Epuffer 629 e-pipe R2

ePuffer 629 R2 E-pipe Review

Published On March 15, 2016 | By Nicole | Product Reviews
Overall Score
90 %

This pipe fires automatically and worked very well, so thumbs up to ePuffer for delivering yet another great product!

Vapour 85%
Throat Hit 95%
Price 90%
Battery Life 90%
Design 95%

ePuffer 629 R2 E-pipe Review

If you’re into pipes, then this is probably a product that’s going to get your attention. The ePuffer 629 R2 E-pipe kit is a limited edition product that takes E-pipe elegance to an entire new level. The gift box that it comes in alone is amazing – much less what you get inside!

Pipes are an interesting niche in the E-cig industry. Are they supposed to be realistic, or are they supposed to deviate from the norm? Everyone has a different opinion, but we were super-excited to get to do some research about this product. It’s super-realistic, but it’s also more stylish than most real pipes.

But does it stand up to the competition in terms of performance?

That’s certainly the important question – and here’s what we found out.

Pros and Cons

Here are the basic pros and cons that we discovered while researching this product.


  • The box and the product inside both look amazing
  • The pipe fires automatically instead of with a button, but it works very well
  • You get a ton of extras in the box, which is outstanding
  • It’s simple to use and suitable for beginners and/or more advanced vapers
  • Produces an excellent flavor
  • Excellent for real pipe enthusiasts


  • The price is a little bit high (but you also get a lot of extras for your money)
  • It would have been nice to see a pipe stand included in the box
  • The jeweled crystal battery cap sometimes comes off as a little bit ‘bedazzled’

Attention! Now available as improved version R3. Price has slightly gone up but so have the new features. Check the official website for all the details! Use our ECIGSUK code and SAVE  10%


What’s in the starter kit?

This kit contains 1 real solid wood bowl electronic pipe, 2 rechargeable 1100mAh Lithium batteries, 1 spare tank, 5 atomizers, 1 spare mouthpiece stem, 1 battery charger, 1 wooden gift box, and 1 instruction manual.

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The instruction booklet that comes with this kit is very thorough. EPuffer doesn’t miss a thing, which is awesome.

The charger has a flip-out Euro adapter on the back, but it also has a USB port. Plus, it comes with a UK mains adapter – which isn’t located in the box itself, but it does come in the packaging. So, brilliantly done, ePuffer!

The charger is super-simple to use. You just place the battery into it, and 3 hours later, you’ll be charged up.

The batteries that come with the kit are IMR 18350 3.7 volt, 1100mAh batteries – which will do a pretty good job of giving you some vaping-life for the pipe.

Somewhat surprisingly, there’s no firing button on this device. It’s actually fully automated – which means that it activates when you inhale through it. We don’t see many devices of this caliber outfitted with automatic firing, but it really works well on this pipe. We were certainly pleased with it!

The battery compartment seems well thought out. The electronics are encased in a plastic insert that’s glued down into the bowl of the pipe. To access the battery compartment, you just unscrew the cap. It’s super-simple to change the battery on this device – and since it comes with two batteries, you can always have one charging while you’re using the other.

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A nice LED light lights up when you fire it – which looks awesome. It actually look quite a bit like coal – which was cool. You can also get a black cap that you can use if you don’t want an LED, which is nice if you don’t want to draw attention to yourself.

The tank is easy to take apart and fill, and the coil is really simple to replace – so kudos to ePuffer for making this part beginner-friendly.

The mouthpiece is also super-comfortable. It’s really nice, and feels about as realistic as it gets.

You get 5 coils altogether with the kit, right from the start – which is pretty unheard of. That’s a lot of coils, so kudos to ePuffer for giving you more for your money in that department!

  • Comes with 2 batteries
  • Gift box is wood-finished and looks amazing
  • Ships with 5 atomizers
  • Protected direct airflow system
  • Zirconia crystal LED cap
  • Ships with a spare mouthpiece
  • IMR 1100mAh rechargeable batteries
  • 5ml tank capacity
This device uses standard 510 threading – which is awesome.

What we think of this product

This pipe is amazing. It looks super-cool, and vapes extremely well. The taste is very good, and while it doesn’t produce a ton of vapor, it produces more than enough to be effective.

The novelty of the device is really where the magic is. It also gives you a really good vape. You aren’t going to be able to cloud-chase with it, but then again, that’s not really the point of this E-pipe.

If you’re looking for an amazing E-pipe that will give you the look and feel of the real thing, then we really can’t recommend this product enough. To put it simply, this is one of the best E-pipes we’ve ever seen – hands down.

Improvements from the previous version

Previous versions of this product lacked some of the features that made their way into this limited-edition version. The new version features a better airflow system, a better LED cap, an improved tank, better vapor production, better flavor, and a better inhale draw.

Appearance and Feel

The outer packaging that comes on the box is just regular card-stock packaging – but it still looks nice. It’s got the ePuffer logo on it, as well as the name of the kit. Inside, however, you’ll quickly find the beautiful wooden box that the kit actually comes in.

