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Published On March 14, 2014 | By Nicole | Brands

Introduction – E-Lites Review

E-Lites is one of the most popular E-cigarette companies in the UK, and for good reason.They have a reputation for providing not only great options for starter kits, but also for high-quality components.

E-cigs have been gaining steam (no pun intended!) for years, mostly because they are considered a much-safer alternative to traditional tobacco-filled cigarettes.

E-Lites offer these same benefits. Though they contain about as much nicotine as a regular tobacco-filled cigarette, they don’t contain any of the tar, arsenic, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, or any of the other harmful byproducts associated with analog cigarette use. The ‘smoke’ that they emit is actually just harmless, flavoured water vapour created by the atomization of an ‘e-liquid’, which is basically a flavoured liquid that produces the vapour. This vapour, in turn, delivers the throat hit, the nicotine, and subsequently, the taste.

This vapour is also odorless, and will not bother people in the area. E-cigs, for example, can be used indoors without a safety concern because there is no second hand smoke (there is actually no ‘smoke’ period). They simply emit harmless flavoured water vapour. Keep reading our E-Lites review to learn more about electronic cigarettes and this brand in particular.


Positives and Negatives

E-Lites definitely offer E-cig users some benefits.


  • Great value for the money
  • High quality components
  • Great vapour production and throat hit


  • They only offer tobacco and menthol flavours
  • Price-point is a bit on the high side (however, the adage ‘you get what you pay for’ definitely applies here, as E-Lites are known for their high-quality E-cig products and components)
  • They only offer minis. No E-go style vaporizers or APVs


What Products/Accessories Can Be Purchased

E-Lites offers a full line of starter kits, refills, and accessories. They carry three different refill flavours, 9 different starter kits, a wide assortment of chargers and charger accessories, and even an assortment of E-Gars, which are basically E-cigars. Customers can also buy cases for their E-cigs, as well as extra batteries, portable power packs, and wall chargers.

One of the great things about E-Lites is that they offer a wide variety of different starter kits. These starter kits contain accessories that will make the E-cig experience better. For example, some kits come with more batteries… making it easier to keep up with a medium to heavy smoking habit.

When looking at starter kits, it is always important to make sure that the kit in question has everything that you are going to need, mostly because buying in starter kits is generally less expensive than buying pieces or accessories individually.

Package And Design

As far as packaging goes, E-Lites follow a style similar to what other E-cigs and analog cigarettes have done. Most starter packs come in card cases that look almost exactly like analog cigarette cases, though there are also some that come in slimmer, more modern-style cases.

As far as design goes, the E-Lites E-cigs are so much like regular analog cigarettes that passersby may not even be able to tell the difference. You can get two different types of LEDs on the ends, green or red. The reds look especially real. It is fairly obvious that E-Lites places a lot of importance on their ability to emulate the look and feel of traditional cigarettes… and it definitely pays off. Their products are very realistic, and will provide a feeling very similar to that obtained while using an analog cigarette.

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On that note, it might be important to say that the green lights are actually more popular, as they don’t usually get mistaken for the real thing in inconvenient situations!

Battery Performance

The batteries on E-Lites products perform very well. Most reviewers agree that these are some of the best batteries on the market where E-cigs are concerned. As stated earlier, this company offers two different types of LEDs on the ends of their batteries… red or green. You can buy them in starter packs, individually, or in packs of five.

Vapour Production

E-Lites actually produce a very high quantity of vapour, despite being E-cig minis. In fact, some say that the vapour that they produce is on par with much larger and more expensive APVs. They offer a good throat hit and a high quality flavour. Of course, they are different from a cigarette in that the vapour is not smoke, but rather harmless vapourized e-liquid. This is odorless and dissolves harmlessly into the air, making the E-cig perfectly safe to use around other people.

They are even safe to use indoors. The vapour simply dissolves into the air after a few seconds, and is basically odorless.


E-Lites offers three different flavours… Light Tobacco, Regular Tobacco, and Menthol. On one hand, we do wish they offered more flavours. One great thing about E-cigs is that you can use many different types of flavours in them. But on the other hand, it is pretty obvious that E-Lites is catering to smokers who need to find a healthier alternative to cigarette smoke that won’t hold them back. Their motto is ‘Believe You Can’, and they seem to stay pretty true to this theme.

E-lites Flavours

With that being said, sticking with traditional flavours, at least for now, definitely seems to be within the realm of their mission. Keeping that in mind helps us to understand a bit better why there are not more flavours being offered than the traditional tobacco and menthol options.

Nicotine Levels

Nicotine levels in E-Lites’ E-cigs depend upon which type you buy. The Reds, for example, are ‘regular strength’, while the Golds are ‘Light’ strength. E-Lites are also said to have a good throat hit… one that is comparable to a regular analog cigarette.

About The Company

E-Lites is a company that definitely has passion behind their products. Their motto is ‘Believe You Can’, and their mission definitely seems to be to help people to realize that they could have a better life than the one that they are living while smoking analog cigarettes. Their outlook is that E-cigs can help you to achieve dreams that might not be possible if you are held back by the negative effects of tobacco. We definitely believe that their mission is an admirable one, and we also believe that they take this mission very seriously.

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Their business is technically located in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire.

Customers can definitely expect great support from E-Lites regarding their products. They offer a phone number for sales and support on their website, as well as an email address, a physical business address, and even an email form that makes sending a message exceptionally easy. There is also a store located on their website under the ‘About E-Lites’ tab, which allows customers in the UK to find the nearest store that carries their products by entering their postcode.
E-Lites will ship both locally (in the UK), and internationally.
They offer a fairly standard 1 year warranty with their products.


Value For The Money

E-Lites definitely offers value for the money. Their starter kits are diverse enough to allow for different needs and tastes, their refills are reasonably priced, they offer plenty of accessories, and they are known far and wide for the quality of their components. While we do wish that they offered more flavours, it cannot be denied that they offer a well-made product that has withstood the test of time. There is definitely no question as to why E-Lites continues to be one of the most popular types of E-cigs on the market today!

Running Costs

So how much is it going to cost you to keep using this brand of E-cig? Is it going to save you enough money to make it worth it? These are great questions, and the answer is actually a definite ‘yes’ on both counts. To buy two E-tips (which are basically new cartomizers), you will get the equivalent of about 80 analog cigarettes for £7.99.


In the end, there is definitely no reason not to at least give this brand a try. If you enjoy traditional tobacco or menthol flavouring, are looking for something super realistic, and want good vapour production without complications or difficulties, then E-Lites should definitely be a choice to consider.

With that being said, they tend to be a bit on the expensive side. If you are in the market for something truly ‘cheap’, then these may not be for you. But then again, keep in mind that you are getting a tested, trusted, quality product for you money with E-Lites.

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2 Responses to E-Lites Review

  1. Nick says:

    Love their E-Gar Grande, been using this brand for 7 months now and don’t even want to try different e-cig cigars.

  2. Eldred says:

    I was given an e-lites curv a week ago at a festival.
    Gone from 20 cigarettes a day to 0
    Have since bought another for backup battery.
    I know I will never “smoke” again.
    Kids delighted.
    p.s. e-cigs still “analogue”..digital cigarettes are for robots.

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