Losing e-liquid flavour

Why is my E-liquid losing its flavour?

Published On October 20, 2015 | By Nicole | About E-Cigarettes Articles

Why is my E-liquid losing its flavour?

Have you ever been vaping happily away on your favorite E-liquid, only to suddenly experience a sudden decrease in the amount of flavour that you can taste?

If you have, then rest-assured that you’re not alone. Some people call this ‘Vaper’s Tongue’, or ‘Flavour Fatigue’, but it’s actually not that uncommon of a problem. Basically, you’ll be vaping on a flavour that you like, and enjoying it one moment – then, before you know it, all of a sudden, you’ll notice that you’re simply not getting anything out of it.

To put it plainly, it might start to taste bland.

This can be a very frustrating problem – but it’s important to understand that it isn’t quite as serious as it may seem. As it turns out, vaper’s tongue is a pretty common problem – but it’s not permanent, and there are some steps that you can take to counter it.

Information! Here’s some information that might help you out the next time you run into a problem with ‘flavour fatigue’.

Believe it or not, this isn’t a problem with your E-cig, your E-liquid, or even your tongue

This problem is actually caused by a problem with the olfactory system (or, in other words, your sense of smell). Since your sense of smell is responsible for most of what you taste, this isn’t too surprising. In fact, you may be more likely to experience it if you’ve recently quit smoking. You might also be more likely to experience a loss of flavour if you get dehydrated, if you’re vaping the same flavour over and over again, or if you have a cold or a stuffy nose from allergies.

And sometimes, it might happen for no apparent reason at all!

Anything that could hinder your sense of smell could, in theory, cause you to experience vaper’s tongue. For instance, vaping the same flavour over and over again may cause your sense of smell to become desensitized to it. Smoking can also play games with your olfactory system. It can cause your ‘sniffer’ to get confused and/or overloaded – which could definitely contribute to a troublesome bout with a case of ‘flavour fatigue’.

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How can you fix it?

As it turns out, fixing vaper’s tongue is definitely possible – and there are a number of ways to go about it.

  • Brush your teeth!

Brushing your teeth can be a fantastic way to remove buildup from your tongue. The minty flavour of the toothpaste can also help to bring back a sense of ‘direction’ for your nose, and just might help to reinstate your normal ability to taste as usual.

  • Vape something super-strong!

Vaping a flavour like mint or cinnamon can help to re-jump-start and cleanse your pallet.

  • Smell some fresh coffee grounds

One trick that’s always worked for wine-tasters is to sniff some fresh coffee grounds. Something about this smell helps to reset the olfactory sensors. You can basically ‘realign’ your sense of taste using this method!

  • Rinse out your mouth with mouthwash

Rinsing with minty mouthwash can also be beneficial, as exposure to the strong ‘minty’ flavour might help to ‘shock’ your senses back into the right place.

  • Take a break

If all else fails, take a break from vaping for a little bit. Sometimes, all it takes is a few hours away from your device to fix the problem. Go for a walk, let your E-cig charge, and chew some minty gum. Give your senses time to cool off.

Above all else, it’s important not to worry too much about this problem. Vaper’s tongue happens, and if you vape, you’ll probably experience it. At any rate, remember that everyone is different, and that you can definitely overcome it. You may just need to find the solution that works the best for you.

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