E-cig battery safety

E-cig Battery Safety – Dos and Don’ts

Published On August 9, 2016 | By Nicole | About E-Cigarettes Articles

E-cig Battery Safety – Dos and Don’ts

Electronic cigarette batteries can be dangerous. Like any other Lithium Ion battery out there, they have the potential to explode and/or catch fire in unfavorable circumstances. This might seem like a problem with the product – but in all honesty, you would probably be surprised at how safe Lithium Ion batteries have become.

According to the specialists, E-cig battery explosions are extremely rare when the proper safety procedures are followed (they only happen about once in every ten-million cases). This is both good and bad news. It’s good news because it seems that Li-Ion batteries are becoming a safer product as time goes on – and it’s bad news because it indicates that people aren’t following proper safety procedures as often as they should.

So we’ve decided to compile a quick ‘Dos and Don’ts’ list for E-cig battery safety. Using these tips, you should be able to rule out some of the most common causes of accidents where Lithium Ion electronic cigarette batteries are concerned.

Do: Use the manufacturer-recommended charger

Every E-cig supplier will provide the specs for the recommended charger. These specs will include all of the technical information you need to find the perfect charger for your device. Just because a device has the proper connector does not mean that it’s safe! There are different voltages to take into account, and a simple mistake like this could end up badly.

Don’t: Use batteries that are broken or damaged

If a battery shows any sign of damage, properly dispose of it and buy a replacement.

Do: Buy your E-cig, battery, and charger from a reputable vaping company

Don’t waste your money or sacrifice your safety on products that have been handled or produced by a sub-par company. Buy quality products from a good supplier, and don’t skimp out by going with whatever happens to be the cheapest – because super-cheap business often requires cutting corners, and quality businesses know better.

 Don’t: Tighten the battery too-tightly when attaching it to the clearomizer/tank

Tightening the battery too tightly can cause damage to both the battery and the tank. For best results, consult the user manual and tighten to their specifications. If in doubt, just snug it down and leave it alone – don’t crank or twist it with a lot of force.

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Do: Charge batteries on a flat, hard surface

Never let your batteries sit in, on, or under a blanket, pillow, or other soft surface while charging. This can stifle the airflow and cause the device to get too hot.

Don’t: Leave your batteries alone while they’re charging

Always keep your batteries within eyesight while charging them, and never let them charge while you’re sleeping. This might seem paranoid – but it’s a very important safety rule. If something were to go wrong, at least you would be present and awake to take action.

Do: Make sure that the battery is turned off when it’s not in use

This will keep the battery from accidentally activating and supplying current when it’s not supposed to. Whether you’re carrying or storing it, always make sure that it’s turned off when you’re not actually vaping with it.

Don’t: Allow your battery to be exposed to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight

Keep your battery stored in places where the temperature is comfortable and moderate, and avoid letting it sit out in direct sunlight. Extreme temperatures can increase the odds of damage and accidents.

Do: Make sure that the battery terminal/threads/contacts are clean

Clean the contacts with a tissue or alcohol wipes every so often, just to make sure that extra oil or gunk doesn’t build up on it. Having dirty contacts can increase your odds of some sort of short-circuit.

Don’t: Let your battery have direct contact with water

If you were to accidentally drop your battery into a puddle, a pool, the dish-water, or any type of ‘body’ of water, you should always dispose of it, as the risk of an accident in such cases is simply too great. This rule should also be followed if the battery is left out and soaked in the rain, sent through the washer by accident, etc.

In conclusion

Remember that battery safety is very important, and not to be taken lightly. You can pretty much rule out accidents completely if you just follow the proper safety procedures – so be ‘in the know’ and do your best to keep things safe and by-the-book.

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