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E-Cigarettes on Prescription?

Published On March 14, 2018 | By Albert Just | Press

With the latest unwarranted negative scrutiny that e-cigarettes and vaping have been receiving recently the most surprising news in recent times is the report published by Public Health England calling for e-cigarettes to be available on prescription.

The independent report cited data that shows that vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking. This goes against a lot of the propaganda that is released to the general public, so to come from a health watchdog that has no vested interest in vaping it really is a big step forward.

Public Health England also followed up with their desire for e-cigarettes to be available on prescription on the NHS, due to how successful they have been in helping people to quit smoking.


The review said that at least 20,000 people a year are quitting smoking from the use of e-cigarettes.

It also cited the large number of misleading “facts” that are being passed around that vaping is just as dangerous as smoking. The report states that this belief is hindering smoking from moving to vaping and is, therefore, reducing the number of people who are quitting smoking. Due to the conflicting reports, there are currently no e-cigarettes that have been licensed as a quitting smoking aid.

This means that vaping isn’t allowed to be promoted as a quitting smoking aid in the UK, despite the overwhelming evidence that it is effective. Public Health England wants to change this and would like it to become easier for e-cigarette manufacturers to get a medicinal license and therefore be able to promote themselves as a quitting smoking aid.

Public Health England don’t just want NHS prescriptions and to be licensed quitting smoking aids for e-cigarettes either, they want e-cigarettes to be sold in hospitals as well as having vaping areas for patients who require them. All of this is leading towards their aim of increasing the general health levels of the general public, which would reduce the strain on the NHS, and quitting smoking and moving on to vaping is an excellent way to do that.


As well as all of the claims related to the actual act of vaping that the report debunked, it also managed to refute another unsubstantiated claim. The claim that vaping acts as a gateway to young people smoking.

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Less than 1% of non-smokers use e-cigarettes on a regular basis

The report showed that less than 1% of non-smokers use e-cigarettes on a regular basis. It also shows that levels of youth smoking are dropping at an encouraging rate.

Our Opinion

All of this is an incredibly encouraging sign when it comes to fighting off the war on vaping. For too long tobacco companies have funded studies and in some cases bribed reputable institutions to release misleading data on the dangers of vaping.

This independent study shows that when people who truly have the well being of the general public at heart undertake a study the facts will always show that vaping is not harmful.

Hopefully, this will lead to more reputable institutions following suit and realizing that vaping is the strongest weapon we have when it comes to quitting smoking.

The call for e-cigarettes and the related paraphernalia to be available on prescription is a call that may end up being controversial. It could end up leading to tighter legislation on e-cigarettes and e-liquids in order for them to be passed as medically safe.

Of course, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it can lead to the vaping experience being diminished which could, in turn, lead to lower success rates when it comes to helping people quit.

On the other hand, it could have the opposite effect and cause the quality of vaping products to improve and for success rates to go through the roof.

Future of vaping

The price of a prescription is much lower than a vape too, so the initial price barrier that puts some people off could end up being eradicated through prescriptions.

Overall, the positive report can only be good for the future of vaping and hopefully, this won’t be the last positive report that comes to light. The fact that it has been reported in the mainstream media shows that it hasn’t been hidden away either, maybe finally vaping will be taken seriously as a tool to help people quit smoking.

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