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Published On February 2, 2014 | By Nicole | Brands

Introduction – Cigees Review

Cigees is an electronic cigarette brand that offers some great products for a wide range of different customers. They offer some great prices on starter kits and some great packages for more advanced users, though the most interesting thing on their website may very well be the ‘about me’ section.

The level of transparency that they display in their business is truly refreshing, especially when they go so far as to show you photos of their day-to-day operations. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily make their products better by itself, but it seems to say something about how they conduct business.

It also lined up well with their mission, which is essentially to help analog smokers to quit their habit for good by switching to a safer, healthier alternative like E-cigs.

On a more functional note, Cigees does carry both E-cig minis and an E-go-style vaporizer that they call the CE5. We were also happy to see a wide variety of flavours supported by the CE5, despite there being only 3 flavours supported by their minis.


Positives and Negatives

Here are some of the positive and negative points of the Cigees brand.


  • Affordable prices on starter kits
  • Offer not only a standard line, but also a ‘luxury’ line for E-cig users looking for a different style
  • Have an impressive array of different e-liquid flavours available for their CE5 product


  • Only offers three different flavour options for mini cartomizers
  • Don’t carry many products that would appeal to highly-advanced vapers or those looking for more modern E-cig products


What Products/Accessories Can Be Purchased

Cigees CE5 RefillerCigees has some great E-cig mini packages, as well as their ‘CE5’ E-cig, which is their E-go style E-cig. Of course, they offer refills, cartridges, cartomizers, and e-liquid for these products, as well as accessories to complement and/or enhance the E-cig experience.

Cigees offers a rather impressive line of flavours, especially for the CE5 Vaporizer. For the minis, however, you only really get 3 flavour choices… two types of tobacco and one type of Menthol.

Package And Design

Cigees does a great job of combining traditional, functional packaging with more modern alternatives. With their starter kits, for example, you get a card case for free… but for just a little bit more, customers can buy a very sleek carry case about the shape of a wallet that will hold their starter kit as well. They also carry some zip up cases for their CE5 vaporizer. Their Femme Luxury Starter Kit actually comes with one of those sleek carrying cases included. Most of their products can also be gift-wrapped, making it easy to give them as gifts.

As far as design is concerned, Cigees does a great job of offering some different looks by offering both their Classic and Femme Luxury lines. They also offer a Majestic line that is very luxurious and modern looking. They all have different aesthetic looks and will appeal to different tastes, giving buyers a definite choice where style is concerned.

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They also offer a quality website that is fairly easy to navigate, though there are a few details lacking. For example… they didn’t have anything available on their return policy or warranty.

Battery Performance

As it turns out, most reviewers agree that Cigees batteries do a great job of not only holding a charge, but also of lasting a long time. Of course, rechargeable batteries do not all last forever, but Cigees are definitely not a waste of money. You can expect to get your money out of these well-engineered batteries… that is for sure.

Vapour Production

Vapour production on the Cigees products is actually pretty good. Their products offer a good throat hit, realistic vapour, and actually don’t cause a dry or itchy throat like some E-cig products do. The taste of the vapour is also great.


There are actually 14 total flavours to choose from for the CE5 refillable E-cig. While this is a very impressive array of flavours, E-cig mini users are actually limited to only menthol and tobacco flavours where pre-filled cartomizers are concerned.

Cigees Flavours

On one hand, this seems like a bit of a downside because it might keep E-cig mini users from getting to experience the full range of flavours offered by the company, though it should also be pointed out that switching to the CE5 would instantly remedy this problem. Plus, it is a fairly well-known fact that a lot of E-cig mini users actually want tobacco or menthol flavours only. These are by far some of the most popular choices. Anyone wanting to go to more flavours or to get more options generally goes to an E-go style E-cig like the CE5.

Nicotine Levels

There are varying nicotine levels in the flavours based on what you buy. Nicotine levels range from zero to 16mg for the ‘high nicotine’ cartomizers. These levels are basically comparable to regular analog cigarettes.

About The Company

The Cigees warehouse is currently located in Dinnington, South Yorkshire. It is obvious that quality control and cleanliness is of the utmost importance to this company, which definitely adds some ‘peace of mind’ for customers who might be nervous about buying E-cig products for the first time.

Cigees was first established to help provide a safer alternative to regular tobacco cigarette use, and they have been met with a significant amount of success in this area. They claim to constantly update their products utilizing research and customer feedback, and from the success that they have so far garnered in the E-cig market, it definitely seems to be working.

Cigees actually seems to care quite a bit about customer feedback, service, and support. Their mailing address, phone number, and email address are all located conveniently on the ‘contact us’ section of their website, and they also offer convenient services like gift wrapping, international shipping, etc.
Cigees offers international and UK shipping for free on deliveries totaling more than £50.00, which is actually a great deal. A lot of companies won’t even give specific rates for overseas shipping on their websites, while Cigees goes as far as to offer free shipping anywhere in the world to customers who order at least a certain amount of merchandise.
As of the time that this review was written, Cigees actually didn’t list any warranty or money back guarantee information on their website. Of course, this could definitely be attributed to the fact that Cigees is a relatively new company. They seem to update their site fairly regularly, so this might be a detail in the works.


Value For The Money

So now we come to the real question… does this company offer value for the money, or are you going to be better off going somewhere else for your E-cig supplies? Well, we are pleased to say that Cigees definitely offers a decent variety of products for a great price. Their starter kits are well-put-together, their E-cig gear is made to last, and they offer enough different styles to appeal to a wide range of different customers. In the end, this is definitely a company that is in business to stay, and you can expect to be hearing a lot more from them in the future.

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Running Costs

So what is it going to cost for customers to vape with Cigees long term? This is a great question, and one that is essential to the decision-making process. On top of buying a starter kit to get you outfitted with batteries and chargers, refills are really the only thing that you are going to have to buy regularly to keep up your E-cig habit. 1 E-cig mini cartomizer from Cigees costs, on average, about £1.20. This is equivalent of about 15-20 regular tobacco-filled cigarettes.

As you can likely see, E-cigs provide not only a safer and healthier alternative to analog cigarette use, but also a less-expensive one!


In the end, Cigees is definitely a brand to check out. They offer some great flavour options for the CE5, some great starter packs, and all kinds of accessories. Their products are sound, their throat hit is great, and they offer almost unbeatable quality for the money. We do wish that they offered more flavours for mini-style E-cigs, though their smaller offerings on such flavours shouldn’t really be held against them when they do offer a great deal on the CE5 vaporizer and the 14 different flavours available for it.

When it comes to quality, value, and all-around ease of use, Cigees should definitely be a choice on your list. Don’t buy from someone else without checking out what they have to offer first!

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  1. Mark says:

    Using their CE5 Refiller Starter Kit, does the job and works out cheaper than many other brands I have tried.

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