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E-cigs See Little Use Among Non Smokers

Published On July 17, 2016 | By Nicole | Scientific Research

New EU Study Shows That E-cigs See Little Use Among Non Smokers

One thing that E-cig opponents cite as a major fear is the risk that electronic cigarettes could act as a gateway device to smoking. They’re afraid that non-smokers might get drawn into tobacco use through E-cigs, thus undoing a lot of the progress that has been made over the past few decades in the field of tobacco use control.

Fewer and fewer people are making use of tobacco and cigarettes – and smoking rates have never been so low. But with that being said, a lot of people are afraid that E-cigs could potentially hurt this progress. If E-cigs do indeed act as gateway devices that could bring people back to cigarettes or promote smoking in any way, then it would be important to regulate them to prevent such setbacks from occurring.

The only problem, however, is that E-cigs have thus-far been shown to be helpful to the cause of tobacco control, not hurtful – and a recent study conducted in the EU seems to further develop this growing pool of evidence.

What did the study say?

According to this article, which was published on, the study was published in the journal ‘Addiction’, and involved 27,460 EU residents from all 28 member states. Basically, the study concluded that non-smokers rarely use E-cigs, and that 67% of smokers who did use them either quit smoking altogether or at least smoked fewer cigarettes after using E-cigs.

Here’s a quote from the conclusion of the study, as stated by researchers in the published paper…

“E-cigarette use in the European Union appears to be largely confined to current or former smokers, while current use and nicotine use by people who have never smoked is rare…”

According to the study, only 2.3% of nonsmoking participants had tried E-cigs – which is a pretty low number. But there were also some other very positive numbers for E-cigs in the study, such as the fact that 35.1% of people who were currently using E-cigs said that they had actually stopped smoking regular cigarettes because of their vaping habit. And 32.2% said that they smoked less now that they also vaped.

What do we think of the results of this study?

This study just adds to a growing pool of evidence suggesting that E-cigs are a lot more helpful than people give them credit for. Opponents of electronic cigarette devices continue to claim that there is a risk that they will bring more people back to smoking. But when we look at evidence like this, we see with quite a bit of certainty that such fears are simply unfounded.

It is certainly understandable that people would want to be cautious – but let’s also be honest about the evidence. All of it seems to point to the fact that E-cigs are helping – not making the problem worse. People are beginning to realize that vaping could be a very viable tool in the fight against tobacco and cigarette addiction – and while they’re not perfect, E-cigs do have a lot of potential as an alternative that could help a lot of people.

Quitting smoking isn’t easy. But vaping offers something that few other alternatives ever come close to. E-cigs, vapourizers, and E-cig mods offer smokers a real-life alternative that can provide a substitute for basically every element of the smoking experience. It’s not just nicotine replacement.

Vaping is actually a legitimate, technologically driven alternative that gives people something to do with their hands, their time, and their friends. It’s not just nicotine gum or a patch – it’s a real movement that’s creating a community, and it seems to be doing quite well at helping people to overcome their addiction to cigarettes.

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