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Introduction – Ciggys Review

Ciggys is an electronic cigarette brand that is based in the UK and that offers a pretty decent range of products, including starter kits, accessories, flavours, and more. While they only offer mini-style E-cigs (no E-gos or vaporizers), they do offer a very realistic looking product. Of course, their electronic cigarettes are safe and clean, offering an alternative to traditional tobacco-filled cigarettes.

E-cigs have become more popular recently as more and more smokers have realized that they offer the same basic experience that tobacco-filled cigarettes offer, but for less money and almost zero risk.

While tobacco is filled with harmful toxins and carcinogens, E-cigs product only harmless water vapour. This is accomplished by atomizing a flavoured e-liquid. This liquid is odorless, and dissolves harmlessly into the air… thereby creating no harmful second or first-hand smoke.


Positives and Negatives

Here are some basic positives and negatives that users will notice right away about Ciggys products.


  • Up to 70%  cheaper than traditional tobacco-filled cigarettes
  • Healthier and safer than real cigarette
  • They offer more than just standard tobacco flavours
  • They offer starting kits for vapers of any experience level
  • They offer free shipping in the UK
  • Has a charging case that charges batteries on the go
  • Filters fit Skycig batteries as well
  • FREE delivery on all orders


  • Price point is a little bit high
  • While they do offer some unique flavours beyond tobacco, it might be nice to see more than just the 4 flavours that they currently carry


What Products/Accessories Can Be Purchased

Ciggys carries two basic starter kits that serve as the ‘flagships’ of their E-cig product fleet. One of them is £39.99, and comes with five flavour filters, two batteries, two plug-in chargers, and a portable charger. Their smaller kit costs only £12.99, but comes with only three flavour filters, one battery, and one USB charger.

Ciggys accessories

Of course, all of their chargers, accessories, filters, and batteries can be purchased separately as well, allowing users to build their kit from the ground up or even to add to existing kits. As far as price is concerned, users will find that buying a starter kit in the beginning will save them a lot of money. Piecing together what you need with individual pieces will definitely end up costing you more in the long run.

Package And Design

Most Ciggys products come with a card carrying case that looks exactly like a traditional cigarette case. It comes with the Ciggys logo printed on it, and can serve as a storage place for batteries and filters during transport. As far as the products themselves are concerned, Ciggys does a great job of offering a realistic product. In fact, these E-cigs might be some of the most realistic specimens on the market today!

Battery Performance

Reviewers and users alike agree that Ciggys offers a very high quality battery for use with their flavour filters. The batteries can be obtained either through starter kits or by themselves. They hold a good charge and have a reputation for being reliable… especially if you buy the portable charger so that you can charge them on-the-go.

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Vapour Production

Ciggys definitely seems to offer great vapour production. In fact, it seems that most customer reviewers make it a point to talk about the great throat hit that their E-cigs deliver. The vapour production is good enough that it definitely feels realistic, despite the fact that they are producing no real smoke. The vapour, of course, is harmless, odorless, and dissolves quickly into the air once created.


On a good note, Ciggys does offer four different flavour options. Fruity Fruitmix, Juicy Watermelon, Magnificent Mint, and Terrific Tobacco are the different flavours available. Of course, this is an upside to the brand, as one of the biggest selling points of the whole E-cig idea is the fact that the user does not have to be limited to a tobacco-flavour-only experience. Since E-cigs do not have any tobacco in them, they can provide a variety of different options… and Ciggys does a good job of this.

Ciggys flavours

On the other hand, we have to say that we wish that Ciggys offered even more flavour options than they do. Some E-cig companies offer more than a dozen different flavours, though Ciggys is really limited to only four different options. Of course, it must be noted that they also do a lot better than some, as there are more than a few companies out there that only offer tobacco flavours. Tobacco is definitely the most popular choice, but because E-cigs are not tobacco-based, it seems to make sense to offer something outside of that box.

Nicotine Levels

By all indications, it seems that the nicotine levels in Ciggys products are comparable to the nicotine levels in traditional, tobacco-filled cigarettes.

About The Company

Ciggys is a company dedicated to helping smokers to become smoke free by offering a safer and cleaner alternative to tobacco-filled cigarettes. They believe that smokers deserve an alternative that doesn’t contain harmful chemicals, and that is what they have attempted to create with their brand. Their products have the same look and feeling of traditional cigarettes, but cost 70% less and contain none of the harmful toxins or chemicals found in tobacco smoke.

They are located in the UK, though they ship internationally.

Reviewers and customers alike seem to agree that Ciggys provides great customer service… though they offer a very limited amount of contact information on their website. They have a basic email form that customers can use to contact them, as well as a form for returns that they can fill out if they are having a problem with one of their products.
When it comes to shipping, Ciggys offers a very in-depth pricing chart on their website that makes it extremely easy to see what shipping is going to cost you based on your location. For the US and EU, prices are based on country but start at about £5.99. For UK customers, all shipping is free. For anyone choosing special next-day shipping (UK only), prices start at about £5.99. They definitely also deserve credit for making the shipping prices easy find and understand on their official website.
Ciggys offers a 7 day cooling off period during which any items can be returned for any reason. They also offer a 30 day money back guarantee for any of their kits. Under this guarantee, any kits purchased may be returned within 30 days if the customer is unsatisfied with the purchase for any reason. Ciggys also offers a one year limited warranty, which basically covers defects in materials and workmanship.


Value For The Money

So does Ciggys offer real value for the money? This is a big question, but customers looking into their products will likely be pleased to find that the answer is a yes. Ciggys offers two different starter kits, both of which are good deals and that offer real value for the money. Their components have a good reputation, they offer great deals on shipping, and they are a well-known E-cig company in the UK for good reason. If you are shopping for E-cigs, either to replace your current product or to get started altogether, then Ciggys definitely deserves a look before you make your purchase.

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Running Costs

So how expensive is it going to be to use Ciggys on a long term basis? To answer this question, we are going to consider how long one flavour filter lasts, and also how much they cost. Each flavour filter holds enough e-liquid to be the equivalent of about 20 to 30 regular cigarettes. Each refill pack contains 5 flavour filters, and costs £9.99.

Of course, to figure out long term running costs, one will have to take into account how many cigarettes they usually smoke… but once they come up with that number, this information makes it fairly easy to determine how much you are looking at spending if you choose to buy Ciggys products.


In the end, Ciggys is definitely a brand to try. They offer a great range of basic products, some great prices on starting packages, and a variety of flavour options. They also offer free shipping in the UK, as well as a 30 day money back guarantee. We do wish that they had a few more flavour options, and it is also true that some companies out there offer better prices for starter kits… but after everything is considered, Ciggys really does deliver where quality and value are concerned.

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