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eCig Delivered Reviews

Published On January 25, 2015 | By Nicole | Brands

Introduction – eCig Delivered Review

eCig Delivered is a relatively new E-cig company that has yet to drum up a lot of attention. According to their Twitter feed, their new website has only been up since around September of 2014 – so it’s not surprising that I hadn’t heard of them before I visited their site to prepare for the review-writing process.

Right away, I found some issues with their website that threatened to throw me off a bit. For one, some of their drop-down menus didn’t display correctly on my monitor – which made it difficult to know exactly what the options were.

Another thing that I noticed was that there were some pretty serious errors in their written on-site content – which is something that I don’t see very often on E-cig sites. You would think that a company planning on launching a business website would take the time to hire a professional to write their content for them – and while errors do sometimes slip through, I was surprised that they hadn’t been fixed yet.

I was also a bit surprised to find that their Twitter page had fewer than a dozen followers—which was another indication that this company is probably very, very new to the industry.

Of course, one should never ‘judge a book by its cover’, so let’s talk about their products and discuss what we found out over the course of our research. Our reviews after all is meant to help not only you guys but show companies where they can and should improve!

Positives and Negatives

Here are some of the basic positives and negatives that we discovered as we researched this company.


  • eCigDelivered offers some truly affordable deals on their website
  • They carry quite a few different E-liquid flavours
  • They have a point reward system that allows you to get free merchandise when you’ve acquired enough points


  • Their website is either still under construction or just lacks adequate information to answer most questions
  • There are parts of the website that don’t seem to function properly
  • They are a new and ‘untested’ company—so choosing to use them for your vaping needs might come with a small amount of risk

What products/accessories can be purchased?

eCigDelivered offers a decent range of E-cigs, E-liquid, and accessories. On the E-cig side, they sell six different starter kits – thought the primary difference between most of them is simply the color of the E-cig. These kits come with an H2 Atomiser and a 900 mAh battery, as well as a USB charger. Again, when reading through the product descriptions, I was surprised to find some pretty significant errors. It almost seems like their website is not completely finished yet – so maybe in the near future the content will get better.

As far as the E-liquid goes, they actually offer quite a few different options – ranging from tobacco flavours, to menthol, to specialty flavours like Cherry Blast, Crisp Apple, Sweet Blueberry, and Lemon Sherbets.

eCigDelivered e-liquid

On the accessory side of things, they offer replacement batteries, atomisers, and chargers.

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Their selection of products wasn’t necessarily overwhelming – but they did offer some options that were affordably priced. One thing that I noticed was that they don’t seem to carry any cig-a-like E-cigs, but that’s not really too big of an issue. I definitely wouldn’t call that a negative, as more and more people are simply starting off with Egos nowadays anyway. In a sense, it almost seems like cig-a-likes are starting to phase out a bit – so I’m not surprised that a new company like eCigDelivered is choosing to bypass them.

 Package and design

We found no reason to complain about the packaging on these products. It does the job and gets the products delivered safely – which is really all that counts!

As far as the designs of the products are concerned, I will say that they’re not necessarily revolutionary – but they are stylish and functional. I wouldn’t mind carrying any one of their E-cigs out around town with me. They are nicely colored and would probably be considered ‘trendy’ by most vaping standards.

Ecig Delivered Starter Kits

User Reviews

We were, unfortunately, unable to really find any customer reviews regarding this company or their products. They’re very new to the industry though, which probably has a lot to do with it. I have no doubt that we’ll probably be hearing a lot more about them in the coming months.

Product Choice

I considered the product choice and selection to be average. They offer basically two different starter kits – though one of them has five color options. They do carry quite a few E-liquids, so this balances out the lack of variability in their E-cig range. They’ll probably end up adding more products to their website in the future though, as their business does seem to be pretty new. I’m not really surprised that their product range is as limited as it is.


ECigDelivered carries approximately fifteen different flavour options – which actually isn’t too bad. Plus, some of these flavours are pretty unique. Even if you’re not interested in their actual E-cig products, you might want to check out their flavours – just in case you end up finding something that you never thought you’d see offered as an E-liquid flavour.

Nicotine levels

ECigDelivered offers six nicotine level options for their E-liquids – 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 24mg.

About the company

Unfortunately, there is very little information about the company available on their website and social media sites. Besides the fact that they’re UK based, we weren’t able to find out much else.

As far as we could tell, there was no physical address provided on the official website. We were also unable to learn anything about the history of the company.
This company offers free shipping on orders totaling £20.00 or more.
Unfortunately, the FAQ link seemed to be down and we were unable to view it during the writing of this review. This was one of the spots on the website that seemed to be ‘out of order’. As a result, we were unable to come up with specific warranty/money back guarantee information.

Value for the money

If cost alone is what you’re going for, then eCigDelivered definitely offers quality for the money. Their products are actually very affordable, and you get a lot for what you’re paying. However, there were a few things that caused us a bit of hesitation. For one, the website doesn’t seem to be completely functional at this point. There were questions that we were unable to find answers for online, and we really didn’t see any customer reviews posted anywhere.

You might get a great deal with this company, though you have to remember that you might be taking a bit of a risk – especially when considering that this company seems to be so new.

Running costs

You can buy three bottles of E-liquid on the company website for just £10 – which is actually a pretty fantastic deal. Using this company’s E-liquid could definitely save you some money, especially when you compare the prices for their liquid to what it would cost for you to continue using analog cigarettes.


In the end, there were things that we did and didn’t like about this company. They seem to offer some great products, but since they’re so new it’s hard to gauge how popular they are with other customers. It’s also difficult to get answers to questions from the website, which seems to be under construction and/or unfinished at this present time.

While this company didn’t offer a ton of choices for E-cig products, they did carry some nice looking E-gos and quite a few E-liquid flavours. In all actuality, it might be worthwhile to look at their E-liquids even if you’re not interested in anything else – because they might carry some unique flavours that could give you a new and varied vaping experience.

To be quite honest, you can probably get the same thing for your money from more trustworthy and time-tested E-cig providers, though eCigDelivered definitely shouldn’t be written off just yet. With a little website work and some customer feedback to spruce up their basically nonexistent (though not necessarily negative) reputation, they could become a serious contender in the online UK E-cig market. As it stands, they’re definitely worth a look if you’re looking for new E-liquids and don’t want to pay a fortune for them.

3.5/5 (2)

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10 Responses to eCig Delivered Reviews

  1. Nicole says:

    I’m very pleased to hear this and thank you for the update Dean. I’m sure that consumers will appreciate your effort and I look forward seeing you make further changes to the brand.

  2. Mansoor Sarwar says:


    I been using ecig delivered since March 2015, I have placed 3 big orders in total for my eliquid. Everything got on time until now. My recent order was placed on 27/07/2016 for six bottles of e liquid, I received my order on 29/07/2016. Guess what got only 3 bottles. I submitted a ticket on the website on 30/07/2016 but since then no response been given. I tried to call the the number given on the website twice and was in the queue for more than an hour. It seems that it’s an automated message where they play the song all along and ask to leave a message by pressing option 1, which I did but still no reply!! Now, after reading this article and comments. I am going to email Dean directly and I hope to get some response! If not, the last resort will be contacting paypal to dispute the payment.

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