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Electronic Cigarette Dangers

Published On May 5, 2014 | By Nicole | About E-Cigarettes Articles

Electronic Cigarette Dangers

Are electronic cigarettes really safe? In some ways, they can seem too good to be true. How can they be cleaner, safer, and healthier than cigarettes while still filling the void that causes smokers to crave tobacco products?

It is true that electronic cigarettes have grown very popular very quickly. In fact, some might argue that there have not yet been enough studies done on them to demonstrate, with absolute certainty, that they are safe or not. The electronic cigarette industry is a huge, booming, billion-dollar business that is actually on track to sell more products than the tobacco industry within just a few short decades!


So why does the evidence for or against E-cigs seem to be so inconclusive?

This is a great question, but the answer really isn’t as complicated as it is made out to be. In truth, the studies have not been done because, up until just a few short years ago, E-cigs haven’t been that big of a deal. Some people used them, but it wasn’t the booming industry that it is today.


What Is Dangerous About E-cigs?

So what should you know before using E-cigs? What kind of danger could you be putting yourself into if you decide to use them? These are the questions that everyone seems to be asking, so let’s take a moment to discuss them.


They Contain Nicotine

Nicotine is a well-known addictive substance. If you get used to it and stop using it, you can suffer withdrawal symptoms. While nicotine is not necessarily considered a carcinogen, it is very toxic at high levels.

Using an E-cig would, in theory, only expose you to about as much nicotine as you would get from a regular cigarette, though keeping e-liquid in the house could potentially expose you to much more. A small bottle of e-liquid definitely contains enough nicotine to be toxic (if the e-liquid is not nicotine free, that is).


Toxic Chemicals

E-cigs do contain a few toxic chemicals, metals, and substances. Tests have shown, however, that the levels of these dangerous substances are far lower in E-cigs than they are in traditional tobacco-filled cigarettes. According to an article published here (, a study released by Professor Igor Burstyn of the Drexel University School of Public Health confirms the fact that ‘chemicals in electronic cigarettes pose no health concern for users or bystanders’.

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According to this study, it was determined by Dr. Burstyn that levels of exposure to contaminants within electronic cigarettes are ‘insignificant’, and that these levels would not put E-cig users at risk. A link to the study can be found at the above URL.



Perhaps the biggest danger that E-cig users face is taken on when they choose to store bottles of e-liquid in their home. Keeping the refill liquid at home where it could potentially be reached by children is definitely dangerous, especially if the solution contains nicotine. In trace amounts, nicotine is not considered toxic… though this definitely changes when the dosage is increased to a certain level… and levels found within bottles of the concentrated e-liquid are definitely adequate for nicotine poisoning.

Poison control centers have even reported an increase in calls related to children getting and ingesting the refill liquid, which is, in itself, a truly scary thought. This has people calling for regulation to control the sale and storage of such substances, though as of right now there are not really any regulations like this on the books. Even requiring childproof lids on the bottles of e-liquid could be a help.

If you do use e-liquid, make sure to store it and all of your other vaping supplies in a safe place where it will be unreachable by children. The top shelf of a cabinet is a good idea, or you could also keep it in a locked medicine cabinet along with other dangerous substances.



In the end, it would seem that there is no doubt about the fact that electronic cigarettes are safer than the traditional tobacco-filled type. Of course, there are many studies yet to be carried out, but for now, evidence definitely seems to support the fact that E-cigs are not nearly as dangerous as some people seem to think they are.

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