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ECITA Code of Conduct

Published On November 5, 2015 | By Nicole | Ecita

ECITA Code of Conduct

ECITA, which stands for ‘Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association’, has done a lot of work in the E-cig industry in an effort to help it and the companies within it to adopt better overall standards for their products and how they conduct business. ECITA seems to be an association that’s dedicated to helping the electronic cigarette market grow and develop – though they seem to be intent on doing it legitimately and in a way that will be better for both manufacturers and consumers.

The ECITA Code of Conduct, therefore, is a set of basic rules that the organization has put together that they expect their members to respect and follow. ECITA believes that, while E-cig manufacturers are in competition with one-another, it’s important to remember that cooperating to make the E-cig industry better for everyone is going to be universally beneficial.

ECITA even says this on their official website.

“ECITA member companies are indeed in competition with each other, but they are also a collection of like minded people, who believe that co-operation and consolidation of ideas are paramount to furthering the industry’s strengths and presence in this uncertain time.”

But what exactly is their code of conduct, and how can it help?

To answer this question, we’re going to take a closer look at the actual code itself and the rules that it contains.

All ECITA members are expected and required to abide by these rules. They’re supposed to…

  • Respect the confidentiality of ECITA business, correspondence, and documentation.
  • Treat other ECITA members with respect, regardless of when or where the interaction occurs.
  • Maintain high standards in terms of their business practices and inter-business dealings with other members, to ensure that the credibility and reputation of both ECITA itself and the electronic cigarette industry remains intact.
  • Avoid posting or publishing negative things about other member businesses (or simply all other businesses in this industry in-general).
  • Comply completely with all laws and regulations, both those set forth by ECITA and those set by any applicable body of government – especially in regard to all nicotine components.
  • Make sure that they process payment cards and secure data according to applicable PCI/DSS standards.
  • Be registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office, which is actually a legal requirement for all online businesses.
  • Avoid claiming that there are any health benefits associated with the use of E-cigs.
  • State clearly on their website and business location that their E-cigs are not for sale to those under the age of 18, and must have safeguards in place to prevent their products from being sold to minors.
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This code of conduct is extended to all ECITA members, which means that they’re all required to follow it if they want to remain members of the association.

Interview with Gerry Stimson by Jon Derricott

This code of conduct not only helps to ensure that members follow a particular set of guidelines, but also helps to make the vaping industry better as a whole. Setting standards for business practices is always a great way to increase customer confidence in a particular industry, and ECITA is doing a fantastic job of it with E-cigs.

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