ELFC Concentrates

ELFC Concentrates Review

Published On June 13, 2016 | By Nicole | E-liquids

ELFC Concentrates Review

Quick Intro

This review is going to be a bit different in the sense that we’re not reviewing a brand or an E-cig – but rather, some concentrates that were sent through to us by a company called ELFC. Here’s what this company has to say about their services on the About page of their official website…

“ELFC was founded to provide DIY vapers with a convenient and easy to use online shop supplying high quality flavour concentrates from some of the best e-liquid producers and flavour houses in the world.”

One unique thing about this company is that they don’t just provide flavoured E-liquids. They actually specialize in concentrates, which allow vapers to mix their own E-liquids for less money.

In this review, we’re going to take a look at some of the products they sent through to us and see what we think.

So without further delay, let’s get started.

Pros and Cons

Here are the basic pros and cons that we discovered about this company over the course of our research…


  • They offer some excellent concentrates
  • They carry pretty much everything you need to mix your own E-liquids
  • They offer free shipping on orders totaling more than £30.00
  • They carry a wide variety of different types of concentrates for you to try


  • Some of the descriptions on the website don’t give you much information about the flavour itself
  • ELFC doesn’t always supply a complete ingredient list

What do they offer?

ELFC offers quite a few different types of products that you can use to mix your own e-liquids. They carry flavour concentrates, Nicotine concentrate, DIY Kits, bottles, mixing supplies, all kinds of different E-liquid mixing and pouring equipment, and even a DIY calculator that you can use right on their website to calculate your own E-liquids in the proper amounts.

We’ve seen a lot of companies that offer mixing kits, but it’s probably safe to say that we’ve never seen a company with quite this much to offer in terms of equipment. For the do it yourself E-liquid mixer, this is certainly a one-stop-shop where you can get everything you need.

Why mix your own E-liquids?

At this point, it might be important to say a few words about why we’ve decided to write this review about E-liquid concentrates. The simple fact of the matter is that mixing E-liquid by combining bases with concentrated flavours can save you a lot of money – especially if you sub-ohm vape. E-liquid isn’t necessarily expensive, but it can definitely add up in the long run – which is why we believe that everyone should at least consider the possibility of mixing their own.

With that being said, this company may be a perfect choice for supplies if you choose to go that route.

The Flavours

ELFC sent through four different flavours for us to review. We went ahead and mixed them up ahead of time (all at the recommended percentages, just to be safe), and are now going to describe our experiences with each one.

The Godfather – By VapeCrew

The Godfather, which is a concentrate made by VapeCrew (a UK brand), is the first concentrate we’re going to talk about. The packaging on this concentrate was amazing. It came in a 30ml bottle, which was also equipped with a child safety lid. The label on the outside was very well-designed, and the packaging contained all of the vital information that you would need for proper mixing techniques – which was awesome.

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The Godfather

One very positive thing about this flavour concentrate was that it contained a full run-down of the ingredients on the back – which was really cool. Not many companies do this, but VapeCrew apparently understands that this is a nice feature, and includes it on the labels of their products. The ingredients in The Godfather were as follows… PG, Blueberry, Balckcurrant, Absinthe, Spearmint, Ice Cool Menthol, and water.

Once mixed, this flavour has a bit of a cloudiness to it – but that goes away with time. Eventually, it becomes crystal clear – which is nice.

For vaping, the liquid that we mixed from this concentrate was spot on. We mixed it as a max VG liquid, which we really liked. It produced massive clouds, tasted amazing, and was packed with blackcurrent and blueberry flavours. The minty menthol taste is very subtle, but it really helped to lift the flavour out and make it more pronounced. To put it quite simply, this was a truly delicious concentrate – and we cannot recommend it enough.

Goose Juice – Made by Quack’s Juice Factory

This flavour concentrate was actually made in the US. This company offers all kinds of different varieties and flavours, but they sent us through the ‘Goose Juice’ option, which is super, super popular. It’s basically a custard and vanilla flavour, which is awesome. It smells amazing, and has a slight yellow tint to it – but we were super excited to mix it up and give it a try.

Goose Juice

One thing that was a bit disappointing about this bottle was that it didn’t have a lot of information on it. ELFC actually provides more information about this flavour on their website than the maker provides on the label of the bottle – which seems unfortunate. There were no ingredients or anything like that printed on it.

Once mixed, it still retains a bit of its yellow color – which wasn’t a problem at all. We mixed it at 20% as a max VG liquid, and were quite surprised by the results. It almost smelled like it was going to be a bit too creamy for us – but we found very quickly that this wasn’t the case. As far as the taste was concerned, it was gorgeous.

The custard is really well-done. We still tend to like fruit flavours more than sweet flavours – but honestly, we were super impressed with this one. We weren’t surprised that it was so popular, but it is recommended that you let it steep for one to two weeks before you vape it – and after trying it, that makes sense. Steeping will probably help to limit some of the ‘chemical-like’ taste that it can tend to have after it has first been mixed.

Lemony Blush – By Decadent Vapers

This flavour is also produced in the UK. This brand was supposedly founded by a chef, and is said to contain some of the purest and most natural flavours that you can get in an E-liquid concentrate – so naturally, we were super-excited to give it a try.

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Lemony Blush

This flavour was described as being like a lemonade with a hint of raspberry – and to be honest, it smelled like pure lemon once it was mixed. But as we vaped it, we were quite pleased to discover that it tasted more like lemonade, and less like pure lemon extract – which was pleasant. You also get hints of the raspberry as well. In a sense, it tasted a lot like pink lemonade.

Once again, we were very impressed with this flavour, and would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys fruity-type E-liquids.

Heisenberg – By Vampire Vape

Heisenberg is a pretty popular flavour these days – so naturally, we were excited about this one. This is, by far, one of the most popular flavours in the UK. It’s a pretty powerful blueberry/fruity-type flavour that really seems to appeal with most vapers, and for good reason.


We originally mixed up a batch of this at just over 20% concentration – but that was almost too strong. So we re-mixed it at just below 20%, and found the results much more enjoyable. This liquid, once mixed, retains an aqua-blue type color, which is very attractive and goes well with the ‘Breaking Bad’ theme that it seems to have been inspired by.

Once we mixed it a bit weaker than 20%, we found that the menthol and fruit flavours really worked together to make it taste amazing. This is certainly one of our favorite flavours, and we highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys blueberry/fruity/minty type liquids.

Which one was our favorite?

We loved all of these concentrates – though we would probably have to say that our favorite was The Godfather (with Heisenberg following closely behind). It was filled with blueberry and blackcurrant flavours that were blended with cool mint and menthol – plus, the packaging on this one was simply above and beyond.

And as far as the company goes, we are pleased to say that ELFC is one of our new favorite places to buy concentrates from. If you’re in the market for DIY E-liquid mixing products or supplies, then you simply can’t go wrong with them.

Company Address and Contact Details

Screenshot of ELFC websiteThe official ELFC business address is as follows…

E Liquid Flavour Concentrates

28a Chapel Street



West Yorkshire


As far as additional contact details go, you can reach them by phone at 0113 323 5771, or via email by using an e-contact form supplied on the official website.

Additional recommended products from this company

If you’re going to be mixing your own E-liquids, then we definitely recommend buying the ‘DIY Starter Kit’, which is offered on the official website for only £30.00. This kit comes with everything you need to get started, and is an awesome addition to any avid vaper’s E-liquid mixing collection.

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