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E-Cig Etiquette

Published On June 21, 2014 | By Nicole | About E-Cigarettes Articles

E-Cig Etiquette; What Is Acceptable And What Is Not?

I have a friend who recently expressed his frustration toward E-cig users to me in a way that made me think a lot about the issue of E-cig etiquette. He manages a small equipment rental business which, of course, has a strict ‘no smoking’ policy displayed in the front window. But vaping, he says, has thrown him for a bit of a loop because it is not technically ‘smoking’.

“Customers will come in with an E-cig attached to a lanyard around their neck,” he said. “As they are talking to me from across the counter, they are constantly puffing on it and blowing the vapour literally into my face. It is annoying and rude, in my opinion… but what do I do about it?”

He didn’t necessarily want to ban E-cigs from his establishment altogether because he wants to be understanding, but he also didn’t want other customers to be offended by the behavior. He said that as E-cigs have become more and more common, it has become an increasingly difficult issue to deal with.

Unfortunately, he is not the first one to have this problem. E-cigs are currently legal to use in many public settings and can often be utilized in places where cigarettes are not allowed. This, however, has also led to a sort of ‘backfire’ effect where vapers sometimes flaunt their devices proudly and indiscriminately, sometimes to the point of being rude in the process.

But why should vapers be expected to follow such unspoken rules? Why can’t they vape wherever it is legal to do so? This is an understandable question, but it is also probably not being voiced correctly. Instead, perhaps this should be the question that vapers should ask themselves… am I contributing to a better name for E-cigs in general, or am I doing more damage to the entire vaping movement by offending people with them?

With that being said, here are some common-sense guidelines that vapers should all follow. Yes, you have a right to use E-cigs almost anywhere—but that doesn’t mean that it is ‘right’ to do whatever you want. There are other people to think about. Besides, if enough people use E-cigs in a manner that is offensive, this will increase the odds of regulation and could make it as difficult to vape in public as it is to smoke.

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Proper E-cig etiquette

1… Be educated

Knowing how your E-cig works and what is in the vapour are important for many reasons. One of them, of course, is so that you can have informed conversations with people who might ask you questions about them. If you can provide people with real, accurate, and quality information about E-cigs and what they do, then you may win more people over to your side. Of course, however, before you can share good information you must educate yourself and know what you are talking about.

2… Be respectful

Be respectful when talking to others about E-cigs. Maybe they have the wrong idea about them and think that they are unhealthy in ways that they are not… but that does not give you permission to disrespect them or to get into a heated argument over the subject. Try to be peaceful, respectful, and positive. This will go a long way towards making friends instead of enemies on the E-cig front, and will keep people from automatically decided that they don’t like E-cigs before they even know what they are.

3… Always ask before you vape

annoying e cig smokerAlways ask before you vape whenever you are around other people. If you are in a business, make sure to ask the manager if it is ok. If he/she says yes, then make it a point to be respectful of other people.

Never blow vapour at other people, and try not to pull it out at times that might embarrass the owners/managers of the establishment. It is also a good idea to keep it concealed until you are sure that it is alright to use it.

Sometimes, even the appearance of an E-cig can make people uncomfortable if they are not sure what it is or what you are going to be doing with it.


In the end, E-cigs don’t have to be a negative thing. They can, however, cause negativity for other people if they are not used in a respectful context. It really all comes down to basic common sense. Could what you plan to do possibly, in any way, shape, or form offend someone else? If so, then the answer is simple… just don’t do it!

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E-cigs have a tough enough time gaining acceptance as it is. We definitely don’t want to give people more reasons to dislike vaping before they even know exactly what it is. 

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