eGo CE4 650mah Starter Kit

eGo CE4 650mah Starter Kit Review

Published On September 29, 2015 | By Nicole | Product Reviews
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80 %

The device feels pretty good to hold, mostly because of the rubber-grip surface on the battery - which we really liked.

Vapour 75%
Throat hit 80%
Price 85%
Battery life 80%
Design 80%

eGo CE4 650mah Starter Kit Review

Quick Intro

TrueSmoke is a pretty well-known E-cig seller in the UK, and I’ve always had fairly positive experiences with their products.

According to the ‘about us’ section of their website, they were heavy smokers before joining the E-cig revolution back in 2010 – and they say themselves that they ‘haven’t looked back since’. They started their own E-cig business back in 2011, and since that time have shipped out over 10,000 electronic cigarettes.

In this review, we’re going to be talking about the eGo CE4 650mah Starter Kit – which is a basic and affordable eGo-style kit that’s offered by TrueSmoke for beginners and intermediate vapers who don’t want to have to mess with something complicated or expensive.

It’s a pretty cost-effective option, and packs a lot of positive features into a small package.

Pros and Cons

Here are the basic pros and cons that we discovered while researching this starter kit.


  • It’s inexpensive
  • It’s well-made
  • It comes with everything you need to get started
  • It produces a quality flavour and a decent amount of vapour
  • It’s a fantastic kit for beginners


  • It might be nice if it produced a little bit more vapour
  • It doesn’t really have any settings or options, like variable wattage or anything like that
  • The battery doesn’t last an incredibly long time – so you may need to either buy an additional battery as a spare to carry around with you, or purchase one that’s a little bit bigger that’ll last longer

What’s in the starter kit?

In this starter kit, you’ll find a 650 mAh lithium ion battery, a CE4 clearomizer, a USB charger, and a matching zip case. You also get a small, clear refill bottle with a super-thin nozzle on the end – which really comes in handy for refilling this clearomizer with E-liquid.

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The charger is a pretty standard USB charging cable. It comes with an eGo 510 thread on one end, so when you plug it into your USB port, you can just screw the battery onto it and wait for it to charge. It’ll light up green when your battery is ready to go – which is definitely a nice touch.

Operating the battery is incredibly simple. You just press the button five times to turn it on. When the light turns blue, you know you’re ready to go. Then, you simply press and hold to vape – or click it quickly five times in a row to turn it off again.

The CE4 clearomizer also comes equipped with standard 510 threads, and you simply screw it onto the battery to assemble the device. It can hold up to 1.6ml of E-liquid, and also comes with long wicks to ensure that enough liquid is drawn up into the atomizer for a smooth, flavourful vape.

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This kit uses standard 510 threading – so buying a new battery or a new clearomizer, even from a different brand, shouldn’t be much of a problem.

What we think of this kit

I would recommend this kit to a beginner – or even to an intermediate E-cig enthusiast who’s looking for something simple and inexpensive. One of the best things about this kit is that it’s pretty cost effective, but it also works really nicely – so you couldn’t go wrong in ordering it.

If you’re looking for something sophisticated with variable wattage or voltage settings, then I’m afraid that you’ll be disappointed by this kit – though I wouldn’t necessarily call that a ‘downside’ because that’s not what this pen was ever really intended to be. It’s simply an eGo with basic features that can get you started vaping for less than £20.00. Taking this into account, I’d definitely recommend it to just about anyone. It’s reliable, well-built, stylish, and functional.

Appearance and Feel

This kit comes very nicely packaged in the carry case. The case itself is soft to the touch, but it’s tough enough that I really don’t think you’d have to worry about your E-cig getting damaged while being stored inside.


The battery (a 650mah 510 eGo battery) has a nice chrome finish and a rubber-like grip on the outside – making it nice on the hands and on the eyes. It’s really light, and comes with standard 510 threading.

The mouthpiece is pretty standard, and seems to work well. A few ‘O’ rings help to keep the oil from spilling out around the mouthpiece – which is nice. To refill with E-liquid, you simply pour it into the clearomizer (on the side, not in the middle) through the opening revealed when you remove the mouthpiece.

Filling the clearomizer is pretty easy. As long as there’s a nozzle on the bottle, you should be able to fill it without a problem.

Of course, one of the best things about an eGo-style E-cig like this is that it allows you to mix and match different flavours to suit your tastes. Since you refill the device yourself with E-liquid from a bottle, you can pretty much use any flavours you want – even if that means mixing two or more together.

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The clear refill bottle that TrueSmoke sends you with the kit is very nice for refilling the CE4. With its long, straight nozzle you won’t have to worry about spilling it or having it leak into the center – which can produce an unpleasant ‘gurgling’ noise.

This devices produces fantastic flavour, and an adequate amount of vapour. It might be nice if it produced a bit more vapour – though, to be fair, it is an entry-level kit that’s inexpensive to buy – so there really isn’t much to complain about in this regard.

The device feels pretty good to hold, mostly because of the rubber-grip surface on the battery – which we really liked. It might be nice if it were a bit longer – but it feels pretty good the way it is.

The response of the manual firing button is extremely fast. You’ll notice that it starts atomizing basically instantly when you press it – which is definitely a good thing and an upside.


One drawback to this product was that it didn’t produce an incredible amount of vapour. It may have been nice to have a bit more. It really wasn’t bad though, especially for the price – so this is barely a downside.

The battery, being a 650 mah, lasts for a decent while – though it may be a good idea to buy either a spare battery at some point, or even to buy one that’s larger altogether. This’ll help to keep you from running out of power, as a 650 like this definitely doesn’t last forever.

Additional recommended products from this company

TrueSmoke carries some incredible E-liquid flavours on their website – so make sure to check those out if you’re in the market for something new. They also sell a more basic version of this kit that just comes with the CE4, the battery, and a USB charger – so if you’re not really interested in spending the extra to get the carrying case, you’ll be able to save some cash by going that route.

Either way, TrueSmoke sells some pretty good products on their website – so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding something awesome for your vaping interests if you pay them a visit.

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