Dab Pen Vaporizer Differences 

What is a Dab Pen Vaporizer and its Main Differences 

Published On November 28, 2017 | By Nicole | About E-Cigarettes Articles

Since vaping became an international phenomenon there have been a number of different innovations to the technology. E-liquids are no longer the only player in the game and you may have heard about dab pens, sometimes known as wax pens. What is a dab pen though? More importantly, how is it different to a standard e-liquid vape? 

No Surprise, it uses Wax

Well, not just wax it uses thicker oils and gels as well. It works in much the same way an e-liquid vape works, by vaporizing the wax. This turns it into tiny airborne droplets that you can then inhale, nice and easy. This is different to the traditional way of inhaling wax, which is just simply heating it up because it doesn’t burn the wax. That means that the taste isn’t adulterated and you will get just the pure taste of whatever your flavour is. 

While it does work in a very similar way to a standard vape pen, that doesn’t mean you can use the same pen for the different substances. Unless you want to completely ruin your pen and waste all of your wax or liquid that is. The science behind it may be similar, the end result may be similar but the actual application has enough differences to keep them separate.  

Inside The Pen

As previously mentioned your pen will turn the e-liquid or wax into tiny airborne droplets that you can then inhale. Sounds simple, but it’s not quite that easy. A vape pen has tiny holes where the e-liquid enters the chamber. Inside the chamber, the wick and coil are protected. This is to stop any limitations on how much e-liquid can be vaped at a time.  

As the wax is a lot thicker than e-liquids it wouldn’t work with a normal vape pen. It would just end up clogging up your pen. In a dab pen the coils tend to be ceramic or quartz coil as opposed to the wick coils used in most standard vape pens. This is because a wick coils tends to severely alter the flavour of the wax, not in a good way either.  

Quartz rod dab pens

Quartz tends to be the go to material in high quality dab pens for two main reasons. Firstly the quartz rod heats up far more efficiently than any other type currently on the market. This means that the wax is used in the most ergonomic fashion and you will be wasting less wax than any other method. The second reason is that it gives the best flavour. If wax, thicker oils or gels are your thing, then it makes the most sense to get a quartz rod dab pen, otherwise you will be wasting a lot of material and it won’t give you the optimal taste. 

What’s the Difference?

As mentioned earlier, the way the inside of the pens work is different. That’s not the only difference between the pens though. The dab pens tend to have smaller batteries than standard vape pens and a smaller output. This could be due to the coils working in slightly different ways in order to vaporize the product, or the possibility of space limitations inside the device.  

The amount of e-liquid that vape pens can hold tends to be larger than the amount of wax that can be stored in a dab pen too. As the wax is much thicker than e-liquid this makes sense.  

These are small trade offs for the benefits that dab pens offer. Wax tends to be stronger than e-liquids, so whatever flavour you are ingesting you will get a much bigger kick from a wax than an e-liquid. When this becomes apparent it makes the reduced capacity and power much easier to bear. Why would you need a larger capacity if you need to inhale less each time?  

It’s not just that the flavour is stronger either, the flavour also tends to be better. As is it is a more unadulterated taste you will be able to taste the different flavour notes a lot more clearly. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy your vape to the absolute maximum possible. 

While vape pens and dab pens do share a lot in common, there are enough small differences to add up to them being almost different products. The choice you make all depends on your personal preferences. If you prefer making large clouds and having a large amount of liquid on your pen, then maybe a standard vape pen is the one for you. If you prefer a stronger flavour and less of a need to inhale large doses then the dab pen could be the road you go down. No matter what choice you make, you should ensure that you fully research the options first.  

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