Coughing while vaping

Coughing While Vaping: Should I worry?

Published On February 12, 2018 | By Nicole | About E-Cigarettes Articles

The simple and short answer to this question is, no. Over half of the people who vape also cough when they do it. 57% to be exact. So if so many people cough when vaping, why isn’t it an issue? Put simply there are a number of reasons why people cough while vaping, none of them are harmful. So, what are the reasons behind coughing when you vape?

Why Do We Cough?

The main reason that we cough for is because there is an irritation in the throat or the lungs. An irritation doesn’t necessarily mean that it is something bad, it is just that something the body does to things that it doesn’t expect. Have you ever coughed when you’ve drank water too fast? It doesn’t mean you’re dying, it is just a natural reaction to something unexpected happening to your throat. This is the exact thing that is happening to you when you cough when vaping.

Irritation in throat

What exactly is it that causes the coughing then? The first thing that could be causing the coughing is higher nicotine doses. A higher nicotine dosage make the throat hit all that harsher, which irritates the throat and causes the cough.

Something else that could be caused a vape cough is the way people vape. When people first make the change from vaping to smoking, they’re not used to the way vapour works in their throat. The way they take in the vapour is the same as a smoker, this can cause irritation to the throat and cause the vaper to cough.

There is also the issue of the vapour combined with the heat from the vape causing dehydration in the throat. This again causes you to cough.

One final thing that could be causing the vaper to cough could be the healing of the throat after stopping smoking. As the damage that was caused to the throat is reversed the throat becomes more sensitive. This means that as the vapour hits the throat it will cause an irritation and the vaper will cough as a result.

Is All This Coughing Harmful?

Again, as we said earlier on, no it isn’t. The coughing is purely a reaction because you are not used to the experience of vaping. It doesn’t mean that it is just as harmful as smoking and it certainly doesn’t mean that you should go back to cigarettes.

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Your throat isn’t being damaged and in the case of your throat repairing the damage that years of smoking caused it, it is doing the absolute opposite. In fact, while 57% of people have suffered from coughing when vaping, 93% of those people also reported that it wasn’t a long term issue.  This means that when they finally got used to using their vape, the coughing stopped.

How to Stop the Coughing

While it is temporary and harmless, it still doesn’t stop it from being annoying. Is there a way to speed up the process of alleviating the coughing? It’s yet another simple answer, yes there is. There are a number of ways in fact. Depending on what your issue is, there could be an easy solution.

Lower nicotine e-liquid

If you are using a higher level of nicotine to what you are used to then a simple way to reduce the harshness of the throat hit from your vape is to find an e-liquid with a lower nicotine content. This will reduce irritation to your throat and stop the annoying coughs it causes.

If you think you are dehydrating in your throat when you vape, ensure that you have a glass of water to drink from when you vape. It’s easy to tell if your throat is feeling dehydrated, it feels dry.

Another way to stop the coughing from being so difficult is to practice the technique you use when you vape. Find ways that cause you to cough less when you use it and try to recreate that technique every time you vape. It is thought that the longer and slower you pull on your vape for the more you cough, so try quicker and shorter drags. You could even make the switch from MTL to DTL.

When it comes to the healing of your throat there isn’t much you can do in relation to this. You just have to let your throat heal and let your new and improved throat get used to the feeling of vaping.

As the symptoms of coughing are shown to diminish in 93% of people who cough when vaping then the easiest way to help your body through this problem is to just keep vaping. As you have been vaping for longer your body will get more used to it and coughing will no longer be an issue. If you’re still having problems then it could be a symptom of a more serious issue and you should see your GP to ensure that there isn’t an underlying issue from before you started vaping.

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