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Different Battery Sizes

Published On May 9, 2015 | By Nicole | About E-Cigarettes Articles

Different Battery Sizes

Finding the right battery for your electronic cigarette is extremely important. Batteries come in many different forms and varieties, and your vaping experience is actually very dependent upon finding the perfect size and model for your needs.

There are several factors that may make a battery a good or bad choice for your E-cig, and we’re going to try to discuss each one of them in this blog post. Of course, some things are definitely more important than others. For example, you absolutely need the thread size to match up—though you might be able to use batteries with much different mAh ratings without any real problems, etc.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that education is essential. The more you know about your E-cig, the better prepared you’ll be to buy the right parts for it—including a battery.

Another thing to remember is that buying batteries can seem very complicated, and at first you might not feel like you’re ever going to get it figured out. But little by little, as you research, read, and look into it, you’ll find yourself slowly becoming an expert on the subject. At some point, you’ll find yourself browsing products and will know right away whether a particular model will work for you or not. Learning comes with the territory and with experience—so please don’t give up or get discouraged.

At any rate, here is some information that will help to get you off to a great start.

Manual or Automatic?

Many new E-cig users are actually unaware of the fact that there are two different basic types of batteries available. A manual battery usually has a button on it that you need to press in order to activate the atomization process, while an automatic battery will be activated when you inhale on the mouthpiece.

These types both have their own advantages and disadvantages—but in general, cig-a-likes tend to use more automatic batteries while the larger Ego style pens and mods tend to utilize the manual types.

Thread Size

Thread size is definitely something to take into account when choosing a battery. If the thread size on your battery doesn’t match the rest of the device, then you won’t even be able to attach it to the atomizer.

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For best results, make sure to thoroughly research the compatibility of the components before you purchase one. We’ve published some good articles about compatibility on our blog, though you can also find a great wiki on the subject here (http://www.e-cigarette-wiki.com/index.php?title=Brand_and_Model_Compatibility_Chart).

What does mAh mean?

If you’ve looked at many batteries, you’ve probably noticed that most of them have what’s called an mAh rating. MAh basically stands for ‘milliampere-hour’. It’s the standard of measurement to determine the total amount of energy that a battery can deliver over the course of an hour. In other words, a battery rated at 1,000 mAh would deliver one amp of energy—or 1000 milliamperes—over the course of a one-hour period of time.

This measurement can also be used to calculate how long the battery on your E-cig will last, but in order to do this calculation you’ll also need to know the number of amps required for its operation.

Value for the money

Another thing to consider when buying a battery is the value of the product itself. This isn’t necessarily something that has to do with different battery sizes—but it could mean a great deal when the time comes to make a purchase.

Batteries come in a wide range of different price points, but you also seem to get what you pay for in this industry—so make sure that you’re setting enough money aside to buy something that’ll last. A cheap battery might get you by, but you may find yourself with a broken-down E-cig if you don’t upgrade within a reasonable amount of time.

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