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E-Puffer Magnum Snaps Review

Published On December 9, 2015 | By Nicole | Product Reviews
Overall Score
90 %

The SNAPS technology is truly excellent. We were originally afraid that the battery and tip might leak or get loose without having threads to hold them together - but so far, after a few weeks of use, they haven’t budged.

Vapour 85%
Throat Hit 90%
Price 90%
Battery Life 85%
Design 95%

E-Puffer Magnum Snaps Review

Quick Intro

ePuffer Magnum SNAPS are so-named because they use what ePuffer describes as a Patent-Pending Magnetic Activation and Screwless Design.”

This is basically a new type of technology that allows the charging case to perform a few functions differently than other ‘traditional’ charging cases on the E-cig market.

1.) It simplifies the charging process

2.) It mirrors the design and look of a real cigarette pack

3.) It uses a magnetic charging socket that you can use to simply ‘drop and charge’ your batteries, as opposed to screwing them in

E-cig minis aren’t always as popular as their larger, more sophisticated eGo/vaporizer counterparts, but some people do prefer them because they often come off as less intimidating. Minis look a lot like regular cigarettes, so people who are new to vaping might prefer their familiar look and feel, as opposed to the look and feel of an E-cig that doesn’t look or feel anything like a traditional analog cigarette.

But is this a high-quality product? Are there any drawbacks? What are the pros and cons?

These are all important questions – so let’s get started.

Pros and Cons

Here are the basic pros and cons that I discovered while researching this device.


  • It’s well made and seems to be designed quite well
  • The charging case looks nice and does a great job of keeping the batteries charged
  • The SNAPS technology is amazing, and more-than worth the money
  • The vapor is good, and the throat hit is also nice – though it varies by flavor
  • Free shipping in the UK, delivered in 1-2 days
  • As a bonus when with this kit you also get a pack of 6 – Variety Tobacco or Shisha flavour cartomizers


  • The price point is a bit high when compared to some other E-cig minis on the market today – though, to be fair, not many other kits come with such an advanced portable charging case.
  • This product does a pretty good job of producing vapor for how small it is – but you might be disappointed if you’re looking for huge, billowing clouds.

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What’s in the starter kit?

The ePuffer Magnum Snaps Rechargeable E-kit comes with an instruction manual, the SNAPS portable charging case, the USB lead, a main charging adapter, a car charging adapter, 2 batteries, and 3 tips. All of the batteries and tips come with safety caps on the ends, which makes transportation safer and prevents the parts from getting messed up on the inside.

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This starter pack is technically a ‘rechargeable E-pack’ that comes with its own portable charging device. The instructions that come with it are pretty detailed, though it’s certainly an easy kit to use – so you shouldn’t have any problems figuring out how to get it out and working.

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The batteries that come with this kit are pretty small. They’re really not much different in size from the end of a cigarette. In fact, when the tip and the battery are put together, they really seem to be about the same in size as their analog counterparts.

The mouthpieces seem pretty well made, and they have magnetic ends – which produce a better seal and help to make it easier to attach the battery. You don’t even have to screw these together – you just ‘snap’ them into place (hence, the name).

There is no on/off switch. Once the batteries are connected to the tips, you’re ready to vape.

The portable charging case that comes with this kit comes equipped with a micro-USB charging port, a built-in LED flashlight, and a charging notification meter. The charger itself is actually pretty powerful – as is the included LED flashlight.

Information! I was super-impressed with the charging case. It’s certainly well-made and well-designed.

It has three holes in it – one that you can use to recharge a battery, one that you can use to hold a tip for the battery that’s charging, and one that’s deep enough to allow you to store a fully-assembled E-cig. So, in just this one charging case, you can actually store two complete E-cigs – which is pretty awesome.

  • E55M Batteries (length: 55mm)
  • Premium cartridges deliver up to 400 puffs each
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Features SNAPS magnetic activation and screwless design
  • High rate discharge – 120mAh
  • Direct-air intake makes draws silent and smooth
  • Comes with nicotine densities of 1.2mg, 0.6mg, and 0mg
As far as I can tell, this device is probably only compatible with ePuffer Magnum SNAPS cartridges (tips).

What we think of this kit

First of all, I must admit that I’m more of a vape-pen person than an E-cig mini-type person – but this kit impressed me quite a bit. It’s designed so well and works so well that we can still see ourselves and many other people using it in the future – especially you’re going to be out-and-about and away from a place to charge the battery. It’s also small and discreet, so you can carry it with you without much trouble.

After using this product, it’s easy to see why people like minis – and in a sense, they’ve re-awakened the cool-factor within me and made me appreciate them all over again.

I feel that the ePuffer Magnum SNAPS kit packs a lot of value into a small package – and I enthusiastically recommend it if you’re looking for a cig-a-like or E-cig-mini that will emulate the real thing while still delivering awesome flavor and enough vapor to satisfy your needs.

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Appearance and Feel

The box is nicely designed and decorated. There are some details written on the outer packaging slip about the kit itself and its contents, and the box itself a flip-front box.

The charging case could be described as ‘nice and simple’. It actually looks a bit like a cross between a cigarette box and a zippo lighter. It has a nice, firm, rubber-like feel to it – which I rather liked. I feel like it would be difficult to damage it. It seems well-made and durable enough to last.


The SNAPS technology is truly excellent. We were originally afraid that the battery and tip might leak or get loose without having threads to hold them together – but so far, after a few weeks of use, they haven’t budged. We are very, very impressed with this design, and would definitely not call it a gimmick!

The charging case itself is pretty much perfect. The ability to store two entire E-cigs is really nice, because you can charge one while using the other, and then switch them out as needed.

The vape that you get from this device is pretty good – as are the flavors.


While this device does a good job of mimicking an analog tobacco cigarette, it leaves a bit to be desired in terms of the quantity of vapor. If you’re just looking for a good vape that tastes great, then you’ll love how this E-cig vapes. But if you’re looking for large clouds of vapor, then you might be a little bit disappointed (it is, after all, a smaller device).

Company Address and Contact Details

ePuffer maintains a toll-free phone line that customers can use at any time for questions, inquiries, or comments. They also offer a ‘service ticket’ system for online customer service.

The official business address of the company is as follows…


60 Charles Street, Unit 14

Leicester, United Kingdom


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Additional recommended products from this company

If you’re looking to step-up from this product to a vaporizer, then I would recommend taking a look at the Phantom HD3 Vaporizer from ePuffer. This product packs-in a lot of value for the cost, and is a great entry-level vaporizer for new to intermediate vapers.

Screenshot of the Website

Screenshot of the ePuffer website


4.63/5 (8)

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