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E-Cigarettes Sold in Chemists Belong to Tobacco Companies

Published On November 17, 2017 | By Nicole | Press

The sale of e-cigarettes in chemists and pharmacies is somewhat of a divisive issue. Most chemists had refused to sell e-cigarettes, despite their use in quitting smoking, due to worries about e-liquid not being regulated as a medicine. Of course this all changed when tobacco companies entered the arena.  

You may be wondering why chemists have changed their mind, and you wouldn’t be the only one. 


Puritane E-cigaretteAlmost all chemists had refused on ethical grounds that there were concerns about the quality of ingredients in some e-cigarette brands. This changed when Boots and Lloyds both took the decision to allow the sale of e-cigarettes in their stores.  

The brand chosen by Boots was Puritane. Lloyds chose Vype. Both of these e-cigarette companies are owned by tobacco companies. So what was it that changed the minds of these two highly reputable companies? According to Lloyds it was the use of ECOpure in the Vype e-cigarettes.  

ECOpure is a pharmaceutical grade nicotine e-Liquid that is tested for impurities and manufactured to the highest standard. This is the reason that Lloyds gave for choosing Vype as the brand they would be using in their stores. Unfortunately for the various other brands on the market who also used pharmaceutical grade nicotine e-liquid it wasn’t good enough for them to be sold in chemists. 

Why Tobacco Companies?

It’s a strange choice of bedfellow for the chemists at first glance, but when you think about it, it makes complete sense. A lot of the money that chemists make to keep them running is from various quitting smoking aids. Who better to ensure that they are still able to make money from this kind of product than the people who create smokers in the first place? 

It’s not just the possibility that the chemists are thinking about their future that caused them to make the choice of tobacco company owned e-cigarettes. Even though many independent e-cigarette companies offer superior and cheaper products, they do not have the amount of funding that tobacco companies do. This means that the deal to distribute the products on offer may not have been good enough for the chemists to consider, whereas the deal the tobacco companies offered may have been far more appealing. 

All of this adds up to you the consumer being offered an inferior, more expensive product by someone who doesn’t have an interest in you quitting smoking 

Why Don’t Chemists and Tobacco Companies Want you to Quit


If you quit smoking you benefit in many different ways. Your health and your bank account being two of the main ones. It’s also a huge benefit to the NHS as the large amount of smoking related illnesses being treated each year will begin to fall. You quitting smoking is of a huge benefit to society as a whole. 

It’s not a benefit to tobacco companies though. People quitting smoking cuts into their profits and it certainly explains why the majority of tobacco company created e-cigarettes are significantly lower in quality than independent ones. It’s unfair that a place that is supposed to be helping you, the chemist, is taking money over your health and well being. 

Why would the chemist do that though? The simple reason is money. They need money in order to survive. Chemists need to make money to survive, nicotine replacement therapies are a significant earner for them and with e-cigarettes taking them out of the equation more and more, they needed a replacement. The tobacco companies are both able to provide more money in an initial deal as well as ensure that less people with move away from traditional nicotine replacement therapies.  

Ignoring Advice

It’s all against the advice of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society as well. Despite the reams of research that shows the use of e-cigarettes both help people to quit smoking but are also far less harmful than tobacco products, they do not believe chemists and pharmacies should be selling e-cigarettes until they are regulated in the same way medicines are.  

It is another example of the chemists following the money rather than taking advice given to them. E-cigarettes are an excellent aid when it comes to quitting smoking. They can help you and anyone else who uses them to finally get the monster from off your back. However, the way in which the chemists are going about introducing e-cigarettes to their customers seems disingenuous. They are seen as trustworthy by the majority of consumers, but by getting into bed with tobacco companies there is a plain conflict of interest.  

Information! All of this shows that you should be wary before getting your e-cigarettes from the chemists. The first step towards becoming smoke free shouldn’t be also feeding tobacco companies at the same time.  

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