Best Disposable E-cigarettes Available in The UK

Best disposable e cig UK

Disposable E-cigs UK definitely have their place. While most regular E-cig users eventually find their way to the rechargeable models, disposable E-cigs do offer a few advantages of their own.

For one, they offer the lowest start-up cost of any other type of E-cig. Secondly, they are incredibly easy to use and operate. Three, they don’t need to be re-filled or recharged, so you don’t need to buy extra cartridges or a charger.

And perhaps best of all, disposable E-cigs offer you the opportunity to try an E-cig without committing to buying an entire starting kit. If you just want to try one without dropping more than a little bit of cash, then buying some disposables is probably the most economical way to go.

With that being said, not all disposables are created equal… which is why we have posted this list of the best disposable E-cigs on the market.  These are, in our opinion, some of the very best disposable E-cigs in terms of both cost and quality, and you definitely won’t be sorry if you choose to try one!

Epuffer ECO Menthol Disposable E-Cigarette 12-Pack

ePuffer disposablesThis 12-pack of disposable E-cigs offers a lot of quality and value for the money. At just £39.95 for the entire pack, ePuffer is offering a nearly unbeatable deal for people who enjoy Menthol disposables.

It’s difficult to find disposables this inexpensive anywhere else – plus, these E-cigs are well-made, offer an awesome menthol flavor, and provide a real-enough experience to offer an alternative to real tobacco cigarettes.

Each E-cig in this pack has a life span of up to 500 puffs. Each one is also powered by a pre-charged 3.7v lithium ion battery, and comes equipped with a glowing charcoal LED (which looks a lot like the tip of a real cigarette). They’re also available in three different nicotine strengths – 1.2mg, 0.6mg, and 0mg.

If you’re looking to supply yourself with quality disposable E-cigs for any significant length of time, then we would definitely recommend this 12-pack from ePuffer.


Jac Vapour Disposable E-Cigs

JacVapour Disposable KitJac Vapour also offers a great deal on disposable E-Cigs.

Their disposable E-Cigs come in regular Tobacco flavouring with 1 white, non-rechargeable battery. As with any other disposable, their version can simply be thrown away when used up.

Jac Vapour actually offers a great price on their disposable product, making it a very affordable option for people looking for a bargain.

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Future Shisha Disposables

Future Shisha DisposablesFuture Shisha’s range of Electronic Shisha Pen Deluxe products are just about as nice as any other disposables on the market. In fact, these vape pens are so nice that it actually seems like a shame to throw them away!

They come in both nicotine and nicotine free versions, with available flavours being Blueberry, Red Bull Crush, Black Grape, Vanilla, and Red Berry. At just £8.00 per pen, you can’t really beat the price, especially when you consider the fact that each pen holds an average of 800 puffs-worth of E-liquid!

If you are looking for a game-changer and are tired of the ‘same old thing’ where disposables are concerned, then you might definitely want to try out one of these new disposables from Future Shisha.


RED Disposable E CigsREDCIG Disposable E-Cigs UK

REDCIG is a brand of E-Cig that offers a very realistic experience at a great price. Their disposable E-cigs are very highly rated, come in a card case, and last as long as about 50 regular cigarettes.

They come in two different flavours (regular and menthol), and come with different nicotine level options as well.


E-Lites E30 Instant Use E-Cig

Disposable vape pen UK

This is actually a fantastic deal on an E-cig with a rechargeable battery, though it only comes with one E-tip and without any extra accessories.

E-lites DisposableThe E-tip that comes with it has enough e-liquid to be the equivalent of 30 regular cigarettes, and buyers have the option of choosing regular, light, or menthol flavouring.

Plus, if you should choose to buy a full kit later on, this battery can be used in conjunction with an E-Lites Charger… thus saving you even more money.


Disposable E-cigs UK definitely offer some advantages, especially if you are a first-time user or simply want to try a specific brand before buying chargers and other accessories.

Just keep in mind that it may take a few tries to find an E-cig that you like, so don’t get discouraged if the first one that you try doesn’t quite suit you. Odds are very good that you will find the perfect E-cig for you if you just keep looking and don’t give up!

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