EcigWizard review

Ecig Wizard Review

Published On July 27, 2014 | By Nicole | Brands

Introduction – Ecig Wizard E-cig Review

E-cig Wizard was, surprisingly, a company that I had not heard about before I wrote this review. I always enjoy learning about new companies, however, and this was one of those rare (but welcomed) occurrences where I literally had to start from scratch and with no previous knowledge to build-upon.

From the very beginning I rather liked the name, though I found the website a little bit dull for my taste, though still completely functional and professional. One thing that really surprised me about this company was that they actually didn’t offer that many different products in their store, which almost seems contradictory to their claim of being ‘one of the UK’s leading and fastest-growing stockists and suppliers of electronic cigarettes, e-liquids, ecigs mods, and accessories.’

According to their website, they started their business in 2011 with just £500 worth of stock and a single employee. Today, however, they claim to send out about 500 orders per day, employ 34 staff members (two of whom are actual doctors!), and supply over 400 different locations across Europe with products.

We were also surprised to see that they had received an incredible number of reviews on TrustPilot. By all indications, they do seem to be a company with a lot of ‘irons in the fire.’ Actually, I am very surprised that I have not heard of them before!

But do they offer real value for the money and high quality products? Here is what we found out when writing Ecig Wizard review.


Positives and Negatives

Here are the initial pros and cons of Ecig Wizard’s products and services.


  • Products seem to be very high in quality
  • Flavours seem to be very good
  • They have a very good reputation among their customers
  • Their products are modern and innovative
  • They carry a HUGE lineup of different flavours


  • There have been a few negative reports regarding customer service
  • They don’t carry a very wide range of different types of products


What products/accessories can be purchased?

I very quickly realized that Ecig Wizard didn’t actually carry a very wide assortment of products. They only carry one starter kit (which consists of an E-go style ecig called the Vision, 1 USB charger, and 1 bottle of e-liquid). This costs £19.99, which is actually a pretty fair price for a starter kit… though I was amazed that they didn’t seem to have any mini style starter kits for sale. In fact, as I browsed their website, I actually failed to see a single mini-style E-cig offered at all!

We had mixed feelings about this, and as you probably noticed we did list it as a negative in the cons section… though it should also be noted that, aside from offering a more realistic product, minis are not really that great when you compare them to E-gos. Perhaps Ecig Wizard is trying to cut down on needless waste by bypassing the smaller product altogether and going for the larger batteries on a less-expensive E-go model.

This is understandable, though there may definitely be some people out there who will miss the realistic minis too much to be able to utilize Ecig Wizard. If you miss the actual feel of an analog cigarette and are looking for something to take its place, then you might be disappointed with what Ecig Wizard has to offer.

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Package and design

Ecig Wizard Starter kitAs far as packaging is concerned, Ecig Wizard is pretty typical. They ship their products very similarly to how other companies do it, using mostly cardboard and plastic.

When it comes to design, however, this company does stand out a bit in the sense that they offer what seems to be a very modern style to their products. Also, while they do only offer one starter kit, they also offer a few different clearomizer, tank, and battery options in their accessories menu, and some of these accessories actually have a very nice look to them.

We really couldn’t find anything definitive to complain about in this section of the review. As far as we are concerned, the packaging on these products is average and the designs of the products themselves are perhaps a little bit above that.

Battery performance

We found no reason not to give Ecig Wizard’s batteries an outstanding rating. As we mentioned earlier, the vast majority of reviews available online about this company are positive, and we really didn’t find any complaints about battery strength or performance.

Vapour production

Vapour production with Ecig Wizard E-cigs is actually very good and very highly reviewed among both customers and reviewers. Users can expect a high quality vapour plume, as well as a great throat hit… especially with the 24mg nicotine strengths and other higher-strength flavours.


Ecig Wizard actually offers several different flavours to choose from… and by several, we mean over 200! Yes, they say on their website that they have 200 flavours available from all over the world to choose from, ranging from tobacco, to menthol, to bubble gum, to Jagerbomb!

EcigWizard e-liquid

We have also found that customers seem to love the flavours offered by this company. Many of them are described as being smooth, full, and rich, though with so many flavours to choose from there would be no way to describe every single one.

Interestingly, we did fine one particular complaint associated with their flavours that we saw a few different times. Apparently there can sometimes be a problem with flavours going out of stock. When this happens, it sounds like some customers have thought that it takes too long to get them refilled and back onto the virtual shelves.

Of course, while this is probably inconvenient when it happens, we didn’t see it as enough of a negative to knock points off for.

Nicotine levels

It would seem that Ecig Wizard offers most of their flavours in four different nicotine strengths… 6mg low, 12mg low/medium, 18mg medium/high, and 24mg high.

About the company

Ecig Wizard began trading in early 2011. They started life with just £500 worth of stock and one employee. Today, however they ship 500 orders per day (40% of which are shipped internationally). They even employ two full-time doctors at their facility!

According to the company’s official website, Ecig Wizard now occupies a 10,000 square foot building that consists of not only offices, but also warehouse space and even a store front. It is located in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.
Most of the reviews we found regarding this company’s customer service team were very good, though we did note that there were a few ‘negatives’ in there as well. While there were not a ton of these reports, we did read enough of them to consider the fact that maybe, with so many employees, there may be times when customer service may tend to ‘fall through the cracks’ a bit. Of course, this seems to happen much less often than not, but it was something that we noticed as we scoured the web looking for customer reviews.
Ecig Wizard offers a ‘dead on arrival’ warranty on items like cartomizers and atomizers. They give customers 3 days to report a dead on arrival item and return it for replacement. They also offer a 28 day warranty on most other items, such as batteries, chargers, etc. Customers must submit a return request via email before mailing back such items, however.


Value for the money

In our opinion, Ecig Wizard does offes value for the money. They might not offer a huge range of different products (accept for E-liquids… they literally offer HUNDREDS of different flavour options!), but the products that they do offer are priced competitively and have a good reputation.

Running costs

Most people agree that a 10ml bottle of E-liquid is approximately the equivalent of about 120 analog cigarettes. Taking into account the fact that a bottle of e-liquid from Ecig Wizard will cost you £4.99, it becomes pretty easy to see that you can definitely save a LOT of money with E-cigs (this brand included) when you compare their running costs to those of analog cigarettes.


As you probably already know if you have read many of our other reviews, one of the big things that we look for in E-cig companies is the selection and quality of their e-liquids. Since E-cigs are not bound to tobacco flavouring like cigarettes are, it really makes sense that this very obvious advantage would be utilized to the fullest, and we always look for that when we review a new E-cig company.

Now, having said that, we were a little bit surprised that E-cig wizard offers such a limited range of products… but any negative that this may have caused with us was more than outweighed by the incredible selection of high quality e-liquids available! Even if we had no other reason to recommend this company, we would do so because of the quality of their e-liquids and because of the huge selection that they have to offer in this category.

Now, on a more general note, we found Ecig Wizard to be a professional company that takes their products very seriously. We really liked the E-go that they offered, and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a new E-cig or flavour to try.

4/5 (3)

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    Very good customer service liquids are a good price and good strong flavours i would highly recommend.

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