E-Cig Glossary

bullet-blue-sm 2-Piece

This is a style of electronic cigarette where the cartridge and the atomizer are combined so that there are really only 2 pieces to the E cig.

bullet-blue-sm 3-Piece

This is a style of E cig that consists of three different parts… the cartridge, the atomizer, and the battery.

bullet-blue-sm Adapter

An adapter is used to connect an atomizer or cartomizer to a battery of a different style. Some E cig companies sell a wide variety of different adapters.

bullet-blue-sm Advanced Personal Vaporizer

An APV is basically an advanced version of an E cig that allows the smoker to select different options for functions like voltage, wattage, etc. Such features are said to provide a more pleasant and complete E cig experience, though they generally cost more and will make the user more likely to consume larger amounts of the e-liquid.

bullet-blue-sm Alternative Cigarettes

This is a name used to describe any alternative to traditional, tobacco filled cigarettes. E cigs fall into this category.

bullet-blue-sm Analog Cigarettes

This is a name used to describe traditional tobacco filled cigarettes.

bullet-blue-sm Atomizer

The atomizer is the part of the E cigarette that, when powered by the battery, turns the e-liquid into flavoured vapour. Atomizers may be included in the cartridge in some types of E cigs. These are called cartomizers.

bullet-blue-sm Automatic Switch

This is the name for the mechanism on some E cigs that allows the battery to be operated without pushing a button. The most common types of automatic switches are those that activate the battery when the E cig is inhaled through, or ‘puffed’.

bullet-blue-sm Battery

The battery is a very important part of the E cig. It essentially powers the heating element, which is the part that produces the heat necessary to turn the e-liquid into vapour.

bullet-blue-sm Blunt-Tip Needle Bottles

These are bottles that can be used to refill some types of E cigs.

bullet-blue-sm Bungs

These colorful bits of rubber come in a variety of different colors to help you tell the difference between different types of e-liquids.

bullet-blue-sm Car Adapter

This is an adapter that allows you to charge your E cig while riding in the car.

bullet-blue-sm Cart, Carto, or Cartomizer

These are all terms used to describe a cartomizer, which is essentially a cartridge and an atomizer combined into one.

bullet-blue-sm Cartomizer Tank

This is a small tube or ‘tank’ that is used to hold e-liquid. A tank can hold more e-liquid than a regular cartomizer.

bullet-blue-sm Cartridge

A cartridge is the part on an E cigarette that holds the e-liquid. Cartridges are generally disposable, which means that you throw them away and simply replace them when they run out.

bullet-blue-sm Charger

This is the device used to charge your E cig. Most E cigs nowadays come with USB chargers that you can plug into a computer.

bullet-blue-sm Coil

The coil is the wire housed within the atomizer that gets hot and vapourizes the e-liquid.

bullet-blue-sm Cone

The cone of an E cig covers the part that joins the atomizer to the battery. It is usually hollow and conically shaped.

bullet-blue-sm Digital Cigarette

This is another term used to describe the electronic cigarette, as opposed to ‘analog’, which describes a tobacco-filled non-electronic cigarette.

bullet-blue-sm Disposable E-cig

A disposable E-cig is a type of E-cig that simply gets thrown away once it is used up.

bullet-blue-sm Draw

Taking a ‘draw’ is what a smoker does when he/she inhales. It involves breathing air into the mouth through the E cigs mouthpiece.

bullet-blue-sm Dual Coil Cartomizer

This describes a 2-coil configuration that is much more common in cartomizer tanks. They produce twice as much vapour as single-coil designs, and are also supposed to last longer.

bullet-blue-sm E-Cig Accessories

This is a term used to describe other things that you can purchase with your electronic cigarette. Examples could include extra batteries, chargers, lanyards, cases, etc.

bullet-blue-sm E-Cig

This is a term that is basically short for ‘Electronic Cigarette’.

bullet-blue-sm E-Cigar

Basically the same thing as an E-cig, except that it is designed to look like a cigar instead of a cigarette.

bullet-blue-sm E-Juice

This is a name sometimes used to describe the flavoured liquid that is vapourized by an E-cig.

bullet-blue-sm Electronic Cigarette

An electronic cigarette consists of a battery, an atomizer, and a cartridge. A device that vapourizes E-liquid and that can serve as a substitute for a tobacco-filled cigarette.

bullet-blue-sm E-Liquid

This is another term for E-Juice.

bullet-blue-sm E-Smoke

This term is sometimes used as another term for electronic cigarette.

bullet-blue-sm E-Pipe

Works just like an E-cig, but shaped to look like a pipe instead.

bullet-blue-sm Filament

The heating element found in the atomizer. It is another word for the coil of wire that heats up to vapourize the e-liquid.

bullet-blue-sm Filler, or Filling Material

The filling found inside of the cartomizer/cartridge. It is a type of cotton-wool like material that is absorbent and used to store the e-juice.

bullet-blue-sm Flavour Cartridge

Another name for the cartridge of an E-cig. It is basically a cartridge that holds the flavoured e-liquid.

bullet-blue-sm Gooseneck

A gooseneck is an extension that can be used to keep the e-cig further away from the face. It is usually flexible and makes using an e-cig easier when you don’t want it to obstruct your vision.

bullet-blue-sm Heating Element

Another term for filament.

bullet-blue-sm Hit

The inhalation of the flavoured vapour.

bullet-blue-sm LED

On the ends of some electronic cigarettes are LEDs, which are basically small lights that glow orange or red when the battery is activated. This is added to make E-cigs feel more realistic.

bullet-blue-sm Lithium Ion Batteries

Lithium Ion Batteries are considered the most powerful batteries on the E-Cig market, and are the batteries that a lot of high-quality E-cig makers use.

bullet-blue-sm Manual Battery

This is a style of E-cig in which the battery is activated via a button instead of via inhalation.

bullet-blue-sm Microcomputer

This is the small electronic ‘computer’ that tells the E-cig battery to power up the atomizer when activated.

bullet-blue-sm Mouthpiece

This is the part of the electronic cigarette that the user puts their mouth on to inhale the vapour.

bullet-blue-sm Nicotine

This is the chemical found in traditional cigarettes that makes smoking so enjoyable. Most E-cig vapour flavours have a specific ‘nicotine level’ that tells the user how much nicotine the e-liquid contains.

bullet-blue-sm Personal Charging Case, or PCC

This is a type of case that can charge batteries without being plugged into a power source. Basically, you charge it at home and take it with you when you leave. When one of your E-cig batteries runs low, just plug them into it for a charge.

bullet-blue-sm Puff

This is the basic inhaling motion that smokers use to get a ‘hit’ on their E-cig or cigarette.

bullet-blue-sm Pull

This is another word for a hit or draw. It is basically an inhaling motion that draws vapour into the mouth.

bullet-blue-sm Sensor

This is the part of the E-cig that detects when someone is inhaling through an E-cig.

bullet-blue-sm Smart Chip

This is a rather universal name for the component inside of an E-cig that enables it to function properly.

bullet-blue-sm Starter Kit

A starter kit is a kit that includes everything that a person might need to get started with E-cigs.

bullet-blue-sm USB Charger

This is the most common type of charger sold for E-cigs. It plugs into the USB port of a computer and can be used to ‘charge’ a spent battery.

bullet-blue-sm Vape, or Vaping

These are terms used to describe the usage of an Electronic Cigarette.

bullet-blue-sm Vapour

This is the water vapour that is created when the atomizer heats the e-liquid. It is generally flavoured and contains about as much nicotine as a traditional cigarette.

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