DaVinci Vaporizer review

DaVinci Vaporizer Review

Published On February 14, 2015 | By Nicole | Brands

Introduction – DaVinci Vaporizer Review

My first look at Davinci Vaporizer was very informative. I will say that they definitely have a ‘unique’ vibe to their products. As their name suggests, they really only seem to deal in actual vaporizers – no cig-a-like or Ego products, making them more of a niche company than a mainstream E-cig retailer.

I will also say that I found their products to be very innovative. They seem very technologically savvy, and look fantastic. I wouldn’t have any kind of a problem carrying one of these devices around with me – and I dare say that I would be very impressed if one of my friends showed up to the club with one in hand. They’re also customizable, which isn’t something that a lot of E-cig companies offer.

On the other hand, DaVinci doesn’t offer a ton of different types of products. There were also a few technical downsides to a few of their features, though we will discuss these more in the pros and cons section. Another potential issue for UK customers is in the currency conversion. Since this is a US company, UK buyers will have to go a bit further to place an order.

All in all, I was super-impressed by DaVinci and what they have to offer right from the beginning – but are they the right E-cigs for you?

Let’s dig into the research and see what we find.

Positives and Negatives

Here are the basic pros and cons of DaVinci’s E-cig products.


  • Products are high in quality
  • Their vaporizers look fantastic
  • Their vaporizers can vape both dried herbs and E-cig oils
  • They offer quite a few personalization options on the Ascent Vaporizer
  • They offer free shipping on US orders totaling $50 or more


  • Though the company offers a two year limited warranty, there are a lot of stipulations on it
  • Prices for their products might be a bit higher than what some people are interested in paying
  • They carry only a very selective array of what they call ‘vaporizer oil blends’, and not really any traditional E-cig flavours
  • The E-liquids that they do carry are on the expensive side (Though they are admittedly pretty unique. I haven’t seen E-liquid options like these anywhere else.)


What products/accessories can be purchased?

As far as products go, DaVinci Vaporizer offers basically two different types of vaporizers… the DaVinci, and the Ascent. Both of these vaporizers are modern, stylish, and functional – though they do have some basically inherent differences.

The Ascent is the ‘customizable’ option. It’s portable and a bit smaller than the Davinci, making it ideal if you plan to be ‘on the go’. The Ascent is what they call a ‘portable glass vaporizer’, meaning that everything the vapor touches, including the bowl that the oil or herbs are ‘vaporized’ in, is glass. This is supposed to be cleaner and healthier for you than what is usually found on the inside of an E-cig.

If you buy an Ascent Bundle, then you’ll actually get a free insulated carrying case, car charger, and USA shipping included (though the shipping doesn’t necessarily help us here in the UK). The battery life on the Ascent is said to be very good, offering 3+ hours of use on a single charge. Of course, the Ascent is loaded with electronic settings. You can easily set your desired temperature, and the device will even tell you when the inside is heated and ready to go.

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The Davinci, on the other hand, is the larger of the two models. It’s rugged and portable, boasts a battery life of 1.4 hours when fully charged, is made from durable, high-quality components, and comes loaded with features – including a digital temperature control. If you buy it in a bundle, it comes with a variety of different accessories, including a cleaning brush, a wall charger, a flexi straw mouthpiece, two oil cans, a car charger, and free shipping in the US.

You can also buy a range of accessories on the company’s website, as well as some rather interesting types of E-liquid – though we will talk more about those in a different part of this review.

Package and design

Packaging is very nice on these products. I found it functional and attractive, and didn’t really see any reason to complain about it.

As far as the designs of the products go, I will say this about them – they are very, very unique. The Ascent sort of looks like a flip cell phone, and the Davinci sort of looks like a two-way radio.

DaVinci Vaporizers

This company has definitely left the ‘traditional’ cigarette-like approach behind with their E-cigs – seeming instead to go for something completely new and different. I’ve seen a few products that looked similar to this before, but seriously – this company is offering something truly individualistic in these vaporizers.

I would definitely say that they deserve kudos for not being afraid to break completely out of the ‘cig-a-like’ mode.

User Reviews

The vast majority of user reviews for these products was positive. They said that DaVinci’s E-cigs were well made, stylish, and packed with features. Of course, there were a few negative reviews as well. Some customers complained that the products were difficult to clean on the inside. Some also said that from a technical standpoint, the design of the products wasn’t completely efficient.

Of course, these types of reviews were definitely less common than the positive ones. Of all of the reviews that I looked over, I only heard these a few times. Most people didn’t seem to have any problem with DaVinci’s products.

 Product Choice

DaVinci offers two different types of vaporizers, though they also offer a range of accessories and products designed to be used with them. In addition to this, they also sell several different types of E-liquid.

In my opinion, their product selection is a bit limited – but not bad. They’re a bit of a niche company, which isn’t that uncommon in this industry. They seem to focus on one pretty specific category of products (vaporizers and accessories), but within this category they have a lot to offer.


DaVinci offers several different products that they label as ‘aromatherapy and essential oil blends’. These products seem to be made pretty much exactly like other types of E-liquid, though they contain essential oils that are intended to provide aromatherapy-type effects in addition to a vaping flavour. Some options include vaporizer oils like Breathe Blend, Energy Blend, Relax Blend, etc.

Each one of these blends contains herbs and natural ingredients designed to help provide an experience similar to what the blend is called. For example, the Breathe Blend contains Yerba Santa, Lemon Balm, Mullen, and Propylene Glycol. It’s designed to help relieve ailments that are affecting the upper respiratory system and to promote smoother, easier breathing.

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I found these flavours very interesting. They’re definitely unique, and I have to say that I haven’t seen anything like this offered by another company. On one hand, I wish that DaVinci did offer a few more ‘traditional’ flavours – though on the other, the market is pretty saturated with tobacco and specialty flavours. This company seems to be taking a different approach by providing something that’s truly a departure from the norm.

Nicotine levels

As far as I could tell, the E-liquid oils offered by DaVinci don’t contain nicotine.

About the company

DaVinci Vaporizer is a company that sells high tech vaporizers. These vaporizers can be used to vape either oil or dried herbs—making them a rather unique product in terms of what we usually review.

DaVinci Vaporizer seems to be owned and operated by a company called Organicix, LLC. Their physical business address is 6770 Paradise Rd. Las Vegas, NV, 89119.
As far as I can tell, this company seems to do a great job of being reachable to its customers. They provide a customer service phone number on their website, as well as an email address where customers can get in touch with them as needed. They also have a pretty good return policy, and seem to offer pretty fair warranties on everything.
This company offers free shipping on USA orders of $50 or more—though they also ship internationally. While UK shoppers may not be able to take advantage of the free shipping option, they can still order the products and have them shipped.
DaVinci Vaporizer offers a basic two year limited warranty on most of their products. You can also buy extended service plans, though—which is nice.

 Value for the money

In my opinion, DaVinci offers value for the money. They might not be the absolute cheapest to order from, and their products might not be for everyone – but in their niche (specialty vaporizers) they have some great products and charge reasonable prices for them.

Running costs

5 ml bottles of E-liquid oil cost $35.95 on DaVinci’s main website – which is actually pretty expensive when compared to E-liquids offered by other brands.


In the end, I found this company to offer some great products at fair prices. This isn’t the place for you if you want a traditional E-cig to replace your cigarette habit – but it is the place to go if you want a specialty vaporizer that you can also use dry herbs in. Their E-liquids are a bit on the expensive side, but they also offer some aromatherapy benefits that others don’t.

I would recommend that you check this company out next time you’re in the market for a vaporizer.

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