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E-Cig Safety and the Elusive ‘Proof’ of it

Published On July 5, 2014 | By Nicole | About E-Cigarettes Articles

E-Cig Safety and the Elusive ‘Proof’ of it

Many people every day discuss E-cig safety. We read about it online and hear about it on the news. Sometimes we hear about a study that ‘suggests this’ or that ‘supports that conclusion’, though it has been a while since we have heard anything definitive. We are still waiting to hear the truth. Are E-cigs bad for you, or are they safe?

Sometimes it seems like we hear phrases like ‘we just can’t be sure yet’ from everyone. Scientists, doctors, health department officials, and anti E-cig associations keep using the same verbiage. ‘It is just too soon to tell whether or not E-cigs might be harmful’ some have said. ‘We just don’t know for sure that E-cigs are entirely safe’ is another phrase that seems to get tossed around a lot.

Why does the proof of safety seem so elusive? Why does it seem like nobody is willing to just come forward and say ‘yes, it does indeed seem like these devices are safe or at least safer?’

As it turns out, there might be a very good reason for it. Proof of safety for the E-cig may not be as easy to find as we might think, mostly because finding something that isn’t there is much, much more difficult than finding something that is haaa. In other words, proving that something doesn’t exist is markedly more difficult than proving that something does. To explain this further, let’s use bigfoot.

What does bigfoot have to do with E-cigs?

bigfoot comparison to e-cig safetyAs you may well know, bigfoot is a rumored creature said to live in the thickest wooded areas of the United States. It has been described as sort of an ‘ape-human’ that walks upright on two legs, but that has remained cleverly hidden for millennia. There have been some alleged eye witness accounts of the creature, which also goes by the name ‘Yeti’ and ‘The abominable snowman’, though concrete evidence has yet to be presented.

But can we say for sure that bigfoot does not exist? Actually, this is a much more difficult thing to say with complete confidence. Why? Well, the answer is simple… because we cannot be everywhere and know everything at once. If there is indeed a bigfoot, then he might be sleeping where we are not looking currently. Since we do not have eyes on every single inch of the forest 24/7, it is really impossible to say for sure that he is not simply cleverly eluding our gaze.

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Now, on the flipside, proving that bigfoot is real would be a much simpler affair. If someone were to catch one, for example, than the problem would be solved. Having a bigfoot in hand, we could safely say that bigfoot does exist.

But what if he doesn’t exist? How long will it be before we can confidently make a ruling on it? As demonstrated in our example, it is very, very difficult to prove that something does not exist. You may be able to say with a margin of certainty that something is not likely to exist, but to prove with absolution that it does not is something else entirely.

What does this have to do with E-cigs?

Let us now go back to our discussion on E-cigs. Now, I will be the first to say that if E-cigs were found to be dangerous, I would want to be the first to know. I would also want to be the first person to write about it, because I believe that the truth is something that everyone is entitled to hear.

But, I must also say that we could be waiting forever for concrete proof that E-cigs are safe if they are not truly dangerous. Why? Because to prove that dangers do not exist is almost impossible. If dangers did exist, we would see them. But if they don’t, we won’t see anything.

This is why E-cigs might be getting a tougher rap than they deserve. Trust me, I am all about caution. I say let’s test them and let’s compile data. But I might also just say, with guarded caution, that to prove that E-cigs are safe without a doubt might take much, much longer than a lifetime… especially if they are. Besides, read how harmful bananas can be if used too large quantities! Do you see them being regulated? Don’t think so!

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