Cinnamon to quit smoking

How Cinnamon Can be Used to Quit Smoking

Published On January 12, 2018 | By Nicole | About E-Cigarettes Articles

Smoking is a harsh taskmaster. All too often you can be on the track to getting free of it and one slight relapse can drag you right back in. What options are there for if you want to quit and stay quit though? Nicotine replacement treatments are the usual go to for quitting, but if you’re trying to quit nicotine cold turkey they are off the table. It’s hard quitting cold turkey as well, it requires incredible amounts of willpower and sometimes it can even mean keeping yourself away from friends who smoke.

What can you use to give you a mental boost without succumbing to a nicotine fix? There is one option that both costs a small amount and doesn’t have any nicotine content. It may sound a little left field but if it helps you to quit, does that really matter? The answer to your problem may well be cinnamon sticks.

Psychology is your friend

Cinnamon sticks to quit smoking

Without delving too deeply into the work of Carl Jung, a big factor in the reason why cinnamon sticks can help you to quit smoking is the psychology behind the habit forming nature of smoking. While it is a fact that the nicotine in cigarettes is indeed addictive, there is also the ritualistic aspect of smoking that also helps to form the habit. The act of holding a cigarette and placing it in your mouth can give many people a relaxed sensation. This is before the cigarette is even lit, it is a psychological reflex based around the expectation of the brain. The brain expects to feel relaxed when you have a cigarette, so it relaxes you when you go through the familiar ritual of placing a cigarette in your mouth and lighting it.

Using psychology to trick your brain is a way to help you push through the cravings that make quitting smoking so difficult.

Using this knowledge to help you is a lot simpler than you might expect. If the brain relaxes as you go through the routine of starting to smoke a cigarette, then you may be able to trick the brain into relaxing you if you still go through that routine without actually ending it with a cigarette. This is where cinnamon sticks come in to play.

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You don’t need a lighter

No lighter

Instead of placing a cigarette in your mouth when you feel the familiar pang of a nicotine craving, place a cinnamon stick in your mouth instead. It’s important to remember not to light it though, they’re not really designed for that and it could end badly. There is not many things that could make you feel like you need a cigarette more than to have burning cinnamon stuck to your face.

Placing the cinnamon stick in your mouth when you feel a craving for a cigarette won’t make your nicotine craving vanish. It will however elicit a relaxing feeling that you can then use to help yourself resist the craving to smoke a cigarette. It helps that the sweet taste of the cinnamon is pleasurable as well, which also gives you extra willpower and helps you to resist the temptation. This helps to satisfy your psychological need for something to be in your hand and mouth. While it is not the more powerful of the two habits, the nicotine takes the prize there, satisfying one of your addictions when you get a craving will help you to resist the nicotine craving.

It is known that nicotine craving is difficult to resist, so when this is coupled with a psychological need to hold a cigarette and take a drag on a cigarette it makes it even harder to resist that physical addiction. The cinnamon sticks may not offer any protection from the merciless pangs of nicotine addiction, but they do offer protection from the psychological desire to smoke a cigarette.

They’re not perfect though

Vaping as an option to quit smoking

That doesn’t mean that you should discount any other type of help when it comes to giving up smoking. Every single bit of extra help that you can get will push you one step closer to finally giving up your hazardous habit. Cinnamon sticks do offer an extra little bit of help towards finally quitting smoking, but there are some downsides to using cinnamon sticks.

The first is that they don’t contain any nicotine, so they won’t provide you with any relief for your nicotine cravings. It’s only the other psychological aspects that cinnamon sticks can target. This means that it will be more difficult to walk away from cigarettes if you are just using cinnamon sticks and willpower alone.

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Secondly if you’re not a fan of the taste of cinnamon then using cinnamon sticks are not going to help you to stave off cravings when you get them. Because cinnamon sticks offer a more intense flavour than what is it in food it may even put off people who enjoy the taste of cinnamon because it is so overpowering. It could even push you back towards cigarettes faster than if you had just tried to quit with no help at all.

Some people are also allergic to cinnamon, just like any food has the possibility of allergies, so using cinnamon sticks could have drastic health damaging effects. This instantly rules out the use of cinnamon stick for people who suffer from this affliction.

Overall cinnamon sticks offer a cheap alternative to nicotine replacement treatments, they help to target the psychological aspects of being addicted to smoking. If it is dealing with the habit that is your main problem then cinnamon sticks will help you trick your brain and help keep you from going back to cigarettes. However if it is the nicotine addiction that you are struggling to kick then cinnamon sticks won’t give you the help that you need to kick the habit, for this you will need a nicotine replacement treatment, like vaping, to help you do it.

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