There’s no doubt about it. The wooden box that this kit comes in is absolutely beautiful. It’s elegant, fancy, and certainly does an awesome job of making this kit feel regal and realistic. The hardware is gold-colored, and really accents the wood finish. In a word, the box was breathtaking. We really can’t stress enough how nice it was!

The feel

The inside of the box certainly adds to the look. It’s covered with beautiful red felt, and the parts of the kit are displayed very elegantly within – all laid out where they’re clearly seen and easy to access.

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The pipe itself is amazing. It’s really nicely constructed, and is made of deep-colored mahogany. It’s solid wood, so it won’t break or wear like a plastic product would.

The brass finish on the tank really looks nice with the wooden bowl – and the black mouthpiece really completes the look. We really cannot overstate how beautiful this pipe is. You would have to see it for yourself to believe it.

The feel of the pipe in the hand is very nice as well. It’s not too heavy. It actually feels pretty realistic.

  • Airflow

2 small air holes on the bottom of the pipe help to provide better airflow – and they do a pretty good job of it.

  • Material

Wood, metal, glass, and plastic were used to construct this device. But make no mistake – it’s built not only to look great, but to perform. And it does an excellent job of both.

  • Ease of Use

The 629 R2 is super easy to use. It really couldn’t get much simpler. You just load the battery in, fill it with E-liquid, make sure the coil is working, and vape. You don’t even have to press a firing button!


It’s actually super-cool that this pipe fires automatically. Sometimes, automatic devices get a bad rap – but we felt that it really worked well with this product.


EPuffer makes an awesome pipe stand that we got in addition to the pipe for this review – but it would have been nice to see the stand included in the kit. As it is, it’s not much extra to order it. But still, it would go perfectly with it, so maybe in the future ePuffer will make it a point to include it in the gift box.

Screenshot of ePuffer websiteCompany Address and Contact Details

ePuffer’s business address is as follows…

ePuffer UK | EU 60 Charles St. 4th. Floor, Leicester LE1 1FB United Kingdom

You can reach the company via phone through either of the following numbers.

  • UK – 0207 490 5064
  • EU and INT – +44 116 208 1350

You can also set up service tickets with the company via their website if you would like online assistance for problems, or to get questions answered.

Attention! To SAVE £12.90 when buying this e-pipe, simply use ECIGSUK voucher code!

Additional recommended products from this company

The coils for this pipe are available in packs of 5 from ePuffer – so if you’re going to be using your pipe very much at all, it wouldn’t hurt to get a pack just to keep around. It’s always a shame to run out of coils without having new ones waiting in line.

4.67/5 (9)

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6 Responses to ePuffer 629 R2 E-pipe Review

  1. Laura says:

    Got this for my dad just now! Will see what he says about it. I don’t think that he has ever tired an e-cig but this may actually suit him lol. Laura

  2. Ray Gower says:

    I am a long time pipe smoker and have bought one of these.

    The presentation and finish one could wax lyrical about for reams, but simpler to agree with everything in the review.
    Comparing it to smoking a real pipe is slightly more complex, some of it not its fault.

    Obviously it is larger than my daily pipes and too heavy to chomp on unsupported. But its main problem is that it draws like an over-packed pipe. Even after opening the vent hole in the stem, one needs to work to get the best out of the flavour, making it a most contemplative past time. Not an entirely bad thing; It is at least one of the reasons we smoke pipes!

    At this point I could go on a rant about how limp e-liquids are, even those purporting to be for pipes, perhaps a cigarette smoker’s idea of pipe tobacco?.
    Nor do I do ‘bubble gum’ flavours.
    Fortunately, my tobacconist does know the difference and stocks an Italian made e-liquid (Brebia) that does taste like a heady Balkan mix. Making the 629 a pleasure to sit with.

  3. Chris Dvs says:

    I bought this after reading this in depth review here in March this year. I must say, I’m so impressed with the quality of the pipe. I have a cheaper e-cig from a different brand for knocking about at work and out drinking as wouldn’t want the pipe to get broken or go missing during these vunerable activities. I keep my pipe strictly for home and in the car so that it’s kept in as new condition.

    The draw you get from the pipe is so smooth and very quiet, it doesn’t give of bellows of vapour and that’s how I like it. Compared to my cheap e-cig it’s a totally different experience. The cheap e-cig cackles, gets hot and spits when I press the button but the e-pipe is just rolls the vapour out, high class and quality. This has single handedly helped me stop smoking and has paid for itself twice over with how much I have saved from buying rip off stinky cigarettes, so successful it has been I’ve started running and the pipe is compatible with this life and my running friends as I don’t stink of smoke.

    Thanks e-puffer, I look forward to what you have in store in the future but for now there’s not a better pipe on the market.

    • Nicole says:

      Hi Chris, thanks for stopping by. It’s always nice to see when reviews help consumers to make the right choice and I’m pleased to hear that you’re enjoying your new pipe. Stay well!

  4. Douglas burrows says:

    Hi there just looking at e pipes. But there is no mention of sub ohm. Or wattage. I am at the moment on a obvs engine twin coil at 0.3 ohm and 110 Watts. How does the pipe compare with this

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