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What E-cig Style Is Right For You?

Published On August 6, 2014 | By Nicole | About E-Cigarettes Articles

What E-cig Style Is Right For You?

There are many different types of E-cigs. There are minis, E-gos, advanced personal vaporizers, disposables, etc. So how do you know which is right for you? Is one better than another? Will there really be any difference in performance, or are the dissimilarities mostly related to how the device looks?

Actually, there can definitely be a difference in performance based on the style that you buy, so choosing the type that is best for you is somewhat crucial. In this article we are going to give you a quick breakdown of which option might be best for you, based on the upsides and downsides of the products themselves. Of course, these are simple generalizations intended to give you an overview of the device style options as a whole.

Different brands may differ in how they are better or worse than one another, even within these general areas. But at least this might help to serve as a bit of a guide for choosing the E-cig that is best for you.


E-cig minis are usually about the same size as a regular analog cigarette. They are called ‘minis’ because they tend to be the smallest type of E-cig.

  • Advantages

Minis are the most realistic type of E-cig. Many of them look exactly like regular cigarettes, and many are the same weight as well. Most even have a small LED built into the tip that lights up when the battery is activated.

This familiarity might be appreciated by vapers who miss the analog experience. They also tend to be one of the least expensive rechargeable options on the market where the initial investment is concerned.

  • Disadvantages

The biggest disadvantage associated with E-cig minis is probably battery life. Since the batteries are smaller, you will need to charge them more often or at least keep more batteries on-hand in case you cannot get to your charger. Battery life can be fortified with a personal charging case, however… so this might be a way around the battery life downside.



Ego-style E-cigs generally have a larger battery and are not necessarily shaped like a real cigarette. These types of devices may utilize a clearomizer instead of refillable cartridges, meaning that you would need to buy E-liquid in a bottle to refill them. Many of them are also manually operated instead of automatic, meaning that you push a button instead of simply inhaling through them.

  • Advantages
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There are two main advantages to Ego-style E-cigs. The first is battery life. Since the batteries are larger, they tend to last longer and offer more usage per charge. The second advantage is that most of them tend to use straight E-liquid instead of cartridges. This keeps the refill price low, making them a bit cheaper in the long run.

  • Disadvantages

Egos tend to be more expensive to buy initially than their Mini counterparts. They also look less realistic. Some people are intimidated by their larger size and the fact that they really look nothing like an analog cigarette.


Advanced Personal Vaporizers

APVs, also more commonly referred to as just ‘personal vaporizers’, are more sophisticated E-cigs that usually allow the user to control things like voltage and wattage. They are almost always manually operated, can be refilled with E-liquid, and offer electronic features not found on the simpler and more basic E-go style electronic cigarettes.

  • Advantages

APVs offer the user a much more personalized experienced by making it possible to alter the voltage and wattage of the device. For advanced E-cig users, this might allow them to get what they would consider the ‘perfect vape’ out of their favorite flavours.

  • Disadvantages

The biggest disadvantage to APVs is the higher starting cost. These are among the most expensive types of electronic cigarettes, and are often even much higher in price than their simpler E-go counterparts. Of course, new E-cig users might feel overwhelmed if their first device is an APV, simply because they might not know what to do with all of the settings. This might be intimidating and a bit unpleasant to someone who is new to vaping, while it might be very welcomed to someone who is more experience and knows how to change voltage to get a better vape.



Disposable E-cigs are generally shaped like minis, though they are not meant to be recharged. Once you are done with them, you simply throw them away and replace them with something else.

  • Advantages

Disposable E-cigs are often your cheapest option at first, as they do not require you to buy chargers or any of the other gear required to continue using a rechargeable model. This makes them a fantastic option for someone who is not sure if they will like a particular brand or flavour. Buying a disposable is a great way to ‘try the water’, so to speak.

  • Disadvantages
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They are probably the most expensive option in the long run, as you are actually buying a battery and a cartomizer every time you need a new E-cig. Rechargeable models offer much better long-term value where your money is concerned.

Of course, what works best for one person might not work at all for another, which is why choosing E-cig products tends to be very personalized process. The best way to choose is simply to look at what you need. What makes the most sense for you? What will suit your needs the best? Odds are good that one will stand out more than the others, making your choice easier and easier as you contemplate the options.

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