavour and vapour production. Keep on reading to learn more about Cigees Cartridges!

One downside to this brand could be their flavour selection, which isn’t as extensive as it could be—though they are among the top choices where cartomizers are concerned because they offer truly unbeatable value for the money.


Flavour Choices

The only flavour choices offered by this company are tobacco and menthol. This has always been a bit of a downside to Cigees, though it should also be noted that their focus-market is ex-smokers who are looking for a realistic experience.

If you really miss the taste and feel of analog cigarettes, then you will definitely find that those things are present in Cigees products… which is another reason for why they are in our top cartridges list.



You can buy a 5 pack of cartomizers from Cigees for £6.00, though you can also buy a 50 pack for £54.00. If you like tobacco or menthol flavours and tend to be a heavy vaper, this company is going to do wonders for your wallet. You will save a ton of money by switching to Cigees, especially if you are switching from analog cigarettes (which tend to cost 70-80% more!).



As far as value is concerned, Cigees definitely offers a quality product. If you are looking for something realistic and cost effective and are uninterested in vaping specialty flavours right now, then Cigees is definitely a cartomizer brand that you should consider.

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