E-cig thread types

E-Cig Thread Sizes

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E-Cig Thread Sizes (A-Z)

E-cig thread sizes. E-cigs are devices that utilize a heated element to vaporize E-liquid – also known as ‘liquid smoke’. Electronic cigarettes have become well known for being an alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes – though they actually offer a lot of benefits that tobacco cigarettes don’t. They’re also generally considered a ‘safer alternative’ to the real thing – and for good reason. They contain no tobacco, utilize no open flame, create no ash, and essentially utilize only four to five basic ingredients – which is a contrast to the thousands of chemicals that can be found in tobacco smoke.

But of course, since electronic cigarettes have become popular, they’ve changed, adapted, and evolved to meet their growing demand – which has resulted in many different versions of the device and the components used to put it together.

So how can you tell which parts go with which devices? As a general rule, thread size is the first and most important part of the puzzle. If you can determine the right thread size, then you’ll find yourself much closer to knowing what will and won’t work – but figuring out which e-cig thread sizes to buy can be quite a task all in itself.

We actually posted an article about this not long ago that might help to clear up some of your questions (you can find the article here: E-cig threads adapters), though in this blog post we’re going to attempt to give you some additional information that may help to determine exactly which threads you should look at while shopping for new E-cig components.

The most popular E-cig thread sizes

First and foremost, you’ll want to review the six most basic and popular thread types utilized in the E-cig industry. Odds are very good that your E-cig is going to match up with one (or possibly more) of these. These thread types describe the connections found between the battery and the atomizer/cartomizer, which is probably the most crucial part of the E-cig. If you want it to work right, then this part needs to fit – but finding the right parts may require you to look at the specs of the threads to see which brands match up and which don’t.

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Unfortunately, this information can be difficult to come by – though we’ve managed to find some specs that may help you out.

Here’s a breakdown of all of the most common thread types, along with their basic specs.

Vape Thread Sizes


Barrel Size: 7mm

Thread Pitch: .5mm

Battery Gender: male

Other names for this type: none that we could find.


Barrel Size: 7mm

Thread Pitch: .5mm

Battery Gender: female

Other names for this type: KR808-A, KR808-B, and L88B


Barrel Size: 9mm

Thread Pitch: .75mm

Battery Gender: male

Other names for this type: Penstyle, DSE801, BE112, Joye302, Joye304, M201, RN112, and KR108


Barrel Size: 8mm

Thread Pitch: .75mm

Battery Gender: male

Other names for this type: DSE901, DSE508, DSE568, KR808-D1, KR808-D, and RN4075


Barrel Size: 8mm

Thread Pitch: .75mm

Battery Gender: female

Other names for this type: DSE103, RN4081


Barrel Size: 7.5mm

Thread Pitch: .75mm

Battery Gender: male

Other names for this type: KR808-D2, and V0

Of course, there might be a few that aren’t listed here – but in general, these are by far the most common types of threads, along with their names and their specifications.

All of these details make a difference when it comes to finding a size that’ll fit – so it’s important to take them into account when trying to find the component that’s perfect for your model.

One thing that you should never do is to try and force threads together that don’t have the same measurements. This could not only ruin the threads, but may also keep your device from working like it should. A few examples below:

E-cig battery threads

Vape battery threads

If you’re having problems finding vape thread types as you shop, it might be a good idea to contact the company for more information. These details are incredibly important, and may dictate whether or not you can even use the components with your own devices – so don’t be afraid to ask whatever you need to ask to find out for sure.

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